Alta Hensley & Maggie Ryan-Prima

Before I get started, I am going to fully admit that I am totally biased toward the heroine of Maggie and Alta’s new book, Prima. Not that I’ve ever been a ballerina or anything, even though I kinda wanted to be, back in the day. I have too many left feet and I am quite literally the person who trips over air. So, let’s talk about this one, shall we?

Clara was a prima ballerina. She was one of the world’s top ballerinas, but she walked away from it. She was melting down, drinking, drugging, and screwing a member of the Bratva. When the ballerina she is the understudy for gets hurt, and not just hurt, but has her legs pretty much destroyed, the dance world turns against Clara, prompting her to walk away, go to rehab, and move in with her babushka. Now, a few years later, she teaches a few children in her garage, takes care of her grandmother, who was a dancer herself, back in the day, but now has a severe case of arthritis. It’s not the life of a prima ballerina, but overall, Clara is happy. Ish.

That is, until the day that Alek Volkov pulls into her driveway and tells her that he and his brother Yuri are now running their mother’s ballet company there in Chicago. And not only are they now running it, they want her to come dance for them. Alek challenges her by saying things like maybe there are some younger ballerinas who could dance circles around her. Alek really wants her to show up. He knows some of her backstory, but not all of it. He just knows that they need a star to make sure that their ballet company continues to be successful. Plus, his brother Yuri is an amazing choreographer, and he needs to have someone who will do his steps justice. So, when Clara shows up, he’s so happy, and he gives her a contract. Having her being a ballerina for their company is great, but now they have to deal with the attraction in between the two of them.

I like Clara, and not just because we have the same name, lol. She has guts, determination, strength, and a lot of love. She has very good reasons for having done the things that she did in her past. I understand why she did them, even as they hurt her badly. I also understand why she didn’t really want to go back at first too, especially as we find out more about her past and her reasoning. I love her passion and her drive when it comes to the ballet, and her devotion when it comes to her babka.

And speaking of Olga, she’s just a wonderful lady. I fell a lot in love with her, and it’s no surprise that Yuri and Alek were willing to do anything she asked. There’s just so much charisma there.

Alek is intense. Intense good, I think, but there is definitely intensity there. And I think it’s a good thing, because he needs to be, especially when it comes to Yuri, who is a diva. If he doesn’t stand up to Yuri, and with the same level of intense, then I think that Yuri would just go completely off the rails. He is also a deeply caring person. Alek wants to take care of his whole company, not just Clara, although he has special pants feelings for her. He’s also very strong. I think that he’s had to be in his life, and he uses it quite well as an adult.

OK, that’s all there is for this one. There isn’t anything under the picture again today. Go check this one out. Happy reading!

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