Shanna Handel & Jane Henry-Always My Babygirl

Shanna and Jane have gotten together and given us a new Daddy story. Always My Babygirl is a mostly sweet story with a woman who is trying to do everything she can to take care of her family and an obsessive man.

So, we start with Miranda. We’ve met her before. She runs the Sugar Daddies escort agency, but she doesn’t go out on any of the dates. She’s also helping her sister pay for her wedding. Because Miranda is so busy, she doesn’t always remember to eat. And today isn’t any different, so when she gets to the gym and goes to her spin class, she just doesn’t have anything left in her tank, so she passes out and falls off the bike. The next thing she knows, she’s waking up in the hospital, but she’s kinda sure that she’s dead right now. But then, she hears Gabriel Lord, and discovers she’s not dead.

Gabriel is so attracted to Miranda. He’s sooooo attractive to her that he’s obsessed. He knows everything about her. Ev.ery.thing. (well, except for one thing…) He really wants to be with her forever. But they’ve never even spoken, at least until now. He goes with her to the hospital, and while he’s there, he finds out exactly what her business is, and he bribes her assistant to set it up so that Miranda has to go on a date with him.

And it’s while they are on that date, that everything starts to go pear shaped. All the things.

I like Miranda. I understand where she’s coming from as the oldest sister. You end up taking care of all the problems, and trying to make everything better. And Miranda really does do that. She’s also determined, stubborn, and driven. She’s been running her own business for years, and it’s in high demand. That doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. She has an awful lot to be proud of.

Oh Gabriel. I think that he just meant well, but I don’t think the man understands a line or boundary. Or maybe he does, but he has no problem stomping all over them. As we go through the book, we learn why he does what he does, but yeah, it borders on the creepy AF line. I do, however, think that he’s a good man, overall. He just wants to make Miranda’s life so much better.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Maggie Ryan & Shanna Handel-The Wolf’s Demand

A few months ago, I wrote a review of a book called Princess of the Pack by Haven Handel, which is a nom de plume for Shanna Handel. It was a good book that I enjoyed. It featured wolf shifters, evil spirits, and domestic discipline. It was low on the steam scale, but it was a sweet, lovely read. Well, Shanna decided to pull the book and partner with Maggie Ryan to do some reworking on it. It’s still the same basic story, but has a definite steam factor added in, and has been fleshed out.

So, let’s get into The Wolf’s Demand. Here’s our story. Cassandra and Deo Ambrosia are married. They’ve been going through a difficult stage of their marriage, and it’s been very hard and cold at their house. They are either arguing or ignoring each other. Right up until the night that Cassandra comes home and tells Deo that she’s leaving. There are all kinds of reasons that this isn’t a good thing. Deo basically says the hell you are, and takes her into his office and spanks her. She didn’t really want to leave, she just wanted to get his attention, and that was the only way she could do it. Turns out, she really, really likes him spanking her and it worked out well for them.

The next day, she walks into her law practice late, on purpose, so that she didn’t have to sit down at the partner’s meeting, after all, her ass was still tender. Her friend Cynthia asked her about it, and Cassandra told her about it. Then Cassandra goes out to lunch with Andrew, another lawyer at the practice. He has a thing for Cassandra, it’s pretty obvious. When Deo shows up where they are having lunch, Andrew tries to get all alpha male with him, but the problem is, Deo is the Alpha, and it’s hard to out-alpha the alpha. When Cassandra gets back to work, there is a strange man there who tells her that Deo sent him and that she should come with him.

Deo and his family are Greek. Their names all have special meanings, and when you meet them, they are more than happy to tell you the meanings. Deo means godlike. Balthazar, AKA Baal, means protector of the king. Draco means dragon, but also means guardian, and he’s there to protect Cassandra. Alekos, who is Deo’s little brother, means protector of mankind. And Xander means protector. Yeah, it’s important to know all those things.

So, the Ambrosia family is hiding a secret. Hundreds of years ago, back in Greece, an ancestor was cursed. They have to fight against evil and they shift into wolves. Most of the time, the evil spirits they have to fight against stay away. But, every now and again, when an Ambrosia breaks a solemn vow, like oh, telling her husband that she’s leaving, the evil spirits are able to break through. That’s what has happened here, and that’s why Deo sent Baal to pick up Cassandra from her office. Deo has Baal take Cassandra to a castle in upstate New York, where the Ambrosia family has gathered. Deo also tells Cassandra that their marriage is going to change. He knew that she was begging for him to control her and he’s going to do that know.

