Tabitha Black-Her Vampire Addiction

It’s Tabitha’s turn to join the world of the Midnight Doms with Her Vampire Addiction. As you may have guessed by Tabitha’s title, this is a vampire book with a kinkeriffic twist, you know, a Midnight kind of Dom. There are several books that go into this world, which is a spinoff from Lee Savino and Renee Rose’s shifter books. So, let’s talk about Tabby’s book, shall we?

We have Sabina, who has just broken up with a douchebag, and now she’s waiting in line to go into Club Toxic. Her ex told her to stay away from it, but she doesn’t have to listen to him, and she wants to go, so go she will. Plus, she heard that there might be a kink club in the basement, and as a masochist, she needs some playtime. So, as she’s standing there in line, just waiting and waiting and waiting, some guy invites her to go in with him. He introduces himself as Ethan, buys her a drink, and suddenly invites her to go downstairs with him. She does, and things start happening, things that she doesn’t want. She hollers for help, and lo, help appears.

Maximus is a 1600 year old vampire. He comes by his Roman name legitimately. He was a centurion in Rome back in the day. Now he works at Club Toxic as a DM and does what Lucius and Selene, the king and his queen, tell him to do. When he hears a woman screaming for help, he rushes over to the private booth and finds another vampire who has a woman trapped in the booth and appears to have her under his spell, literally. Maximus makes Ethan leave and leave her alone, and he takes over the care of Sabina.

Sabina is prickly, and she is very much independent. She wants to handle everything on her own, and she probably can manage to do it too, most of the time. She doesn’t want help, she just wants it to be done. I don’t blame her, and in fact, I can probably really relate to that. I, like her, had to really take care of my sibs, and I ended up not wanting to ask for any kind of help or easily take any help that is offered, so I totally get Sabina acting like that. I totally relate. I think that she could’ve bent a little on that because, well, reasons.

I like Maximus. I think that he is a very good man, for a vampire, lol. I think that he has a code of honor that he sticks with and it makes him happy. Or at least, sort of happy. Content-ish, at any rate. I think that he mostly thinks he’s happy, and probably he is, but he has really kind of cut part of himself out, which would make it really hard to be completely happy, I think.


I understand Sabina’s freakout.

OK, that’s all for today. GO check it out! Happy reading!

2019 Round Up-Top Omegaverse Books

We’re back to my year-end round up from last year. Today is going to be my best Omegaverse books. I’m not sure how long this list is going to be, because some of the books I would put on this list I listed elsewhere, so… We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

Tabitha Black-Primal Mate

OK, I’m not just putting Primal Mate on here because the main character is named after me, really I’m not. The reason I am putting it on here is because I really liked the way that Clara interacted with the world. She is an Omega and knows that she’s an Omega, but she tried really hard to act like an Alpha. She trained herself to do it. She learned how to walk, talk, dress, and behave like she was an Alpha, until she couldn’t. I really liked watching her character and how she reacted once she went into heat and things changed. And hey, the fact that Tabby likes me enough to put my name on one of her characters is just really fucking cool.

Anna Wineheart-Gareth’s Boy

Anna released a few books this year, and I tend to reread her books too. I like the characters in them. They give me all the feelz. I’ve already had one of her books on my Top 10 list, and here’s another with Gareth’s Boy. This book is the second one in a spinoff series from the Men of Meadowfall books. This one goes on this list because of how Gareth changes his mind about Flores and how he wants to protect him. When you read this one, watch out for the carrots, snakes, and honey. Oh my. Do be aware that you will have all the feelz.

Leann Ryans-Hired for Heat

Leann took the Omegaverse and flipped it upside down. In Hired for Heat, instead of the Omegas having to be segregated, it’s the Alphas. Once a man presents as Alpha he is put into a camp and either has to work or, if he’s lucky, become a stud who helps Omega women through their heats. It is a fascinating idea and a very new way of looking at the O-verse. Leann has another book in this world, and I’m living for the series.

L.V. Lane-Taking Control

L.V. Lane’s Taking Control is another great take on the O-verse. In her world, there are more than Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, and they all have their own jobs. There are also people who don’t present at all. The reason that there are any Alphas et al in this world is because there was a virus that was released, and now everyone is at war. I am a couple of books behind in this series. I have all the books, I just need to sit down and read them. I just find this to be a really unique take on the O-verse.

Sara Fields-The Omegaborn Trilogy

I can’t really separate out Sara’s Omegaverse books out. That’s because the Omegaborn Trilogy has to be taken together, I think, as one big unit. Even though each book follows a different grouping of one Omega and several Alphas, it has a much larger story arc, and you need to read all of the books together to get the full impact of what is going on. We don’t often see a lot of Betas in the O-verse books, and I really liked what Sara did with it.

