May Archer & Lucy Lennox- Liars

May is the one who introduced me to Lucy, and am I ever glad! Liars is the second book in a co-written series by these ladies called Licking Thicket. And yes, there is every single double entendre that you can possibly think of. And more. I highly recommend reading the first one, Fakers, even though the books don’t have to be read in order. But it’s just funny as fuck, especially since it concerns a festival with Lickin’ in the name.

Parrish has decided that he’s going to run his uncle’s new restaurant in Licking Thicket. He needs to get out of Memphis, and Licking Thicket is just what the doctor ordered. He is predictable, steady, dependable, and you can set your watch by him. Parrish always goes to work, and he works very hard. Even if he doesn’t necessarily need to be there. He’ss very dedicated. One day, he’s in the court house when he runs into a gorgeous man who is struggling with a young baby girl, who then pukes all over the guy. Parrish helps him out, and kinda tells him off in the bathroom too, and then finds out that the guy is there for a custody battle.

Diesel is at a loss. His sister died and left him as the guardian of her beautiful baby girl. He knows less than nothing about babies, but he knows that he loves this precious baby girl. He has to go to court because the rich family who adopted his sister are trying to take custody, and he isn’t going to let that happen. But, he’s not rich. He owns a salvage yard, and he found his attorney on the back of a bathroom door. So far, though, the judge appears to be on his side. But Diesel’s attorney tells him that there are a lot of things that would help him win his case, including being in a steady relationship. Up comes Parrish with an apology casserole and Diesel introduces him as his fiance.

This is really ridiculously funny. There are all kinds of jokes, double entendres, funny situations, and even a really bad first date with lots of talk about fishing. There are also fake fiances, apology baby baskets, and well-meaning friends. And chickens. Lots and lots of chickens.

Both of these guys have hard spots in their history that make it hard for them to want to help or trust someone, but they aren’t broken by those things, just a little bent around the edges. They are both truly loving, caring men who want to help others and to make sure that a beautiful little girl stays with the people who love her most and who are going to be able to care for her the best.

I really liked watching Diesel and Parrish’s relationship grow and watching them grow beyond their damage and into new people together. Their relationship turns them into someone who is better. Not that they were ever bad to begin with.

And I adore all the people of Licking Thicket and how they are all up in everyone’s business. The whole town really is a family, I think. A huge, very dysfunctional family.

Miss Sarabeth is about the most awesome person ever, and I’m pretty sure she’s a tricksy hobbitses too.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Heart2Heart: A Charity Anthology

I have a real treat for my MM lovers out here today. And yes, I meant in any way you want to take it. Today I’m sharing a beautiful anthology from several really talented authors who write MM romance. Heart2Heart is more than just a bunch of great stories though. It’s also a charity anthology, which means that proceeds are going to the LGBTQ+ charities of the authors’ choice. Awesome, right? So, not only are you getting a bunch of really lovely stories, you are going to help out some great charities, but stop reading this right now and go buy it.

Anyway, this book has an interesting setup. A couple of months ago, several MM authors asked for interesting and unexpected couple combinations. You know, like a sommelier and a criminal, or a lawyer and a lobsterman. Then 9 of the combinations were chosen, and the anthology was born. The premise is that all of the guys either signed up or were signed up by well-meaning friends and family for a dating app called Heart2Heart. They were running a Valentine’s Day special that offered a free dinner. The matches were supposed to be guaranteed love matches. The algorithms and coding were supposed to match you with the person who would be perfect for you. Except… It would be boring if it happened that way, wouldn’t it? There’s a glitch in the coding and the matches went all wonky. But, as this is a Valentine’s Day offering, you know that they are all HEAs, so you know that something good is going to come out of all the wonkiness.

I’m not going to review each and every one, mostly because I want you to go out and buy this book. Plus, the stories are all pretty short. There are funny stories and there are more serious stories. The one thing they all have in common is that they are full of true love and hot sex. I do have a couple of favorite combos, and I mentioned them above. You don’t think that these guys would possibly fit together, but they do, and it’s awesome. So, go check it out.

No spoilers today, but here’s a bouquet of roses. I hope that you have great plans for V-Day, no matter what you are planning on doing. Me, I celebrate 1/2-price Chocolate Day Eve on 2/14.


