EJ Frost-Daddy PI

EJ has a new book out, called Daddy PI. It’s obviously a DD/lg book, but that’s not all there is to it. There’s a deeper story that’s going on together with the romance part.

So, Logan is a PI. He’s been hired by a cruise line that runs BDSM speciality cruises. One of their former passengers died the evening after he got home from his cruise. The insurance company and cruise line want him to find out what’s happened, especially since there are other passengers who were on that trip who are now ill. The guy’s widow is sure that he didn’t die of food poisoning, and she’s very angry. I don’t blame her, I would probably be angry if I were her too. Anyhow, Logan is going to do everything he can to find out exactly what happened to her husband and what caused him to die.

But, he’s not doing it alone. He’s on his brand new subbie girl, Emily. She’s coming out to go on a cruise with him. She’s going to be his cover so that he can do some further investigation on the cruise ship and talk to the crew and staff, theoretically without being outed as an investigator. And hey, it’s two weeks on a BDSM cruise, and he’s a Domly type with a brand new subbie type. It’s a 2fer.

Emily is such a sweet woman. She’s a Little, and I think that she’s little most of the time, really. She’s very excited and excitable. She’s just enthusiastic about pretty much everything, and she’s pretty much willing to try most things. She does have some landmines, and Logan does trip over a couple, which causes some problems. And while I do think that she’s little most of the time, when she’s adult, she’s very smart and she manages to figure out a lot of things that end up helping Logan solve his issues.

I have to admit that I didn’t particularly care for Logan a lot of the time. There are many things that he does that I just outright don’t like, and they made me mad when he did those things or said those things. It took me a minute to deal with him. Now, I don’t have to like a main character all the time, as long as there is a character that I like and/or a story that I can get a hold of and enjoy, and both of those things are here. I can get a hold of the story and Emily. All that being said, there are times when I thought that he did some things really, really well.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing the next book, because there were some things that I didn’t get answered in this one that I want to see if they get answered in the next one.


I wanna know what’s up with Miranda, the bitch.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Hank Edwards & Deanna Wadsworth-Murder Most Lovely

Murder Most Lovely by Hank Edwards and Deanna Wadsworth is what happens when you replace Jessica Fletcher with a gay mortician/coroner, move from Maine to Michigan, and introduce a cat named Mr. Pickles Furryton. And we can’t forget Michael’s grandfather, the aging womanizing former mortician and coroner who loves him some manhattans while trying to peek at murder scenes.

I have to say, right off, that I definitely enjoyed this more than I ever loved any Murder, She Wrote episode. Jessica Fletcher was always a little too wholesome for me. OTOH, there is much less wholesomeness in this story, but a whole lot more wacky ridiculousness.

Michael loves mysteries. He has a favorite author, Russell Withingham, who writes the Brock Hammer books. And it’s just Michael’s luck that the literary festival in his little town just happened to be able to get him in for a signing. So, on the rainy morning that was the first day of the festival, Michael grabs his umbrella and the first 10 books in the series, and stands in line to get them signed. While he’s waiting, he nearly pokes the eye out of the gorgeous man behind him, who then offers to hold the umbrella for him.

Gorgeous man’s name is Jazz Dilworth, which Michael thinks sounds like a name straight out of a Brock Hammer book, and he’s a stylist at the local beauty parlor. And oh yeah, he’s Russell’s ex-husband, and it wasn’t a pretty divorce, as evidenced by the huge fight that Jazz and Russell get into.

Russell really is a douchebag of douchebaggian proportions. I think that Jazz is well shut of him. I mean, seriously. He had a habit of sticking his dick into just about any hole he could, as often as he could, whether or not he was married. It’s just obvious as the story goes on how pathetic he is.

I love the chemistry between Jazz and Michael from the very second that they start talking to each other. They are so sweet and wonderful together. It’s a medium burn story, which works really well for these two. We really get to watch them build their relationship and friendship up, and we definitely get to see how much Jazz cares for Michael, and how he’s willing to take care of him when necessary.

Russell’s PR man Norbert was an asshat and just a creepy mccreeperson from the very start. I never liked him, and then I ended up liking him less, if that’s at all possible. Well, it must be, because that’s what happened.

I really enjoyed this one, if you can’t tell. Mysteries are one of my fallbacks, so this one was perfect. I’m really hoping that this is the first in an ongoing series starring Jazz and Michael. The book says that it’s Case One, so I’m really hoping that they stay the main focus of each book, along with their friends, who are all fun.


The drug dealer angle seemed a little weird to me. It seemed almost like a tacked on aspect. I mean, I liked how the way that the overall mystery worked, but I think that the chapter that was from the POV of the dealers was just totally random.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go read it and enjoy yourself. Happy reading!

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