Livia Grant-Defending It All

The 5th book of the Punishment Pit series is here, and in Defending It All, we don’t just get all the kinkery fuckery we’ve been getting in the other books, we also get to see what’s going on with Jake. Boooooo hisssss. We also get a peek at what may end up being a new couple, and it’s going to be interesting, I think.

Markus and Briana are settling into their new routine and adjusting their marriage to their new dynamic, including having a dungeon set up in the basement. Hey, when you’re married to a pain slut, having a home dungeon with all the fun stuff that a pain slut could possibly love to hate and hate to love. Things are starting to settle into something they both like. Markus, though, isn’t as happy as you might thing, being a Domly type with a masochistic sub. You’d think he’d just be thrilled to no end, and he is really, when it comes to Bri, but Jake is still wandering around and after what he did to Bri, Markus wants him to pay amd pay big time. So, he talks to Lukus, who also runs security company, about finding Jake and doing something about him.

Lukus and Tiffany are settling into their relationship. Lukus is going really slow introducing her to the full amount of kinkery fuckery that he’d like to be in, but she has agreed to be in a D/s relationship with him. She still has to step in and question him a lot, but she’s getting better. They are doing really well, and they have admitted to each other that they love one another. But, Tiff is still having nightmares because of Jake, so Lukus is motivated to go find Jake too.

Our new couple appears to be Dylan and Hannah. We don’t know much about either one of them yet, but I hope we’ll see more of them. I think I could like Dylan.

We get to know more about Tiffany’s family in this one. I have to say that I really don’t like most of them, other than her mother and maybe her younger brother, Mateo. Everyone else can go suck rocks. Especially Aiden. He’s just ugh. I mean, I get that they love her and all that, but she’s a 27 year old woman, and is an adult.

I do think that Lukus and Markus are doing a good thing to try and track down Jake, but I think that they shouldn’t keep the ladies out of the loop. I mean, hell, if anyone deserves to be in the loop, it’s totally Briana. We’ll have to keep our eyes out for what is going to happen. One more book, that’s all we have left, and it will be out soon!

Nothing under the pic tonight. Go check it out! Happy reading!

K. Webster-Copper

This is the second of K’s books in the RBMC world, Tulsa chapter. Copper is Koyn’s brother. Warning, this one starts where the Koyn left off, but doesn’t have a whole lot of spoilers.

So, we have Stormy, who is actually FBI Agent Gale, who is on administrative leave, but has been acting undercover with the Tulsa branch of the RBMC. That’s because she knows that there is something wrong with them, and she wants to find out what is going on with them. She’s pretty sure that they are involved with her best friend being missing, mostly because she tracked down some people who were involved with trafficking and who had a folder with Koyn’s name on it. So, she decided to see what she could find, so she went undercover, well, without permission. And she got to be friends with everyone in the MC, and with Hadley, Koyn’s ol’ lady. In fact, she blew her cover because she was positive that Hadley was in danger from Koyn.

Then we have Copper. He’s also an FBI agent, but much less clean than Stormy is. He’s dirty, but only in that he helps his brother and covers up his brother’s crimes as much as possible. He’s practically a member of the club, without even patching in. He decides that he will take Stormy and be responsible for finding out what she knows, what she did, and what her story is. So, he takes her off to his house in the woods, where he is going to keep her as a prisoner. After a couple of days of a lot of sexual tension, things come to head, and he basically ignores her for the next several months, while still trying to figure out what is going on.

I like Stormy and her determination and grit. She has a plan, she was going to work her plan, and she was going to find her friend and get to the bottom of what’s going on. It may seem like she isn’t loyal, but I think that if you look at her actions, you will see the reason that she did what she did is because of the loyalty she has for her friends. She is also really protective, which you can see through the way that she takes care of her sibs and anyone who gets under her care. There are also things about her that I really don’t like, mostly that she keeps making assumptions about people that she should know better about. Her assumptions show that she is willing to ignore the evidence she sees and just go with her own ideas.

And you know, Copper may be a bent FBI agent, but I don’t know that I would call him strictly dirty. I think that if you look at what he does, you see that he gets justice more often than the law would. Of course, that justice may be not be all that nice, but it works. Of course, he is doing illegal things and helping to cover up his brother’s crimes, so, you know, there’s that. I do think that he is the only one who could’ve handled Stormy. She would’ve really run over anyone else, or ended up dead without anyone trying to find out what she knows.

