Kitty Thomas-The Proposal

Kitty has been very productive this year and has given us another new book, yay! The Proposal is an MMMf story. It’s not quite as dark as some of Kitty’s other books, but The Proposal is still very definitely a very kinky Kitty story.

We start with Livia. She’s tired of spending a lot of time with men who aren’t going to commit. She feels like it’s a waste of her time. She really wants to be married, so she’s decided that she’s going to date more like a man. She is going to keep a roster of men that she’s dating. Livia lets each of them know that they aren’t exclusive, they aren’t having sex, if the men want to go out and date other women or even have sex with them, they are welcome to. She plans on maintaining her roster of men until she connects with one, falls in love with him, and then he commits to her. And it seems to be going well, right up until the second that it’s not.

Livia’s current roster of men are Gavin, Dayne, and Soren. What she doesn’t know is that they guys are good friends. VERY good friends. They all went to college together and rushed a frat together, and, well, things happened. They like to share a woman in between them, but they also like to fuck and suck each other. When Gavin and Soren find out that they are both dating the same woman, they call in Dayne to help them out. And, oh yeah, start dating her too. Then, on one fateful night, they give Livia a proposal. She is going to marry one of them, but belong to all of them.

The book is from the POV of all 4 of them, so we get a pretty good feel for everyone. We’re in Livia’s head the most, out of all of them, I think, but I think that’s how it should be. I have to say that I think Livia’s dating plan is actually a smart way for her to handle it. She knows herself, she knows that she overattaches, she has set up boundaries that work for her. I have mad respect for her and for her decisions there. She’s not playing any games with anyone and she has a goal that she is working on meeting. So, good for her.

I do like Livia. Like I said, I like her dating plan. I do think that she’s slightly naive at times though, maybe just a weee bit innocent for her plans, if that makes sense. I don’t see her as a gold digger, because she isn’t going out there trying to get guys to pay all kinds of huge money for her, but she’s also not going to turn it down if they take her on their private jet to a fancy restaurant or if they slide their black card over to the cashier to pay for all her purchases. I think that she has a lot of self-discipline to keep her life the way that she has it

Now, when I was reading the book, there was just something that kept tickling at the back of my mind and bothered me a little bit. I love me a good bad hero, and one of my favorite Kitty men is Brian, who is, well, he’s Brian and more than just a little fucked up. I mean, I think that the Marquis de Sade might would look at Brian and say dude, maybe sadism should be named after you. And that’s just the beginning of the issues with Brian. And I love Brian. OTOH, I hate Lyndsey, from the same set of books. Like, I would happily bury him alive with a camera to watch him die. You’re probably asking what that has to do with this book and whatever kept tickling me about this book. It was while I was talking to my husband that I figured it out. I’ve put Soren in the Lyndsey class and not in the Brian class. (I talk to my husband about most of the books I read, especially when I’m trying to work things out. It helps a lot) I don’t like Soren. I don’t hate him as much as I hate Lyndsey, but I really don’t like him. There’s just something about him that puts my nose out of joint. And here’s the thing, that’s perfectly OK and awesome. He evokes strong feelings in me, and that’s the goal, right?

I like Griffin and Dayne a lot more. And honestly, I can’t tell you exactly why I like them and I don’t like Soren, but there it is. I think part of it may be that Soren has to be so very obviously the one in control. I think that he is so invested in being seen as the one in control that he might actually have less than he thinks he does. I dunno.

I loved the book. I love how Kitty wrote it and how we get to see POVs from all the guys. There is some time jumping, but I think that Kitty does it really well.

Nothing under the pic today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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