May Archer-The Right Way

May Archer has bestowed the third book in her The Way Home series upon us. It is truly a gift. The romance is stressful and beautiful and oh so very real. I personally identified with The Right Way in a lot of ways, the biggest of which I’ll get into later.

So, Bas is Cam’s older brother, and an obsessive computer genius. He is a coder and will focus on code until he gets it to work the right way. He’s also a very logical person. He tries to logic his way out of everything, even the things where your head just won’t work the right way. He doesn’t quite get social situations, and he doesn’t quite get other people. There is one person in his life who he has always been able to count on and who has already been able to break through to him. That’s Drew.

Right now, Bas is obsessed with trying to figure out how to take down the Russians who killed his parents and who are trying to take down his company. He spends hours and days working on plans to get rid of them, and he gets seriously obsessed. However, this time Drew isn’t around to pull him out of himself, because they have stopped talking.

Drew and Bas have been best friends for 30 years. Bas was engaged to Drew’s sister, Drew dated Bas’s brother Cam. Drew has always been the person who helps Bas interact with the world and figure out what people are thinking and how he should handle it.  They spend time just hanging out, are always at one another’s houses and just are together most of the time. Drew has also always been madly in love with Bas for most of his life, even when his heart was breaking because Bas was going to marry his sister. Drew knows that nothing is going to happen because Bas is straight. But that doesn’t stop him from loving Bas. Everything ticks over mostly well, until a fateful Halloween night.

Bas tells Drew that he needs to cut loose so he takes him to a Halloween party with their old friends. Drew gets hammered, and when friends ask if Bas would rather kiss Drew or lose Drew forever, Bas says he’d rather kiss Drew and goes for it. In his drunken state, Drew lets a lot of things out of his personal vault, including how much he loves Bas. Bas freaks out, and they don’t talk for a month, and they are both miserable.

OK, here’s where I get up close and personal about why I identify so strongly with Bas. He talks to Cort, Cam’s lover, who is bisexual, about his feelings for Drew and how he doesn’t understand them because he’s straight. He likes having sex with women. Cort tells him that everyone’s truth is different, everyone’s likes are different, and we all grow and change and evolve in our lives. Sexuality isn’t an either/or choice. It’s a scale, and you can fall in various places on that scale. I am bi. I spent years pretending I wasn’t. I told everyone I was straight. I grew up in a religion where having same-sex attraction was bad, so therefore I had to be straight. As I grew up and started giving less of a fuck what other people thought about me, I was able to start facing my truth. For a long time, the only person who knew was my husband, although our son probably knew. A couple of years ago I came out to my mom and am slowly coming out to the world in general. Heh, outing myself more here, aren’t I? Anyway, why does this make me identify so strongly with Bas? It’s because I understand having those feelings and how having those feelings can change your whole view of yourself. It’s kind of like standing on teeter-totter, you have to maintain perfect balance or you are going to fall, but everything is wobbly underneath you, so trying to find that balance is nearly impossible.

OK, this is where we are going to split and go our different ways. This story is the very best one of the entire series. Drew and Bas are my favorite couple in the series and are in my top 10 book couples. The struggles they go through are so real and raw and that makes the story so much better for me, not that the story isn’t perfect anyway. I really want to see more of this world, and see how it is going to expand now that the 3 foundational couples are all paired off. I want to get Gary’s backstory, because I know it’s going to be fascinating.

Oh, and this picture isn’t spoiling anything, I just liked the guys. They are cute, right?


OK, first of all, I want to know if Gary is Russian or of Russian descent and what his connection to Ilya Stornavich is. Ilya kept calling him by a nickname, and it’s obvious that Gary cares for Ilya’s nephew Dmitri. So, May, I can haz backstory, please? I would also love to see a story about Peter and his boyfriend.

I’m glad to see an end to the Russians and how that story arc finished. I don’t know where the next ones would pick up, but I would love to see it in some way, even if it is just novellas where we get peeks into the lives of Cam and Cort, Cain and Damon, and Drew and Bas. I love getting those little glimpses into a day in the life of…

I wouldn’t mind learning more about Ilya too. He might be some sort of twisted Russian Robin Hood, but there is a good story there, I know it. How did he get to Boston from Siberia and the gulags? That’s not your typical journey, and I would possibly sell my son to get that story. (Depends on how much he’s annoyed me at any given point in time)

OK, that’s all I have to say today, so I’m going to hit publish. This week has a lot of releases and lots of blog posts, so look forward to that. Meanwhile, happy reading!