OK, here we go. Like I said, the basic story is the same from the original book. Or, at least the bones are. There are some changes, outside of the added sexy times scenes. There was a cheating storyline which is now gone, which I like. The storyline wasn’t as fleshed out as it could’ve been, so getting rid of it made the story better, IMO. The ending is also different, and I like the ending a lot better. I liked the original, I like the rework better.


One of the changes I like a lot is the fact that we’re going to have a menage situation. I thought that there was a point in the original book where we were headed for a reverse harem, which would’ve been an interesting setup, but it didn’t go there, so I’m very pleased to see the menage set up in this book. We really didn’t see much of it in this book, just the setting up of it, and Cassandra agreeing to it, but the next book looks like we’ll have the full thing going on then.

So, that’s it for this one. Go hit up King Zon for it. Happy reading!

Shanna Handel-Sweet Texas Love

If you are looking for a romance series that you can share with your Granny, Nana, Memaw, Grandma, or whatever you call her, then you can’t go wrong with Shanna Handel’s Sweet Texas Love books. All sex happens behind the curtain, so you don’t see it. There aren’t really any bad words. The occasional damn, but that’s it. The men are true gentlemanly cowboys and the women are strong women who love them. I would hand these to my very conservative grandmother or aunties, with no qualms. I love reading them for so many reasons.

One reason I like Shanna Handel’s books is that we are following the same people the whole time. We get to know them and love them and become invested in them. That’s really nice. Another reason is that sometimes even I need a little light in my life to help save my black soul and my even blacker heart. Shanna’s Texas Daddies help with that. All of this to say that we have two of her books today. We have Bartender Daddy, book 3, and Texas Daddy, book 4. TD is supposed to come out 1/19 or 1/20, so I don’t have a buy link for it yet, but as soon as I do, I will post it on my FB page. So, without further ado, let’s dig into our books, shall we?

First, we have Bartender Daddy. The primary couple in this book is Ray and Jessica, though we still get a hefty helping of Carrie and Wes, so if you fell in love with them in the earlier stories, you get to stay in love with them. Yay for that! I did fall in love with them.

So, we start our story with the ramp up for Ray and Jessica’s wedding. Carrie is melting down because she’s over-stressed and Jessica is being Bridezilla. Jessica is melting down because there is so much to do. Carrie gets spanked by Wes, who helps her figure everything out. Ray helps out Jessica by solving her problems on what to wear when she walks down the aisle, denim, BTW, what to eat at the reception, potluck, and who to walk her down the aisle, Wes.

We also meet Buttercup. She is Ray’s sister. His dad ran off when he was a kid. Years later, Ray’s dad met another woman, got together with her and had another family, and thus, Buttercup, whose mother loved The Princess Bride. She is to fly in on the day of the wedding, being held at Wes and Carrie’s ranch, and meet everyone. When she does get there, she is a scared, thin, hidden young woman of just 18.

OK, that’s enough for this book. Let’s jump into Texas Daddy, shall we?

TD has us jump forward 10 years in the future. We start out with Buttercup running away from someone and running to Ray for safety.  She leaves an engagement ring and takes nothing but the dress she wore to Ray and Jessica’s wedding.

When she gets to Ray and Jessica’s she spends time helping them out and taking care of their 3 boys and takes over caring for the chickens, which sounds funny, but she loves it. She also gets to see the builder, Jake, who she ends up crushing on. Which is all good, since he’s been into her for years, ever since he was was the DJ back at the wedding.

We see some Ray and Jessica in this, not as much Wes and Carrie, but some. And we get a little bit of Garrett, who is Jessica’s ex and Wes’s little brother. Jessica and Ray do get into a little more BDSM-ish stuff in this one, but not serious stuff, and no serious description of it or more than just a spanking, really.

So, here’s where we part altogether. It’s time for me to go on and have all my says when I get to the other side of the picture. Like I said, they are sweet stories, you can see the love in the stories, and the caring that these Daddies have for their little girls. I know that Shanna is writing a new series that’s connected Sweet Texas Love called Dirty Texas Love, and I suggest that you don’t let your Nana see those. Shanna has promised me that there will be sex in there.


In TD, Wes has some mental health issues. They are very understandable, because of everything that has happened. Shanna handles that very well and very sensitively. And I’m glad that she showed it because it makes Wes more real, if you ask me.

