Sinistre Ange-His Pretty Kitty

Yay! Another Sinistre Ange story, which means we are into something kinky, dirty, and just obscene. And that describes His Pretty Kitty really well. HPK is part of Sinistre’s Planets Apart series. She hasn’t written a new one in this series for a while, so yay!

So, the way that this series works is that there are 4 prison planets, and each of the planets covers a different kink. So far, we’ve had hucows, age play, and now we have pet play. When someone gets caught breaking the law, they end up sentenced to a prison planet. While they are on the way out to the planets, the prisoners get to look at all the planets and decide which one they want. After they make their decision, it goes to a committee where each selection is either approved or argued over.

Katherine embezzled from her company for years. For part of that time, her crimes were blamed on someone else who was guilty of corporate espionage, but eventually it was discovered that nope, that person was innocent of stealing, and it was all Katherine. So, she got sentenced to spend the rest of her life on one of the prison planets. On the ship, she looks at all the planets and decides that she found the planet for her. She’s going to go be a pet. So, she goes up for auction, and is bought. Her new owner wants her to have kitty ears and kitten fur on her lower arms and legs, so she really looks more like a little kitten. And thus, Katherine becomes Kitty, and is owned by Dominic and his wife. And she has to share the household with their long time pup. Let’s just say hijinx ensue.

I fully admit that I didn’t always like Katherine in this book. She is really entitled in the beginning, IMO. She never really seems like she’s sorry for what she did or for what happened to that poor innocent guy. It kind of makes her hard to like at the very beginning, at least for me. There are times while she’s settling in that I don’t particularly care all that much for her either. I never totally dislike her, but don’t like her all that much, if you get the difference. And when she’s finally in the house, she keeps acting out and seems suprised. It’s not like she didn’t know what she was getting into, so I don’t know why she’s so surprised. Ok, well, maybe she didn’t know exactly what everything would be like, but I’m in the well, she made her bad, she gotta lay in it camp. I do think that she really deserves everything she gets and maybe a little more on that.

I know that I’m not talking about anyone else in the household, but I think that they really need to be discovered on your own. I will say that the book is primarily from Kitty’s POV, but we do get looks at everyone’s heads, so we get to know everyone. I liked it that way.

OK, nothing under the pic today. Go check out this delightful piece of filth, especially if you need some help staying warm this winter. Happy reading!

Sinistre Ange-Serving Her Sentence

So, today we get the first of 2 Sinistre Ange’s releases between now and the end of the year. Now, all of Golden Angel’s books are kinky, but it’s when she write as Sinistre that we are truly blessed with loads of filth, smut, and kinkery fuckery. And damn if Serving Her Sentence doesn’t live up to that. It is is downright obscene, in all the best ways. It’s also more hardcore than the books that she writes under the Golden name, so if you don’t like hardcore fuckery, this is not the book for you. Luckily, I do.

Noelle is facing prison. She got caught embezzling money from her boss. A lot of money. And it’s a lot of money that she can’t afford to pay back, because she’s spent most of it. So because of that, she has two choices. One is going to prison for 10 years. The other is to sell herself at an auction for a year as a slave. And in this case, slave means sex slave. However much money she sells for will be split. First it will go to her company to repay them, then the leftover will be split between her and the government. She just has to make it through the next 365 days and she’ll be set for life. So, that’s what she decides to do. After all, you can do anything for a year, right?

So, after having been asked about 190098979879 times if this was really what she wanted to do, Noelle goes to have a medical exam, which is recorded. Then she goes up for auction. She’s bought for a huge amount of money by a man named Damien. And he has an hour to lay out his expectations before Noelle has to make her final decision, and lay them out he does.

This book is all from Noelle’s POV, and I’m all good with that. I don’t think that I want a POV from Damien or anyone else involved. I don’t think that being in their head would’ve been anywhere near as interesting as just being in Noelle’s head. I mean, I like all their kinkery fuckery that Noelle is subjected to, and damn it’s all fucking hot, but for me, the part that was interesting to me was Noelle’s interior struggle. We wouldn’t get that from Damien. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have any conflicts in his head about what he’s doing.

Anyway, that’s all for this one. If you want loads of fucking hot fucking, go check this one out! Happy reading!

Raisa Greywood & Sinistre Ange-Blood Lust

Happy Valentine’s Day! Have I got the perfect book for this lovely fluffy day all filled with pink hearts and kisses. The book is all filled with all the HEAs that you could ever possibly want to have.