I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

Oh Dragon. Oh man. That story killed me.

OK, that’s all for this one, go check it out! Happy reading!

Kay Elle Parker-Black Light: Branded

Kay Elle has carried over a story from the latest Black Light Roulette in Branded. We first met Ava and Master Finnegan back in February, where, among other things, Ava ended up getting fisted. Now, we get the rest of the story. (and yes, I hear Paul Harvey’s voice in my head when I say that. And yes, I know I just totally dated myself, so what, I’m old.)

I don’t normally give content warnings, but I will on this one. There is a lot of talk about cutting and self-harm. If this is something that you have had issues with, please take that under consideration. Read safely and responsibly.

At the end of their night at Black Light East, Finn takes Ava back to his hotel. His plan is for them to spend several hours together, talking, eating, getting to know each other, before he had to fly back out to Montana and back to his ranch. Well, that’s not precisely what happened. Well, they got to know each other much better, Biblically, at least. Bow chicka, bow wow. Finn tells Ava that he really wants her to come to his ranch with him, but he’ll be back in 2 weeks to get her, if she wants to come with him. He wants to make sure that she’s spent plenty of time thinking her decision over.

Fast forward a few weeks, and Ava is now in Montana, learning how to be a rancher. Finn’s ranch is huge, 80k acres, 20k head of cattle, all kind of things going on. She promised him that she would stay within sight of the house, keep her phone with her, and stay out of the pastures unless she has someone with her. Right now, she’s sitting in her favorite spot, where she should be enjoying the beautiful scenery, but her brain is busy. You see, Ava had a very… difficult childhood. Now, she has her father in her brain all the time, and when she is scared, worried, stressed, things seem to be going wrong, so on and so forth, she hears his voice saying horrible things. The only thing that has made her survive that is that she cuts. She promised Finn that she would try to not cut, but right now the voices are so, so, so, so loud that she just jumps on her horse and takes off.

Meanwhile, Finn is trying to run his mega huge ranch and be Ava’s significant other and be her Dom, and try to make his life work the way that he wants it to. It’s his busy season too, all the cows are calfing, which means he needs to be on top of things. Then he calls Ava to see if she got his message about dinner and an early bedtime. When she doesn’t answer, he starts to worry. When she still doesn’t answer, he has to go figure out where she is, and well, things don’t go well.

OK, I like Ava. I’ve been Ava. I am a recovering cutter, and I can really relate to her when she wants to cut and the fight to not do it. I think that Ava does really well at fighting things off as long as she does. She has a lovely heart and she really cares a lot about Finn, the ranch, the horses, and the cows. She wants to be better. There’s one scene, with a baby cow, that I’m just so impressed with her strength and fierceness. It shows that she’s not weak, even if her brain tells her that she is. Here’s the thing about mental illness, it lies. It wiggles into your brain and finds the cracks and lies to you. Lies. LIES. But the lies sound so convincing. It’s hard to beat them.

I like Finn. He’s a really stand up guy. He wants to do the best by all the people in his life and he wants to make sure that all the animals on his ranch are cared for. He does really well with Ava and trying to figure out what he can do to help her. I really like that he realises that he can’t handle everything on his own and that he needs to do some things differently.

I want to give Kay major props for handling the self-harm issues in this book the way that she does. She doesn’t glamorise it or make it look cool. It’s not an easy line to walk, and she did it so well.

UGH on Thomas. Kill him by fire. I thought that he might’ve had inside help from someone else, but I guess not.

Lulu is super cute.

OK, that’s all for this one! Go read it! Happy reading!

Livia Grant-Balancing It All

We’re at the 4th book in the Punishment Pit books with Balancing It All. We’re in the back 9, and we’re building up to all kinds of interesting things. I can’t wait until we get to those things. Again, remember, these books are cliffhangers and when I talk about the book it will spoil the previous book. If you are waiting for all the books to come out to read them, you might want to skip this post and wait for the books to come out. Livia is getting them out quickly, so you won’t have a long wait.

So, we have Tiffany and Lukus starting a relationship and Markus and Briana putting their relationship back together. I’m going to put Markus and Bri on hold for a little bit, and talk about Tiff and Lukus, mostly because we focus more on them in this book.