I did kind of see Tom showing up, but maybe that’s because I expected hm too, just from what we knew of him before, so that wasn’t so much of a surprise to me, but I wasn’t all like yeah, whatever, I knew he was going to show up. I did have some hopes that things would be other than what they were, so there’s that.

I love that the couples are still madly in love. I’m coming up on my 10 year (sort of) anniversary, and it’s hard. I kind of hate my husband some times and kind of want to kick his ass sometimes. Mostly I love him, so that’s all good. Having a Daddy wouldn’t work well for me, that’s not my dynamic, but it works for them, and that’s the important thing.

OK, go check these books out. You’ll love them if you are looking for something that is light and easy and sweet. Tomorrow we are delving into the dark again, so get a break while you can. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Shanna Handel-Forever Daddy

Forever Daddy is the second book in Shanna Handel’s Sweet Texas Love series.  FD is a Daddy Dom series.  Just as a quick reminder, a Daddy Dom relationship isn’t exactly an age play thing, it’s more adjacent or maybe a subset or maybe at the intersection of age play and D/s. Kink categories aren’t necessarily well defined. The Dom, instead of being called Sir or Master is called Daddy, and the sub is little girl, princess, little one, kitten, or some variation thereof. There isn’t generally any dressing as a child or regression in this kind of relationship. There is spanking, standing in the corner, and other punishments. Like most other relationships, how far each couple goes depends on the negotiation between the Daddy and his little girl. She may be required to wear the clothes he picks out for her or to abide by a bedtime, as well as a number of other rules.

This book is a direct sequel to the first book, which I haven’t read yet, but is now on my TBR.  I don’t feel like I was at a disadvantage because I didn’t read the first one, Shanna lays out a quick overview of the backstory pretty well, so you can read it as a standalone. However, if you want the real depth of the characters, then you may want to read them in order.

FD has two main stories that go on. They intersect and connect, so it’s really one larger story with two branches, maybe. We have Carrie and Wes, who are the main characters, and then Jessica, Garrett, and Ray, which is the second story.

We open up to right before Christmas, and Carrie getting spanked by her Daddy, Wes. She got angry at Garrett, who is Wes’ little brother and her ex-fiancee. He was there with Jessica, who is hugely pregnant with his baby, and who is Wes’ ex-girlfriend. Total telenovela. Garrett cheated on Carrie with Jessica right before their wedding and actually got her pregnant that night. Eventually, though, Carrie and Wes ended up together and they are perfectly happy.

When they are done playing cards, Garrett goes off the the one local bar, Ray’s, and leaves Jessica there alone, which fact sits well with no one. The next morning, we find out that he has left Jessica because he is a shitbird.

Anyway, Mama and Wes want Jessica to stay, and Wes talks to Carrie about it, because they don’t want Carrie to feel uncomfortable in her own home. She says yes, but later, something happens which makes her feel upset, and she runs off.

OK, I’m going to skip some here, there is a pretty important plot point which is going to show up here in a few minutes, so I’m glossing over that.

After Jessica has her baby, she moves into an apartment, and Ray, the local bartender who has had a thing for Jessica since her 21st birthday, starts getting really close to her, and they have a nice little thing going on.

Alright, time to separate. This is a really sweet love story, or a pair of really sweet love stories. There isn’t a whole lot of sex. There is some spanking, but not an overwhelming amount. There isn’t a whole lot of language either. This is another one you could give your mom or your maiden auntie. Again, not my mom, but maybe your mom.


I’ve lost two siblings in my life, so that particular plot point really made me sad. I cried the first time I read it. Poor Jessica, she had so much shit handed to her all at once. However, she does get some sweet out of it. I hope that Garrett completely off the face of the earth later on because he doesn’t deserve anything nice to happen to him. He’s a jackass, and he has screwed up so many other people’s lives that he just is fucked up. I am not a nice person, and I’m hoping karma is a total bitch to him.

OK, that’s really about all I have to say about this sweet book. It really is a nice, sweet love story. It’s like cotton candy for my brain. Yummy, tasty, and hits you in just the right place. I’ll definitely keep it in my rotation for when I need something quick, light, and satisfying.

Tomorrow is Kneel from Dani Rene. If you are keeping track, you’ll notice that it was supposed to be today, but this one dropped early, so we had a switcheroonie. So, look forward to that. It’s an awesome story. Meanwhile, happy reading!