Britney King-Savage Row

Oh, holy fuck guys. This book was infuckingtense. I mean, it left me on the edge of my seat and damn. Savage Row was the first one of Britney King’s books I’ve read, but it won’t be the last. (Check my GR review here) I want to be careful about what to put here, because it’s a psychological thriller.

Here’s the basics though. Back in the day, Amy was a juror in a trial for Jack Mooney. He neded up getting sent to prison for 20 years. Sadly, he got out early, and he’s now shown up in Amy’s town, targeting her, her husband, and their two girls. Amy is left trying to figure out what to do and what is going on.

Like I said, this is intense and it is a thriller. It left me on the edge of my seat. I didn’t want to put it down, and I did need to know what is coming next. There are a lot of moving parts in here, and sometimes the parts would get sneaky and come up behind me and remind me that they were there. And for all the moving parts, it was a smooth read, it could be easy to get lost with everything that was going on, and Britney kept everything moving and clear quite well.

That’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Natalie Bennett-The Dahlia Saga 1 & 2: Malice & Obscene

Malice and Obscene are both rereleases of previous books. The original books were both duets, and are now consolidated. It’s been a while since I read the original books, so there may be some additional material, but I’m not sure. Malice (which was almost released as Macabre) was the Mercy books, and Obscene was the Obscene duet. Anyway, Natalie finally got Amazon to agree to release the books out of review and now we can read them.

Malice is the story of Julian and Morganna. Julian’s family is really rich, and basically owns the town. They also own the Chateau Dahlia. That’s not really talked about in town, and those who do know what happens at the Dahlia don’t talk about it. They enjoy what happens, and more importantly, they value their lives. Julian’s family would do terrible, terrible things to anyone who had loose lips. And they would probably take them to the Dahlia to do it. Anyway, Julian is about to take over the Dahlia, but he needs an heir. He’s become fixated on Morganna.

Morganna is a broken young woman who happens to live in town. She used to be better before her sister disappeared, but since then, she’s been very, very broken. And then Julian walks into her life, and starts to court her. Well, courting is just such an interesting word. Then she wakes up in Julian’s bed and finds out they are about to get married.

Neither Julian or Morganna are in the realm of sane. They aren’t even next door neighbors to sanity. I don’t think they are even in the same zip code. But even as they are removed from sanity, their respective crazinesses are far removed from each other too. I almost want to say that they have a folie a deux going on, but I don’t think that’s quite right.

Julian has a missing piece inside. I don’t know if it’s a soul, a heart, or what, but there’s definitely something not there. I think Morganna had that piece at some point, but it got pounded out of her. Like with other Dahlia books I’ve reviewed here, I have to wonder, at least when it comes to Julian, is how much comes down to nature vs. nurture. I find that whole argument to be really interesting, and it’s a hard one to come up with truly objective evidence on, because, well, it’s extremely unethical and seriously illegal to do that kind of research. But I have to wonder if Julian would be the kind of person he is if he was raised in any other way.

Malice is one of those books that as I’m reading and enjoying it, I’m slightly worried about what it says about me. There are places where it’s pretty uncomfortable, definitely disturbing, and dark AF. But, I still enjoyed the story.


Obscene is the story of Mason and Katie.

Mason is another member of the family that owns and runs the Dahlia. He’s now of age to find a wife, and he’s set on Katie. He’s been set on Katie for many years, and has been watching her. I mean, seriously, like cameras in her bedroom kind of watching her. Katie has been totally oblivious to his observation, and goes about her life, working as a waitress at a diner, trying to stay away from her overbearing mother, and trying to just get through her life. Then she wakes up in Julian’s bed. Seems like a pattern, doesn’t it?

Mason is closer to sane than Julian is. And honestly, I can’t tell you the reason why. He too grew up around the Chateau Dahlia. And he also does terrible things. And I do mean terrible. But he just seems much more in touch with that part of his psyche that could be considered sane, at least in my opinion.

Katie is fractured, but I don’t think she’s a broken as Morganna started out. Or maybe she’s more and she manages to handle what’s happening better and is able to be put back together in a new way better. Plus, Mason does things a lot differently than Julian does, which would explain why there are differences between Morganna and Katie.

I would put Obscene in the dark romance category because there is love in there. I wouldn’t put Malice in there, because I think of it more as a psychological kind of thing more than a romance kind of thing. This is just how I would classify it in my head, and isn’t binding on anyone else or how they might classify or think about the books. I think it’s up to you to decide how you feel about them after you read them.

Do be aware that these books are dark and fucked up. There are some serious mindfucks going on in here, because, well, Natalie Bennett. There are mentions of suicide attempts and cutting, so if that is something that would trigger you, be aware of it. Please read responsibly.