OK, that’s all my books for today. I have one more round up list coming, so stay tuned!



Tabitha Black-Primal Mate

Tabitha has come out with the second book in her Alphas of Sandor series, Primal Mate. It’s an Omegaverse book, and is on the lighter side of the spectrum. It’s also a huge honor for me, because Tabitha named her after yours truly. I mean, how awesome is that? I told my mom about it, and she was like, yay? She wasn’t sure if she should be happy for me or not. Definitely happy. Very definitely. I was walking on Cloud 10 for days. My husband laughed at me. Oh well. It’s a great story and I am just so honored that Tabitha took me and put me in her book.

So, Clara is an Omega. Her father is a powerful man in the city, and she has been living as an Alpha. Her father doesn’t know that she’s an Omega, she and her mother hid it. So, for the last several years, she’s been taking suppressants and pretending to be an Alpha. She’s done all kinds of practicing on everything from how she looks at people to how she walks, that it’s all second nature and so that no one will ever doubt her. She even goes to the market nights at the local Omega Facility so that it looks like she’s looking for her perfect Omega mate. Well, one night she goes to the market night, and she certainly finds something. It’s just not what she would expect.

Meanwhile, we have Evander, best friend of Arius, the king of Sandor, and rather cheerful Alpha. He knows Clara, as pretty much everyone in society knows each other, and he sees her at the latest market night. When he talks to her, he notices that he smells something, he smells his mate. So he goes looking for her, only to come back to discover it’s Clara, which makes no kind of sense at all.

Clara is incredibly independent. She works very, very hard to try to please her father, who is a prick. She works really hard at her medical research. She wants to continue to be independent and continue her work, which she really loves. She wants nothing to do with being an Omega. It’s not who she is, it’s not what she is, and she is kind of resentful about being one, not that she can really control her dynamic that way. So she is not necessarily all that happy with Evander, not at all.

Evander, on the other hand, is pretty thrilled. He has been looking for his mate for years and years. And the fact that Arius has found his in Saskia and is incredibly happy has just shown Evander that it can happen, and he really wants that. So when he finds Clara, he’s just super thrilled, and he totally expects that she will be too.

I really like that Tabitha shows the differences between Clara’s expectations and Evander’s expectations. They both come from the same rung of society, and she’s been living as an Alpha, so she would have roughly the same kind of experiences, but their expectations of what would happen when they found their mate, if they found their mate, if they wanted their mate, were quite different. Really fascinating.

I think that Clara’s father’s name, Neros, is really interesting. I mean, I know about Nero, the emperor of Rome, and the crazy that was him, so I have to wonder if Neros is supposed to hail back to Nero.


I hated Clara’s father from the very first time she talked about him. It sounded like he would just be a total jackass.

Funny thing, in the book, Clara drives a green car. In real life, I have a green car. I don’t know if I had talked about the green car where Tabitha would’ve known about it, because I didn’t have it on a permanent basis until the beginning of this past month. And it’s close to that color green too. It made me laugh when I read that part.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Definitely go read it! Happy reading!

Tabitha Black-Primal Possession

Brace yourself my darlings, I’m getting my Omegaverse on this week. Today, we have Tabitha Black’s first foray into the Omegaverse with Primal Possession. Tabitha has shown up here before, and I really enjoy her books. I’m hoping that she continues her O-verse series, because I really liked it, and am really looking forward to seeing what comes next.

If I were to rank the MF Omegaverse books I read by darkness, and please, please, please don’t ask me to, I would probably put this one on the lighter side of dark. It would probably be by the Sara Fields books. There is darkness in it, bad things happen, but it isn’t as dark as other stories. Of course, it’s not light either. See, this is why I don’t want to really rank the books by darkness. And keep in mind, darkness is in the eye of the beholder. What I consider dark-ish may send other people screaming. Anyway, enough of that.

This is the story of Arius and Saskia, and the city of Sandor. The city itself really has to be considered a character, I think, because it shapes a lot of what happens in the book, and I expect that it will continue to do so through the rest of the series.

In Sandor, Alphas rule, Omegas are barely considered people, and Betas are stomped under the feet of the Alphas. The king, Deimos, is fucking insane, and keeps putting up new and crazier rules and laws.

Some of the existing rules say that after Omegas test as Omegas at 12, they aren’t allowed to go to school anymore, and when they are 18, they have to go to the Facility. All Omegas are to be housed there, and once a month, the Alphas can go visit to see if they can find their mate. Of course, as would happen anywhere, there are Omegas who have managed to hide and not go to the Facility. Saskia is one of those Omegas. She does everything she can to stay hidden, but sometimes she has to go out and just get some air. That’s what she does on this particular day, but then the Trappers get her, and drag her to the Facility. And it just so happens to be Market Day, which all the Alphas will be visiting to find their mates.