Tiffany has spent all her dating life up until now in vanilla relationships, and while she has kinky fantasies, she’s been dealing with Jake’s shit for as long as Bri has. Not that Jake hurt her, he just mindfucked her, and not, you know, in a fun way. So, now trying to come up with some kind of D/s relationship with Lukus isn’t easy. She’s slightly scared about everything, and while she’s willing to trust Lukus, she has issues with doing things like looking at contracts.

Then we have Lukus, who has spent his dating life in kinky relationships. Well, being kinky. He’s the Master’s Master, and doesn’t do relationships, and boy howdy, is it obvious. He has his issues, mostly with the fact that he’s dealing with a total newbie, who for all her reading and fantasies, has never been in a real D/s relationship, and up until now, the closest she’s come to it is being a witness to Jake abusing Briana.

Neither one of them are really having it easy here. Tiffany is trying to deal with her brain saying one thing, her heart saying something else, and her body saying a complete third thing. Her heart and her body want to team up, but her brain isn’t quite onboard. Her brain is mostly there, but she overthinks and fights with herself. She’s at the point where she’s finding out what she likes, but there’s a part of her brain that tells her that she’s a freak for liking it. It’s a hard place for her to be. And that makes her feel kind of insecure, I think too. I don’t think it’s a purposeful kind of thing, but there’s something that niggles at her.

Lukus is having his issues with being in a relationship too. Like he’s trying to figure out how to turn off his entire Domly persona. His Dom-ness sometimes wants to be in charge of EVERYTHING, but that’s not the kind of relationship he’s in with Tiffany, and that’s not who Tiffany is, and that’s not what he wants. But it’s his default, so when things go wrong, that’s where he goes. There is one point where it made me really mad at him, because he was jumping when he shouldn’t have. Thank goodness for Derek.

OK, nothing under the again, but I do have one point. There are some piercings that take place in this, and the piercer uses a piercing gun, which wouldn’t happen. Piercing guns tend to cause more trauma to the area than using needles. That’s not a dealbreaker for the book, it’s just a point that I wanted to say something about, as a person who has multiple piercings, including some in interesting places.

Go check the book out! Happy reading!

Kitty Thomas-The Proposal

Kitty has been very productive this year and has given us another new book, yay! The Proposal is an MMMf story. It’s not quite as dark as some of Kitty’s other books, but The Proposal is still very definitely a very kinky Kitty story.

We start with Livia. She’s tired of spending a lot of time with men who aren’t going to commit. She feels like it’s a waste of her time. She really wants to be married, so she’s decided that she’s going to date more like a man. She is going to keep a roster of men that she’s dating. Livia lets each of them know that they aren’t exclusive, they aren’t having sex, if the men want to go out and date other women or even have sex with them, they are welcome to. She plans on maintaining her roster of men until she connects with one, falls in love with him, and then he commits to her. And it seems to be going well, right up until the second that it’s not.

Livia’s current roster of men are Gavin, Dayne, and Soren. What she doesn’t know is that they guys are good friends. VERY good friends. They all went to college together and rushed a frat together, and, well, things happened. They like to share a woman in between them, but they also like to fuck and suck each other. When Gavin and Soren find out that they are both dating the same woman, they call in Dayne to help them out. And, oh yeah, start dating her too. Then, on one fateful night, they give Livia a proposal. She is going to marry one of them, but belong to all of them.

The book is from the POV of all 4 of them, so we get a pretty good feel for everyone. We’re in Livia’s head the most, out of all of them, I think, but I think that’s how it should be. I have to say that I think Livia’s dating plan is actually a smart way for her to handle it. She knows herself, she knows that she overattaches, she has set up boundaries that work for her. I have mad respect for her and for her decisions there. She’s not playing any games with anyone and she has a goal that she is working on meeting. So, good for her.

I do like Livia. Like I said, I like her dating plan. I do think that she’s slightly naive at times though, maybe just a weee bit innocent for her plans, if that makes sense. I don’t see her as a gold digger, because she isn’t going out there trying to get guys to pay all kinds of huge money for her, but she’s also not going to turn it down if they take her on their private jet to a fancy restaurant or if they slide their black card over to the cashier to pay for all her purchases. I think that she has a lot of self-discipline to keep her life the way that she has it

