Sorcha Black-Cruel Idols

Sorcha has written a fantastic MMF story. It’s dark, intense, super sexy, and incredibly twisted. In other words, Cruel Idols is very definitely a Sorcha Black book. This is an enemies to lovers book, and I totally, totally agree with the classification. In fact, I may even suggest that there are times that there is a whole antagonistic relationship all the way through the book, even at the end. But, it totally works for this book.

So, we start with Sadie. She’s on her bike with her most treasured possession in her backpack. It’s a special book hardcover book that’s bound in leather and is written by her favorite author, Vandal Stokes. A friend of hers told her that he was living in a cottage outside their very small Canadian town. So, Sadie can’t resist getting her book signed. She knows that it’s a little stalker-y, but she doesn’t have a lot of stuff, and she scrimped and saved in order to get this book, and she really wants to get that autograph. Sadie rides up to the cottage and knocks on the door, but no one answers. She decides that she’s going to go jump in the lake that she can see in the backyard because she can do that without being a problem, so she thinks. But then, Vandal pops up and starts yelling at her. He keeps accusing her of reading his new novel and stealing it. Which she hasn’t done. They finally agree to sign a contract so that Sadie will stay at the cottage with Vandal and help edit his work, with no contract with anyone else until his book gets published.

Vandal keeps telling Sadie that he isn’t attracted to her. He also tells her that he needs to have someone babysit her sometimes, so his friend, another author, Zero, will come to stay with them. But Zero isn’t just his author friend or even just a friend. They are in a relationship, and not just that, but a kinky AF relationship, with Vandal as the Dom. Luckily, Sadie is kinky AF too.

Sadie is fascinating if you ask me. She can’t decide whether or not she likes or hates Vandal. She’s slightly surer when it comes to Zero, but even then, things aren’t as sure as they could be, especially after she realizes how Vandal feels about Zero and vice versa. She is kinky, submissive, and has an incredibly twisted brain. She really does fit in pretty well with the guys, and I think that she might actually push them in ways they wouldn’t have tried on their own. I also think that she fills a hole in the relationship that Vandal and Zero had that they weren’t aware of. I think that she makes Vandal deal with his emotions more and Zero be a little less impulsive.

Vandal is a dickhole. I understand where some of that dickhole-ishness comes from, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t part of his personality and the things that pushed that aspect just pushed it. I think that he needs to back away from his feelings about his father. They aren’t going to help him in any way, and maybe he should talk to someone about his paranoia. I’m pretty sure that Sadie will help him with that.

I think of the two guys that Zero is my favorite. I like how he can bridge between Vandal and Sadie, being what each of them needs. I’m not entirely sure that Vandal and Sadie would’ve really had any happy sexy times without him there to instigate it. I dunno, maybe there would’ve been, but I think that Zero really enables it.

I loved this book. I’ve loved everything that I’ve read of Sorcha’s, but there is just something about this one that is toe-curling and so good.


The police! LOL. I alternately laughed and cringed at that scene.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out!


Sorcha Black-The Sharp Edge of Bliss

So, Sorcha Black is back. And she’s back in spectacular style with The Sharp Edge of Bliss. Sorcha classifies this as an enemy to lovers book, and it’s MMF. I’ll definitely agree to the MMF, but I’m not quite as sure on the enemy to lovers. I’m going to say that it’s probably the closest description, so I guess I’ll agree.

Here’s our story. Star is a young woman whose uncle uses her as payment. If he owes someone money or a favor, Star is going to pay it back. She’s been doing this for more years than she should’ve ought’ve been, but her uncle basically owns her and she has to pay him back for everything she owes him.

Today, she’s being dropped off in front of Mr. Rathburn’s house. She’s not sure how long she’s going to be there, she just knows that her uncle told her that Rathburn is her boss right now, and she has to do whatever he says. So, she walks into his office, expects that she’s about to be told to strip off, but she’s in for a huge surprise. Rathburn tells his associate, Otis, to go get the boy.

In walks an angel, or at least someone who looks like an angel, Blaise. Star is told that she’s there for him, and whatever he wants her to do, she will. Only, Blaise isn’t happy. He doesn’t want her, he wants Rathburn. But that’s not happening. Nope, Star’s there to make him happy, no matter what Blaise really wants. Rathburn has spoken, and really, don’t fuck with Avery Rathburn. You will not like the results.

This story is all told from Star’s POV. I don’t think that it would’ve worked if we went back and forth in perspectives. I think her innocence (which yeah, I know it’s odd to call a sex worker innocent, but she really has this whole childlike innocence going on) and naivete really let us see Blaise and Avery the way that they really are. She sees things that they don’t see about themselves. She’s also had to learn how to read people, for her own safety, and that gives her more insight too. I think that for as worldly and experienced Blaise and Avery are, Star is better at reading people than they are.

I would periodically get angry at Blaise and Avery because they would just assume that Star would know or understand something, even though she kept telling them that she didn’t quite get whatever. They just didn’t have the same experience set that she had, and it’s hard to understand her experiences when it’s not anything that they’ve ever had to deal with. I mean, they do try, but they just don’t quite get it, and it’s frustrating to me.

I really enjoyed watching Star grow into her power and become the strong person that she is.

I love Sorcha, and I love the way that she writes MMF. I’m going to have to go read about Sev again this weekend.


I was happy with what Star did to some unpleasant people.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out. Happy reading!