Arius and his dearest friend, Evander, are talking about needing to find a mate. Arius’ uncle hasn’t found a mate, and it’s important that Arius does so that he can keep the bloodline going. Oh, did I forget to mention that Arius is the king’s nephew and heir? Yup. So, Evander drags Arius down to the Facility, and he discovers his perfect mate, Saskia. Poor Evander, for all his pains, he gets left behind once Arius tosses his mate over his shoulder and leaves.

One of the things I like about this book is that I got a real historic feel from it even though it takes place in modern or future times. Tabitha doesn’t pin down a time period, but there are cars and cell phones, so that helps there. One of the reasons that it feels like it happens in history is the names. Arius comes out of ancient Greek, Deimos out of ancietn Rome, and Saskia comes from Old German, but you can still find it used now. (Hi, Saskia) Deimos happens to be one of the horses that pulls the chariot of the Roman God of War, Mars. His name means Panic. Arius, as far as I can tell, and yes, I do go looking at interesting names, relates to Ares, the Greek God of War. Interesting connection, no? And Saskia, which is such a lovely name, can mean different things, depending on where you are looking. If you look at the Slavic languages, it means protector of mankind. Out of Old German, it probably means a Saxon woman. Which is all a long digression to say that the names of the main characters, and even Arius’ servants are all very classical names, which helps to muddy the time period.

Of course, that’s not all I like about this one. I love the connection between Saskia and Arius. It is something deeply special between them.

In a lot of MF Omegaverse, the Alpha starts out as a massive jerk and then as he and his Omega start to bond, you see some changes, but Arius was never really an Alphahole. There are a couple of times when he is a jerk, but I don’t think that he really means to be a jerk, it just happens, and he feels so bad about it later. Saskia is a very strong character, and she has a really sweet core, which does nothing to negate the strength. In fact, I think that they temper each other and make her stronger altogether.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens now. I’m hoping we get Evander’s book soon. I like him.


Did I mention that Deimos was insane? Well, he’s really fucking insane. Having people yanked out of their bed in the middle of their night because of his delusion? Yeah.

I totally get the reason why Arius didn’t do anything before, but then… Yeah.

OK, that’s all on this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

If you like Omegaverse, make sure that you come back and read the next couple of days, because there is going to be so much more coming up.

Anthology-Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection Program

Maren Smith has a Castle. And she has packed her Castle full of Doms and subs. And occasionally, other naughty authors. Masters of the Castle: Witness Protection Program is one of those times. There are 8 stories, by 10 authors, including Maren herself. They all happen within the same time frame, all ending with a bang. The set up for this anthology is that the Master Marshall, the owner and Master of Masters of the Castle, a BDSM resort, has a cousin named Grace. Grace witnessed a murder by a creepy-ass mobster. He wants to kill her and she’s refusing to get police protection. So he figures the best way to keep her safe is to bring her to the Castle and protect her there. And now we get 8 stories surrounding the people trying to keep her safe or hunt down Carmen, the creepy-ass mobster.

While there are 8 stories, I only got to read 5 of them early. Gee, I guess that means I’m going to have to go and buy the book so I can read the other stories. Damn, life is hard. Make me read a book. And as I got them as individual ARCs, you’re getting my reviews in the order in which I read them, which may or may not be the order they are in the book.

Golden Angel-Freeing Fawn

Fawn is a cat burglar, and a darn good one, which is good, because she has been doing jobs for the Mob in order to pay off her father’s debt. Now, the Don wants her do to one last job, but it doesn’t involve stealing anything. Unless you call killing someone stealing something. And to do that, she’s going to have to pretend to be a sub.

Dane is a LEO who has been trying to get Carmen for forever. Now he’s at the Castle because he knows that where Grace is, Carmen is going to follow. He’s a Dom, so posing as a Master of the Castle so that he can keep searching shouldn’t be that much of a problem. But then, he gets paired with Fawn.

OK, Fawn is just cute, while she hasn’t tried anything BDSM-ish before, she has at least read some books, looked at some sites, and tried a toy or two. And she and Master D are super hot together. I loved watching them try to do their missions while they were both trying to keep the other safe and from knowing they were sneaking around.

Tabitha Black-Tempting Tasha

All the stories use alliteration in the title, but Tabitha Black has to take a step further, just to add in a little extra alliteration. I bet Tabitha is that one kid at school who always blew the curve too. LOL.

Tasha’s brother owes Carmen a butt-load of money, because her brother likes to gamble and Carmen is a loan shark. So when her brother disappears, she knows that it’s Carmen’s fault. When she sees him getting on a plane, she buys a ticket and follows him across the country, right to the Castle, where she ends up hired as a Little Maid.