Now, when I was reading the book, there was just something that kept tickling at the back of my mind and bothered me a little bit. I love me a good bad hero, and one of my favorite Kitty men is Brian, who is, well, he’s Brian and more than just a little fucked up. I mean, I think that the Marquis de Sade might would look at Brian and say dude, maybe sadism should be named after you. And that’s just the beginning of the issues with Brian. And I love Brian. OTOH, I hate Lyndsey, from the same set of books. Like, I would happily bury him alive with a camera to watch him die. You’re probably asking what that has to do with this book and whatever kept tickling me about this book. It was while I was talking to my husband that I figured it out. I’ve put Soren in the Lyndsey class and not in the Brian class. (I talk to my husband about most of the books I read, especially when I’m trying to work things out. It helps a lot) I don’t like Soren. I don’t hate him as much as I hate Lyndsey, but I really don’t like him. There’s just something about him that puts my nose out of joint. And here’s the thing, that’s perfectly OK and awesome. He evokes strong feelings in me, and that’s the goal, right?

I like Griffin and Dayne a lot more. And honestly, I can’t tell you exactly why I like them and I don’t like Soren, but there it is. I think part of it may be that Soren has to be so very obviously the one in control. I think that he is so invested in being seen as the one in control that he might actually have less than he thinks he does. I dunno.

I loved the book. I love how Kitty wrote it and how we get to see POVs from all the guys. There is some time jumping, but I think that Kitty does it really well.

Nothing under the pic today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Lili Zander & Lee Savino-Draekon Warlord

It’s been a while since Lee and Lili gave us a new Drakeon book, but here we are with Draekon Warlord. We’re with Fifth of the Crimson Force and his story, along with Naomi, one of the human women he saved.

So, Naomi was tortured by the Zorhan scientists. She has some serious PTSD issues. Fifth, Danek, saved her. He killed the scientists and sat with Naomi while she was healing. He’s been there for her. Naomi has been very glad of that. But at 61 days after being rescued, she’s still stuck where she’s at. She leaves her apartment to go to therapy, to go running, and that’s it. On the day that she decides that 61 days has been too long, she leaves her apartment, and as she’s walking down the hall, she hears Danek being asked to do a mission. She walks into his apartment, and somehow ends up as part of the mission. It’s not easy though, especially as there is an alert one night before they have to leave and the sirens and the scientist coming to make sure that she evacuates trigger a massive PTSD event. She worries that she’s a liability, especially since Danek seems to think that she’s too weak and a liability and that she’s going to cause the mission to fail.

Meanwhile, we have Danek. He knows that Naomi is his mate, and it’s not that he thinks she’s too weak. It’s that she’s his mate and he doesn’t want to put her in danger. He does worry about how well she can cope, but that’s because he saw where she was when he rescued her, and that kind of got stuck in his head. Because he’s so protective, it’s easy for him to do that, so when he gets tricked into taking her on his mission, he does actually tell her that he thinks that she can’t do it. Which of course, Naomi doesn’t take very well.

The resilience that Naomi shows is amazing. It isn’t easy to handle trauma of any sort, and her was on the more severe end, and the fact that she was able to come through as well as she did just shows how strong she is. (Note, I am not saying anyone who has issues coming through with their trauma or deals with it differently is weak, because that is so far from the truth.) I think that she will probably always have to deal with certain triggers, because that’s the way that PTSD and healing from trauma works. I like the fact that she knows that she can handle it and that she will be ready for her life. I really respect that. I was so happy to see her happiness, humor, and her sassiness come out.

Danek has a huge streak of guilt, and I understand why he does. I think that adds some to his overprotectiveness when it comes to Naomi. And of course, seeing her the way that she was when he rescued her doesn’t help. He’s always going to go to the fear place for her. I think that things she did in this one will help him handle it better.

OK, that’s all for this one. No spoilers today. Go check it out!

Alta Hensley & Stasia Black-Elegant Sins

Elegant Sins is the first book in a new series by Alta and Stasia. It’s all about a generations old secret society in the Deep South, involving blue blooded Southeren gentlemen who have that old school charm bred into their bones and dripping out of them like honey.

We start out with Grace. She’s a waitress in a diner in a dead end town. She’s busting her ass because she wants to be more than that. She doesn’t have much money, so she’s going to business school one free class at a time. (I totally think that this is awesome and there are so many great free classes offered online.) Grace has a goal, and she’s going to do everything she can to make it. Then she gets a notification that something is happening with her credit. Turns out her boyfriend has dumped her, stolen her money, stolen her ID, and ruining her credit all at once. Then, on what is the very worst day of her life thus far, she gets an invitation. She’s been invited to be a belle at the Order of the Silver Ghost, based in Oleander Mansion.