Sparrow Beckett-Dominant Bastard Duology

Sparrow Beckett is made up of the writing team of Sorcha Black and Leia Shaw. They both write under their own names as well as under Sparrow Beckett. The duology, and isn’t that just the coolest word?, contains the books Feral King and Tragic King, which just came out, and I pre-ordered it as soon as it was possible. I loved Feral King and had to read the rest of the story.

There is an extremely limited cast of characters in both books. The 3 characters you see the most of in both books are Severin, Minnow, yes that’s her real name, and Rodrigo. Sutton is in the first book, Churchill, Ilse, and their two girls Sage and Scarlett. Sage is so awesome, I want to be her when I grow up. Loic shows up at the end of the FK and is sporadically in TK. So, let’s get to the books.

In FK, we meet Minnow when she is at an interview with Sutton. Sutton is hiring her to be a caregiver for Severin. What Sutton doesn’t tell Minnow is that he is 30, so she thinks that she’ll be caring for an older man. Sutton does tell her that he is extremely isolated, stubborn, anti-social, and a huge misanthrope. Severin is an equal opportunity hater, if you aren’t part of his family, which at this point is Sutton and Church and his family, or his best friend, Rodrigo, he pretty much hates you and wants you to not even breathe the same air he does.

When Minnow gets to the house, she gets to meet Severin, who is at work at his forge. He does metal work and makes Frankenbikes. He lives up, or maybe down, to his reputation. But that doesn’t stop Minnow, she keeps showing up, quietly, at the edges of his world. He has to keep fucking around with her, by doing things like knocking a fork off the table on purpose, just to see if she will pick it up, which she does, always calling him Mr. Leduc.

So, guess who the dominant bastard is in this? Yeah. And Minnow is an experienced sub who has lived in other D/s relationships. When Minnow starts to figure out what Severin wants, she lets him know that what he wants is normal, for a subset of normal, and that she’s perfectly willing to let him do what he wants. She leads him, somewhat, but Rodrigo helps him a lot more.

Before we get to Ro, let me give you some of Severin’s backstory, which explains the feral part of the story. He lived in France with his family of origin until he was 5. When he was 5, he was sent away. Not only sent away, but his mother bought a huge house in a whole new country for him to live in. He was sent there to live, without any of his family. Church’s mother was hired to take care of him, and by the time she and Church got there, Severin was feral and crazed. He has some extreme boundaries, including not liking to be touched, having an insanely overdeveloped need for control, which actually works here, and the fear that everyone in his family is going to leave him.

So, back to Rodrigo. He’s another Dom, and Severin’s best friend. He also does all Severin’s tats and piercings and is his business manager. When Ro meets Minnow, he gets happy pantsfeelings, and Severin uses Ro to help dom Minnow.

OK, so wow, this is long. I’m going to jump to TK now. There are some minor spoilers in here, but I’ll try to keep them minor and keep the big ones behind the pic. Is that like Behind the Green Door? Hmmm, good question. I’ll have to think about that one. Too much caffeine and not enough sleep means you get weird digressions like this in the middle of your reading.

Back to TK. Loic, who is Severin’s little brother, showed up at the very end of the last book. He says that their mother, Martine, is dead. A house fell on her. And then the house burned down. Ding dong, the bitch is dead.

Severin, Minnow, and Ro, who are all living in Sev’s house, are shocked that Loic showed up, but they let him stay.

Severin and Minnow are engaged and Ro is still helping Sev dom Minnow and acting as stunt cock. Loic tries to get all up in between everyone’s’ relationship which pisses off super-control freak Severin and causes him to make some real realizations about himself and his life.

So, now we come to the point where you have to make a decision. Do you want to keep reading and find out more fun spoilers and all my exciting thoughts or do you just want to get over to ‘zon and read these books? FK is currently $0.99 and TK is $2.99. They are both on KU, but trust me, you are going to want to own them.

broken crown

Severin is a breathtakingly broken man and all the layers that Sorcha and Leia put into him are amazing. I mean, he’s a really real character, if you know what I mean. You just feel for him and want him to have the best. Even when he’s being an asshole, I don’t really get mad at him like I do some other characters because he really just doesn’t understand. He’s been isolated in that house his entire life, so he never learned to people. Some of his isolation is self-imposed, but some of it is from the trauma that his mother imposed on him. Fuck, but do I want to resurrect her so that I can kill her in a more painful manner.

Minnow. I pretty much loved Minnow from the very beginning. What wasn’t there to love? She doesn’t shove herself on Severin in any way, she just lets him get used to her. There is a magnificent lightness which springs from her and practically shines off the pages.

Rodrigo is perfect for the both of them. I was so happy when they were able to get together as a triad. They are all happy. They are like cogs that mesh together and make everyone filled and happy. Especially Minnow.

I knew Loic was going to be trouble from the very start. He’s so slimy and charming, but then again, that’s what he was groomed to be from his birth, pretty, and charming, and submissive, and a people pleaser. He does it well, as well as being manipulative. He tries to break up all the relationships, but I don’t know that he’s doing it to be malicious, as much as he needs to belong to someone. As broken as Severin is, Loic is even worse.

Anyway, I love these books. They are going to be definite rereads, not just for the steaming, smoking, inferno-ish sex, which is good enough on its own, trust and believe, but for the story and the characters. I’ve said before that I don’t mind a book with a lot of fucking and that’s its only purpose, but that won’t necessarily keep me coming back again and again. I need something that’s got a story I can get my teeth into and a lot of fucking. These books deliver that.

You know where I am and how to get ahold of me, if you want to. I’m always up for suggestions, criticisms, comments, kudos, etc. Meanwhile, happy reading!

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