Oh wait. That’s not today’s book. Today’s book is Blood Lust from Raisa Greywood and Sinistre Ange. There is not one HEA to be found anywhere in this book. Not one. There are kisses and hearts though. So, close? I guess? There are 3 stories in this book. Sinistre and Raisa each wrote one on their own, and then they wrote one together. And holy fuck, was this anthology great. And dark. And I fucking cussed Golden and Raisa up one side and down the other when I read the last word in this book, because dammit. I’m still all wrapped up in the book, even though I’ve been through some other books since.


This is Golden’s solo offering. It imagines that vampires are out of the coffin, and are citizens. Of course there are going to be people who are scared of the undead who walk among them, and there are going to be hate groups. Jillian is one of the people who is dealing with that fear.


In Raisa’s world, humans are basically just enslaved blood slaves. The vamps are in charge, and they will buy, sell, and auction humans. This one is about Chloe, who is a precious O-Neg, and who is up for auction. She doesn’t want to be sold to yet another leach, but what can you do?

Sinistre & Raisa-Vengeance

This story starts in 550 BCE, with a dancing slave being bought by Calmarus and Amedus. The slave’s name was Lyssa, but it gets changed to Orisa. The guys have been a couple, but Orisa becomes the meat in their sandwich. And, as we’re talking about vampires, you may guess that our guys are vamps. Well, things happen, and their lives change, and we get to see some of those changes.

I’m really not spoiling anything when I say that there are no HEAs, since it’s right there in the series name, so don’t yell at me if you read it and don’t find one. If you need that HEA, this is definitely not the book for you. If you like dark, mindfucks, men who may or may not be complete assholes, and a story that is going to stick with you for a good long time, then this is the book for you.

I can’t tell you which one of these stories is my favorite, since I like them all for different reasons, and I think that each of them stands out for different reasons. I do have to say that I was kinda mad when I finished this because I would never be able to read it for the first time again, while still being happy I got to read it.

OK, no spoilers today. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Sinistre Ange-Forbidden Fantasy House

Sinistre Ange, who is Golden Angel’s darker counterpart, has rereleased her book Forbidden Fantasy House.

This was a pretty quick read, and pretty dirty too. Well, more than just pretty dirty. It’s downright filthy.  But that’s not all that this book is. There’s more to it too, but we’ll get there.

So, Elena and Lance are in a relationship. He’s a Dom, she’s a sub. But she’s a new sub, and Lance has been pretty careful with her. He checks in with her, makes sure that she’s OK with whatever he’s doing, and makes sure not to push her too far. He always listens to her say no or call red. You know, all the things that a good Dom is supposed to do, especially when they are working with someone new.

The problem is, Elena isn’t happy. She’s turning Lance down every time he wants to do anything the teeniest tiniest bit kinky. I mean, it could just be kink-adjacent, and she would be turning him down. Lance is frustrated because he has no clue what’s going on. When he tries to ask, he gets no information from Elena. Elena’s frustrated because she’s not getting what she wants. When it all blows up, they break up.

Then Elena decides that she wants to find out what she was missing, so she heads to the Forbidden Fantasy House so that she can craft a fantasy that will work for her.

I like Lance. He does do what he can to make sure that Elena is OK with everything. And I get consent and checking with your partner is a good thing, but I thought maybe he was a little wishy-washy sometimes. Maybe. I really went back and forth on that. Maybe I’m wishy-washy, lol. I could see where he’s coming from though. He wants to make sure that someone new is learning how fun BDSM can be, not turn her off by just running roughshod over her.

Elena annoyed me though. She knew what she wanted, but she never told Lance. He was just somehow magically know what she wanted, just by somehow reading her mind. That bothers me on a personal level. I want people to tell me what they want or need from me. I can’t guess what they need. I can’t read their minds. So, some of my feelings about that rolled over on to Elena. I don’t dislike her or anything, she just annoyed me. Did that ruin the book for me? Fuck no.


Sorry, nothing down here.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Raisa Greywood & Sinistre Ange-Demon Lust

Sinistre Ange is the dark pen name for Golden Angel. Just a couple of days ago, we had Golden’s latest, Chasing His Polar Bear. Well, Demon Lust is 180° from Polar Bear, and around a few corners and possibly in an entirely different universe. Ange teamed up with Sick Puppy Extraordinaire Raisa Greywood and together, they decided that Happily Ever After was really Happily Never After and people just misheard. There are 6 stories in this book, and I’ll bet you can guess what they all have in common.


Ange starts off the book with her story of vengeance and justice. Lyana comes back to her village to find that there are a group of raiders who are destroying her village, and she ends up watching her sister being raped basically to death. Lyana wants her revenge on the raiders, so she ends up summoning a demon, Leonard, so that she can get her revenge.