There is no spoiler section on this one, and I have tried really, really hard to not spoil anything here. That’s all I have to say about these books. If you like the dark, check them out. I don’t know whether to wish you happy reading or not. Here, have a picture of a pretty flower.


VF Mason-Psychopath’s Prey

VF Mason wrote a complete and utter mindfuck in Psychopath’s Prey. I mean, it’s such a mindfuck, I’m not sure how many times I can put mindfuck down as a description. It was an awesome book. I loved it, every single word of it. I’m going to have to read it again.

So, I’m not going to talk too much about this story, because I don’t want to spoil anything, and really, there are so many things that could possibly be spoiled.

Ella, at 17, walks back into her house after being out with her friends, gets in the shower, goes down to get a snack, and walks into her parents’ dead bodies, but there’s no sign of her little sister. She calls the cops and they eventually find her sister. Sadly, Ella is the only member of her family left alive. She goes to stay with one of her good friends to finish out high school. Eventually, she finds out her family was killed by a serial killer.

Ella has a plan. She’s going to go into criminal psychology and work for the FBI’s BAU. She wants to work with them and catch serial killers and keep them from destroying families the way that hers was. Everyone tells her that she shouldn’t do it, including the dean at her college. She goes to the police academy and she constantly gets turned down by the FBI. Finally, it turns out that she manages to catch a killer, and is contacted by the BAU to join them.

On her very first day of work, they get a call out to a body dump of a serial killer. Turns out there were two dead bodies there.

OK, that’s as far as I’m going in this one now. I will tell you that we have two POVs in this book, we have Ella and we have Psychopath’s. We have no clue who Psychopath is. VF gives us all kinds of suggestions, and each and every one of them is contradictory. I would think I had the identity of who Psychopath was, VF would throw in something else and I had to start all over again. It was totally awesome. There are some triggery things that happen in this book, and if you aren’t a dark fan, this is probably one you should definitely avoid.


This really was a helluva book. It took me for a ride and I had to go read something else altogether after this because it just fucked with my mind so much. It was just that good, really.

So, go check this out, if you like dark and mindfuck-y. Happy reading!

B. B. Blaque-I’m Sawree

I’m Sawree is B. B. Blaque’s latest release. Unlike some other reviews I’ve written, I am refusing to tell you anything about events or plot of the actual book. All I’m going to do here is post the blurb, including the warning.

WARNING: Graphic adult content that may be very disturbing to some readers. May contain triggers, proceed at your own risk. This book is extremely dark, please take this warning under advisement before deciding to read.

★NO HEA OR HFN . . . Happily never after maybe

★★•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)

I’m Sawree Reese and one day I happened to find the mutilated bodies of nine people—crazy right? Shit like that changes you into something you never imagined and we all cope in different ways—mine is art


Gruesome art

When that doesn’t work I turn to the most evil and sadistic man I’ve ever known—Master Sterling

He has ways of helping me exorcise the demons that are totally heinous, but they work . . . until they don’t


I’m STERLING—I’m the closest thing to a demon you’ll ever find in a man

I have a vested interest in Sawree Reese that goes well beyond the atrocities I relish in my dungeon.

Some fear me . . . others respect me . . . and those who choose to deny my existence will ultimately pay the price

Sometimes you know the game . . . Sometimes you know the players . . . Then there are times when everything you thought you knew is thrown out the window

Ha, great blurb and warning, right? And trust me, believe the warning. If you don’t like dark, this is most definitely not the right book for you, and B. B. may not be the right author for you. Trust and believe. She writes some of the darkest stuff I’ve read, and considering what I’ve read and reviewed on this blog, what does that tell you. In fact, check out my review of one of her other books here. Whenever I redo my Top Ten darkest and most fucked up books, B. B. will make at least one appearance on the list.

All I’m really going to tell you about this book is that I wanted to know what the fuck she had just done to me. I cried. It spent days and days and days in my head. I had to read light and fluffy afterward because I would likely have run screaming into the night if I hadn’t. And it would’ve been into the night since it was like 11 pm when I finished. It took a couple of days before I could turn back to anything dark and intense.

If you read my blog, you know that this is usually the time I give you the choice to either keep reading and risk spoilers or stop where you are and get none. I’m not giving you the choice today. There is absolutely no spoiler section. None. There isn’t going to be. If you read Sawree and want to talk about it, message me privately. I won’t approve any comments about this book. How about a picture of a fluffy kitty to make it up to you? Everyone likes fluffy kitties.



Black-and-white and chocolate cute fluffy kittens



Did you come down here just to see if there were spoilers? I told you there weren’t. Now go buy the book and read it, then revel in the awesome darkness that is B. B. Blaque.

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