Top Dark Reads of 2020 pt. 2

OK, we’re back for part 2 of my top dark reads of 2020. Keep in mind, these are in no particular order, and just because something doesn’t get mentioned doesn’t mean that I didn’t think it was dark, it’s just that these are the ones that really stuck with me. (You should see how many GR, Zon, and WordPress tabs I currently have open, lol)

Natalie Bennett-Periculum

Natalie Bennett tends to write dark, twisted, and fucked up, and this one is no different. I don’t know why I didn’t look up the definition of periculum back when I wrote my blog post, but I did today, for shits and giggles. It means danger or risk, and that totally fits for this book. Anyway, this book stars Lana and her friends, as well as Ciaran and his friends. There’s an accident, there’s some strange and terrible things, and there’s lots of darkness and twists, so, yeah, Natalie Bennett. This is the first book of a duet, and the next one comes out in March. I can’t wait for it.

Addison Cain-Swallow It Down

You didn’t think I was going to create a dark list without an Addison Cain book, did you? Yeah, that will likely never happen. Swallow It Down is another near future, post-apocalyptic, dystopian story. Yes, I have a type. LOL. This takes place 6 years after the bombs have dropped, and what’s left of humanity is huddling around each other in small places, trying to survive. Except for Eugenia. She’s trying to get to this one specific place she heard about. She heard it was safe. But then she runs into this huge ship, and well, things change. Even months after reading it, I’m still wondering about certain things.

Kitty Thomas-The Game Maker

Kitty is one of the OGs when it comes to dark romance. And she will fuck your brain over with nary a blink. She has created some of my favorite male characters, and one of the best mindfuck books ever. Go check out Comfort Food. But today we’re talking about The Game Maker. Now, knowing that it is a Kitty Thomas book, and it’s got a title like it does, you might think that there are some mindfucks and twists around the corner, and you would be right. I never knew what was going to happen with this one.

Loxley Savage-Feathers and Fire

Feathers and Fire is a 3 book series. It’s a MFMM, RH, PNR. (My husband laughs at all the acronyms in Romancelandia) The books in the series are Bound for Blood, Cursed to Crave, and Freed By Flames. The story is about Trinity, who has spent her life as a slave. As a child, she had frequent blood draws. As an adult, she’s a sex slave in high demand, mostly because, as a 1/2 succubus, 1/2 phoenix, she can take a lot of abuse and heal quickly. Trinity goes through hell through all 3 books, but she becomes who she is and who she should be by the end of book 3. Books 1 & 2 end in cliffies, but the whole series is out, so you can go read it all back to back. Which is what I did. And I was just like WTF through a lot of it, in a good way. It is dark, it is dirty, gritty, and wow.

Alright, there we are. My Top Dark Reads of 2020. Go check them all out!

Kitty Thomas-The Game Maker

Today is a twofer, and we are getting a new Kitty Thomas as our second post today. And if you’ve read here a minute or two, you know that I love Kitty Thomas. She writes twisty twisty mindfucks. I mean, the second you think you know what’s going on in any of her books, you find out that nope, you’re wrong. And that’s in her just more straightforward books. When you get into the REAL mindfucks, then oh my god, you might need a map to keep track of everything. And let me tell you, The Game Maker is well and truly a Kitty book.

We start with Kate. She’s just about to become homeless because she recently broke up with her boyfriend, who oh yeah, also caused problems with her job. So, she’s at the end of her rope and decides that she’s going to go out and get a goddamn drink. She decides, in her drunk brain, to call her former douchebag, and he says he’ll pay her to be his whore so go outside to wait for him. Only, that’s not quite what happens.

When Kate wakes up, she’s naked in a cell, and has no clue what’s going on. All she’s told is that there is a game and she’s a piece of it.

Oh, there is just sooooooo much going on in this. I really don’t want to go much further into anything, because it would be really easy to spoil anything. I like Kate. I think that she spends a lot of time in her head trying to figure out what is going on and how to handle it. It’s hard for her to get a good grasp on things, just because of the way that the game is played. When you look at chesspieces, I think that she is the pawn. Maybe. It’s not the best comparison, but I think it doesn’t suck. She can’t see the player, she just sees the moves that she makes, but not the pattern behind those moves and why she has to make those moves. If that makes sense. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and she’s not privy to any of that information. I don’t know what she would’ve done if she had any of that information.

OK, there’s really nothing going on under the pic, because I don’t have any spoilers. I do have a thought-ish. I wonder, if we came back and checked in on Kate in 5 years, what she would be like. That’s all for this one, go check it out.