OK, first of all, I had to snort a little about Leonard’s name, because who ever heard of a demon named Leonard? But for the rest of this? It actually made me think about the difference between revenge, vengeance, and justice. I don’t know if that was Ange’s goal, but that’s what happened. I really enjoyed this story, and I think I may have earned a lesson.

Raisa-The Devil’s Doorbell

A few weeks ago, this particular meme went through the FB author/reader community that I happen to participate in. Raisa saw it, and thought, hmmm… I see a story.


And, apparently, she was right, because there is a story there. And it’s a somewhat disturbing one.

There was a huge war, and while America won, it was destroyed. Now there’s Newmerica, which is a theocracy of epic proportions. I mean, it makes Gilead from The Handmaid’s Tale look like a land of orgies. Women are sinners. Their bodies are evil. You shouldn’t even touch any part of your body with your bare hands. Yeah, you get the idea. And this is how Ruth grew up. She never touched her sin cave, but that doesn’t stop her from getting into trouble.

I often say that The Handmaid’s Tale is the scariest book I have ever read, hand down. And this one takes THT one step further. Or maybe 1000 steps further, and considering how short the story is, that’s saying something. It’s a really good story and one that I really enjoyed a lot, even as it scared me just a little bit.

Ange-One Damned Fuck

This is the closest story to happy and light that we get in this one. It’s a welcome relief right in the middle of the rest of it.

Angie is dealing with something that a lot of us women have dealt with at some point. She has some dickhead who doesn’t understand foreplay and thinks that hammering at a vagina like a jackhammer is the way to go. So, she does what a lot of us have done, she fakes an orgasm to get him to go away, and makes a wish on a fallen star for one damned decent fuck.

You ever hear the saying be careful what you wish for, you might just get it? Well, considering the title of this book and what Angie wished for, do you think that she got it?

Fun story, all things considered, and some very talented body parts going in this. I mean, VERY talented. I wonder if I can find that star that Angie wished on?

Ange-We Invite You In

You know how you see in horror movies that you really shouldn’t ever read the mysterious book? Well, this story is an object lesson of why you don’t do that.

Gerry, and her friends Lee, Brandi, and Anne, are in a haunted house, and the three friends have the fun idea of summoning a demon.

I remember doing things like saying Bloody Mary and playing Stiff as a Board at slumber parties with my friends, but I’m pretty sure that none of us really ever decided that we would summon demons. I don’t know that I would have played that one. Well, maybe I would’ve. I wasn’t all that sensible as a teenager and I was willing to do all kinds of strange and interesting and impulsive stuff. Hopefully, I would’ve come out of it well.

Ange-The Monster Under the Bed

Remember when you were a kid and you were sure that there was a monster under your bed, and as long as you had all your body parts on the bed and were under the covers, nothing could get you? You likely grew out of it at some point. As you got older, you realized that there was no such things as monsters under the bed. But, what if you were wrong?

Danielle knows that there is a monster under her bed. No one ever believed her, so her parents had her committed. As long as she had a roommate she was fine. But now she’s just turned 18, and everything is going to change.

Oh my, this one got under my skin, a lot. Once, long ago, I had some issues with my head, and believed some things, and I really related to Danielle. I could really feel her emotions all the way through this short story, and it was… I don’t know what it was. It’s hard to describe. But, Danielle will live with me for a while, I think.


Raisa originally put this up on Literotica, if I remember correctly, and one of the commenters said that she was a Sick Puppy for this story. And she wears her title proudly. I personally upped it to Sick Puppy Extraordinaire because of this book. Breathless is one of those stories that will disturb you but you just can’t help flipping the pages because you need to know what happens. I loved it when I first read it. And I love it more now.

Lucy is a surfer and she loves to be out on her board enjoying the waves. One day, she meets a great white shark, which no one really ever wants to do you know, but something scares it away. The next thing she knows, she meets some guy in the water, and he tells her to take a deep breath.

This story really is twisted and dark. Really twisted. It’s disturbing in the best way and is hard to shake off. I don’t know if I want to shake it off anyway, because it’s a really good story. Sometimes I wonder what’s in authors’ heads, but this is not one that I want to know what was going through Raisa’s head while she was writing. Did that sentence make any sense? It did to me.

This was a lovely book of some dark stories. I’m not entirely sure that they are all Happily Never Afters, but I’m not sure that they aren’t either. I think for this one that HEA/HNA is all in the mind of the beholder. Bethinker? Whatever, you know what I mean. Some of them really caused me to think while I was reading them, and a couple of them will stay in my head for a long time, I think. That is totally awesome.

That’s all for today. Go check it out. Happy reading! And enjoy this Boris Vallejo picture. If you read a lot of fantasy in the ’80s, you probably ran into a lot of Boris’ cover art. But I think that this one is perfect for this book.


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