Montgomery Kingston has just turned 25. That means that it’s his time to be initiated into the Order. As soon as he finishes his 109 day long initionation, he’ll be able to take over the family business and get rid of his dad. But first, he has to find his belle, use her, and break her. You see, the belles aren’t the girls you take home to dear maman and marry. They’re the ones that you fuck in front of a bunch of other guys, and keep as your mistresses. For his inititation, he’ll have to choose one of the 20 beautiful women paraded in front of him, stay in a room with her for 109 days, and do whatever the Invitations tell them to. He looks at all the beautiful women lined up for him, and he sees Grace. He doesn’t know her name yet, but there is just something about her. She is dignified and regal, even though she has no fucking clue what is about to happen.

Did you know that Oleander, while very pretty, is incredibly poisonous? Pretty much every part of this plant, from the stems to the petals, will kill you. Even brushing up against the leaves of the plant can cause you to have some skin irritation. I think that fact makes it a perfect name for the home base of the Order. They are toxic and poisonous, and there is definitely something rotten under all the pretty trappings.

Grace is a very appealing character, at least to me. I really enjoyed her strength, courage, and determination. She had a goal in mind and she was going to do everything she could to meet that goal. It takes a lot of work, drive, and discipline in order to do everything she did for herself to meet her goal, even before she fell into the clutches of the Order. I have tremendous respect for her. Plus, when you add in her smarts and knowledge to all the other good things, you really see how she could be an asset to anyone at any point.

Montgomery, what a mouthful of a name, not that Monty fits him, really is torn in two at some points, I think. I really like his mother and the advice that she gives him before he goes to the mansion. I can really see her influence on him and on a lot of his actions. There are aspects of his father in him too, at least sort of. M does have some dark aspects to him, but really which of us doesn’t? I think that he fights himself sometimes, trying to figure out what parts of him he wants, doesn’t want, likes, doesn’t like, etc.

There are a lot of scenes in this one that really knocked me out, but I think the one that really affected me involved satin, canes, and 10 minutes and 9 seconds. And I hate M’s dad.

OK, that’s all there is to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Chiah Wilder-Smokey’s Distraction

This is the 15th book in the Insurgent’s MC series. While the books are connected, and have a loose ongoing story, you can read the books as standalones. You don’t really miss much if you haven’t read the other 14 books before you read Smokey’s Distraction. Of course, I’m not going to discourage anyone from reading any book, and this is a series that I do enjoy.

So, we have Ashley. She’s a marketing expert and is very good at her job. She’s basically married to her job and she really wants to make partner at the firm she’s working with. She gets a call to let her know that her former boss is out of jail. Which wouldn’t normally be a problem, but she helped put his theiving ass in jail, and he swore that he would get her. When her current boss asks her to go to a different town to work on a marketing plan for a friend of his, she initially wasn’t going to go, until she looked out the window and saw someone staring at her office. She’s all for leaving then, and off she goes.

Smokey walks into a bar to hear a localish band and he sees a beautiful woman who tells him her name is Marie. He’s a huge player, and tries coming on to her, but she keeps turning him down, no matter what he does. He even walks her out to her car, and she turns him down. Again. So, imagine his surprise when he turns up at his construction company to meet with the all business, no nonsense expert his friend sent him and it’s “Marie”, who turns out to be Ashley. He is excited to meet her again, and he really wants to get to know her better, but she is trying to keep it all business.

I think that Ashley is smart, but I think that she has a bit of a small naive streak. Or maybe it’s just that I have a huge cyincal streak. I just think that she seemed surprised by some things that I wouldn’t have been. I also think that she’s really jumpy, which I think is an appropriate behavior under all circumstances. I do wonder how much she thought that Smokey’s attraction to her was just because she said no. It would’ve been a through that went through my head.

Smokey is an OK guy. He is a horn dog, but I never hold that against anyone, I don’t slut shame anyone. As long as it’s consensual, go forth and fuck. But, I can see why Ashley doesn’t want to immediately get involved with him, because, well, player. Her first glimpse of him he’s with other women, so that really colors her initial view of him. I do think that he coddles his brother overly much. I get feeling guilty and responsible for a younger sib, but at some point, you have to let them fall on their face on their own. Maybe it’s that I am older than Smokey’s character and I’ve been around the block a few more times and I’ve got a different perspective.

I do think that the brother storyline wasn’t really necessary, and I wouldn’t have really missed it if it were gone.