Master Eamon is one of the Dungeon Masters. When the dungeon gets trashed, he needs someone from housekeeping to come clean. Instead, he gets Tasha, as a Little Maid. She pings his radar as a little off, but he’s willing to work with it.

It’s one thing to be a total newbie, it’s a completely different thing to walk into the Castle without even knowing what happens there. I felt a little sorry for Tasha because she wasn’t even a babe in the woods. It’s more like she was a bunny in a lion enclosure, but she doesn’t even know what lions are, so she doesn’t know what could happen.

Allysa Hart & Rayanna Jamison-Taming Teri

Teri and Nick have been partners in the police department. Teri is also part of a K-9 team, with Champ. On top of being partners on the bomb squad, Teri and Nate have also been best friends and lovers, although the intimate part of their relationship is currently not happening.

When their captain tells them that they have to go over to the Castle to help find Carmen, Teri, who is very independent and strong, is ready to Nope the fuck out of going to the fuck fortress. Nick, on the other hand, he’s all over this idea. He’s always wanted to go to the Castle, and now going undercover at the Castle with Teri as his sub? That’s pretty much perfect. She doesn’t know that he’s a Dom, or how he feels about her. That’s OK, he doesn’t really know how she feels about him.

OK, I have to admit that I really didn’t like Teri at the beginning. She’s really judgemental and looks down on anyone who has a kinky bone in or on their body. Even when she discovers that she likes it when Nick spanks her or when she submits, she wants to be judgemental about people who like it. It does get better and I do start to like her. But, if you ask me, Champ is the real star of the story. Puppy! Alright, I guess Teri and Nick aren’t all that bad after all. I will say that I was surprised to not get a Little story out of these two because, well, they are who they are. That’s not a complaint though, I’m happy to get any story out of these two because I love reading their work.

Raisa Greywood-Harboring Holly

Holly knows secrets. Two years ago, she saw Carmen kill her best friend, and she’s been holding that secret for two years. The only reason that she can be safe is that Carmen’s minion, Mario, let her go. Then she ran, she ran so far away. She ran both night and day. And ended up in the Castle. She’s been working there for the past 2 years as a Little Maid and scening with whoever wants her. And now, the Master in charge of the Gorean program wants her to work in that program, which is great. The only problem is that she’s pretty sure that she’s not going to be alive much longer because she saw Carmen and Mario, and now Mario has asked for her to be his kajira.

Flint has been undercover as Mario, Carmen’s right hand man, for too many years. Now he’s following Carmen to the Castle where he’s planning on killing Grace, which may be the thing that will finally let Flint arrest Carmen. Then he sees Holly, who he never thought that he would see again. He’s thought about her every day since he last saw her, and now he gets to actually be around her.

I thought that Holly was pretty amazing. She was more accepting about things, like the fact that she’s pretty sure she’s about to die, than I would’ve been. She’s submissive and she loves it. She very much know who she is and she loves it, especially in the Gorean setting. But Flint, he’s so conflicted about what his duty and what he needs to do, about what’s the right thing to do and what’s the moral thing to do, they aren’t always the same thing.

Katherine Deane and Kate Richards-Guarding Grace

And finally, we get to Grace. Grace is blind, but that hasn’t stopped her from being a witness to a murder. As she points out to Master Stephan, there are more senses than vision. When her favorite cousin, Marshall, finds out that she needs somewhere to be safe, he brings her to the Castle. In order to help keep her safe, he sets her up with a “boyfriend” and a bodyguard. Stephen is supposed to be her boyfriend, but she pretty much squashes him totally flat, and does it so lovely too. Chris, Master Nelson, was supposed to be her shadow and bodyguard, but he takes over as her Dom and “boyfriend”.

Chris was in the military and had a bad war. Now he’s back and working as a Dom at the Castle. He’s the perfect person for Master Marshall to appoint to keep his beloved cousin safe. It doesn’t hurt that she’s smart, witty, beautiful, and strong. He feels strongly protective over her and when she tells him that she’s interested in finding out more about the lifestyle and tells him that she wants him to be the one to teach her, he can’t be happier.

I love Grace. There’s just something so elegant and beautiful about her. She’s so strong and confident and she’s very open-minded, which means she’s not judging anyone for what they like. She just wants to try. Of course, she does have some problems, and Chris does get a little over much sometimes, but that’s Doms for you. It’s a perfect story though, and I loved it.

So, there you have the 5 ARCs I got from this book. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to the rest of them soon. It’s just trying to find some space and time in my TBR list. I need to stop sleeping. If I don’t sleep, I would have more time to read. Of course, I would probably end up psychotic and in a padded room with a jacket that makes me hug myself. Oh wait, that might not be too bad! Maybe they’ll let me listen to audiobooks? Go check out the whole anthology and all the rest of the books in the series. I have a couple in my TBR. Happy reading!