Aubrey Cara-The Untaming of Kat

I’ve had an Aubrey Cara book here before. It’s all about Bambi and her adventures after being abducted by aliens. Funny as all get out, as well as pretty sexy. The book is part of her Monrok world, which is what introduced me to her books. I loooovvvve the Monrok world. Anyway, while those are great science fiction, that’s not the genre we are looking at right now. Today, we’re looking The Untaming of Kat, which is a cowboy romance with some BDSM tossed in. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Untaming is a re-release of a book called Taming Kat. Aubrey took it, updated it, brushed it off, polished it up, added in some new stuff, and gave us Untaming. I love the name title. Generally, you get titles in this genre that would be Taming.. So, Untaming in the title is pretty cool.

Kat is a native Bostonian. Since she finished college, she’s been drifting around trying to find the right path for her life. Her mother nitpicks her, her sister nitpicks her. When her friend Del invites her to TX for her wedding, Kat falls in love with it and starts working at Del’s husband’s parents’ ranch. She also has to work at a local bar, but she gets to spend a lot of time, out in the great outdoors, chasing cows and horses. She also gets to spend time doing her art. There is only one little hitch in her get along. His name is Caleb. He’s a former soldier, now come home to work on the same ranch Kat is. That wouldn’t be such a problem, if he hadn’t been a one night stand, 6 months ago, in a whole different state.

When Caleb saw Kat again at the wedding 3 months ago, it was a total surprise. But a happy one. He had been thinking of her ever since she snuck out of his hotel room after their one amazing night. She has worked really hard on ignoring him since they met up again, but she pretty much just lives in his head. When he happens to be in the bar the night something terrible happens, he gets to be back with Kat.

OK, I have to say, I totally get Kat. I spend a lot of time judging myself too, so I understand why Kat does it and why she thinks that she’s not good enough. I totally get the self-sabotage thing that she has going on at times too. I’ve BTDT, got several t-shirts. It can be hard to get past that. Of course, no one has really tried Caleb’s method. I never really get mad at either of our main characters, which is kind of a change for me. I often get mad at one or the other, but neither one of them really do anything for me to be mad about. There is someone I do get mad at, but she’s not even a secondary character. Oh, scratch that, there are 2 other people who I’m mad at too, who would both be secondary characters. One of them I wanted to go in and just smack her.


OK, Candice. She’s the one I really wanted to smack. She knew who the walking douchebag was the whole time and didn’t say anything until the very end. That’s not cool. Not cool at all. In fact, I think that she should have some serious consequences because, really. When you read it, you will understand why I think that. But, I’m pretty sure that she’s going to get something in her own book. I’m going to have to read it and be sure.

And? Aubrey has totally ruined leprechauns for me.

So, go check this one out, and then read everything else she’s written. You’ll thank me for it. Happy reading!