No spoilers today. Go check it out!

Sara Fields-Thirst

Once upon a time, Sara wrote a story that went into a vampire anthology. Once she got the rights back, she took that story and reworked it and turned it into Thirst. This was a totally obscene, incredibly filthy, so fucking dirty story. And I hnestsly don’t think that I described how dirty it was appropriately. I mean, take how filthy you think it might be and then multiply it by 10,000, and you might get it right.

We start with Ruby. Ruby has been trained for pretty much her entire life to be a demon hunter. She kills vampires, demons, and all manner of evil. She’s good at it and she takes great pride in being good at her work. She manages to get rid of all the various evil things she runs into until one night, when she runs into something she can’t kill. Turns out that it’s a demon who has been possessed by Cain. Yes, that Cain. The first vampire. And then it gets worse. Cain decides that he’s going to possess her. In, you know, a very different sense.

Turns out that Ruby bears the Mark of Cain, making her the one person in the world who is his perfect match. She is, quite literally, made for him. Once he finds that out, he makes some choices, including spanking her. A lot.

I like Ruby. She’s a little scary sometimes. She’s also a lot strong, both mentally and physically, except for maybe when it comes to Cain, but she’s going to do everything she can to fight him and deal with that. She’s stubborn. She’s determined, and I can respect the hell out of all those things. I think that she has a very black and white view of the world in the beginning, and the world is more like endless shades of grey. It may be because she was raised as a hunter and to fight evil. It’s hard to get past that, I think. It would take a major world shift to stop seeing everything in those stark blacks and whites.

Cain is a very interesting character. I am almost neutral on him, if that makes sense. I neither like or dislike him. I am interested in him and I think that there is a lot more to him than we see or learn. The entire story is in Ruby’s head, so we never really get to know Cain in the same way that we do her. All of our interpretations and opinions of Cain are focused through Ruby and her interactions, thoughts, and feelings about him, so they are very subjective. I don’t think that I would care for it in most books, but I think that it works really well here, and it really lets us see Ruby’s journey through the entire book.

The full info about the sacrifice, wow.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Celeste Jones-Their Blushing Bride

Celeste has decided that she’s going to join the save a horse, ride a cowboy (or 2) movement and join in the Bridgewater Brides world with Their Blushing Bride. You know me, I’m always up for a good menage, so the Bridgewater world is perfect for me. The only thing that would make anything better is if one f the books was MMF instead of just MFM. Don’t get me wrong, I like MFM just fine, and I’ll read it every day of the week and twice on Sundays, but there’s just something about MMF that’s just really attractive to me. But, that’s neither here nor there, so let’s talk about this one.

Miss Lily Snow is minding her own buisness in Butte Montana, walking along the street with a pair of children, when the wind steals her hat away from her. Two super hot, gorgeous cowboys rescue her hat and give it back to her. She barely has a moment to talk to them before the children catch up to her, and so does their father.

Rye and Keane are childhood best friends. Rye, being the 3rd son of a lord, spent his years doing all that British nobility stuff. Keane became a soldier and went to Mohamir and then to Montana. He wrote his BFF Rye to come out to Montana and told him all about the Bridgewater marriage plan. So, off they are to Butte, to find their bride. Which they do, when an errant blast of wind knocks her hat off her head and right into their path. Of course, they figure that she’s married, because she’s with two kids and a man comes up and joins them as she and the kids are walking away. They were only able to talk to her long enough to find out her name, Lily Snow, and they think that their chance with her is gone forever.

I think that Lily is a lot bolder than you might expect a woman in that particular era to be. You tend to think about late Victorian women to be uber proper and all prim. Well, Lily is not that. That’s not to say that she’s just all free and bold all over the place, it’s just more that she doesn’t let things really inhibit her. At least, that’s what I think. It also appears that she has a really sweet, good heart, and is one who just seems to be friendly with everyone. I wish we got to know more about her, but the book is pretty short, and a quick read, so we don’t get to know her or the guys as much as we might otherwise.

Rye and Keane both seem to be honorable men. They definitely want to make sure that ladies in distress don’t stay in distress any longer than neceessary, as is obvious by the fact that they rescue her hat for her. They are both sweet too, they may have some alpha male tendencies, but they really seem to very sweet on top of that. I like both of them.

No spoilers today, because it’s a really quick and easy read with just enough sass, steam, and sweet. Go check it out!