May Archer-The Long Way

Who’s ready for some hot guy on guy action? Because May Archer has brought us another installment in her new M/M series, and I think these guys are even hotter than the first couple. In fact, Damon and Cain are my favorite couple since they have to go through so much to get to their HEA.

So, today we’re talking about The Long Way. This a direct sequel to The Easy Way. Damon is Cort’s older brother and Cain is Cam’s friend. Their fathers founded Seaver Tech together. Damon was the pilot of the plane that crashed and killed Cam’s parents, as well as a few others. Even though it wasn’t his fault, he was blamed, and Cam’s brother, Bas, vilified him in the media.

TLW opens up at a fundraiser for Cain’s father, Senator Shaw, conservative, bigot, and all around massive douchebag. Cain is there under orders from his parents, but he’s miserable. He hears a commotion and sees that it’s Damon. Damon is there to try to get Shaw to go down. He has a crazy idea of using social media and the Internet to get that to happen. Cain goes and gets security off of Damon’s back, or rather, off of Damon’s injured leg, and tells Damon how stupid his idea is. Damon takes a painkiller and gets really out of it, and kisses Cain. Cain takes Damon home since he’s way out of it, and stays to make sure that Damon is safe.

Damon is many years older than Cain, 40 to Cain’s almost 25. He keeps calling Cain Kid, which of course annoys Cain to no end. It would annoy the fuck out of me too. To get back at him, Cain calls him Big Daddy. Cain loses his temper, at which point he throws a spoon in the sink. Then he apologizes for losing his temper and his inappropriate behavior. Seriously, he thinks that is losing his temper and inappropriate behavior? That happens every day and twice on Sunday at my house. But, then again, I haven’t had my parents pushing me the way that Cain’s parents have his entire life. They are emotionally abusive to him. They have never accepted Cain, and it’s slowly killing him. He plays a game called Worse. When shit is bad, he looks at it and comes up with ways that it could always be worse. The problem is, there is always a way that it can be worse. Can you imagine having to live like that? Well, my leg is broken, but it would be worse if both my legs were broken.

Anyway, Cain tells Damon that he has an idea on how to get to his dad to justice. Cain has reasons for not coming forward with his knowledge that could take down his dad. Mostly the fact that his father is a bag of dicks and is blackmailing him.

OK, here’s where we are going to separate. There is a lot of very hot sex in this. Cain and Damon are so hot that we might have to throw buckets of water on them. Oh, wait, dripping wet Cain and Damon… Maybe we shouldn’t do that. I’ll leave it up to you. But, it’s hot sex. The relationship that they develop is strong and supports them both well. I really enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to reading the next one. I bet I know who the main characters are, but watch May do something completely different and make a liar out of me.


OMG, Cain playing with Damon’s niece melted my ovaries. It was such a sweet scene and it was so good for everyone. I really loved that scene.

I love how Damon didn’t back down from Shaw when he tried to blackmail Cain into letting go of Damon. He wasn’t going to walk away from his man and he wasn’t going to let Cain sacrifice himself either. Both Damon and Cain found their strength and their worth in each other. Having someone love you that much helps you realize that you are strong and you are worth loving. So, yay for that.

I don’t blame Cain for getting jealous of Damon’s buddy. I was jealous and I didn’t even know the guy. Dude may be a good guy, but he didn’t help the situation, and he knew it. He did it purposely. Jackoff. Nice jackoff, but still, jackoff.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this Russian thing is going to go. It looks like it will be interesting. Maybe we’ll see some hot Russian guys? I could support that.

OK, I’m stating it here, I think that it’s going to be Bas and Drew in the next one. There was way too much chemistry in there for it not to be them.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for some Parker Sinclair. Meanwhile, happy reading!

May Archer-The Easy Way

May Archer is the nom de plume for Maisy Archer. She’s using May for when she writes her M/M romances. The Easy Way is the first of those books, and it is muy caliente. Maisy likes her boys, and it sure shows in this one. So, without any further ado, let’s get into Cort and Cam’s story.

Kendrick Cortland, just call me Cort, is an FBI agent. He’s been slightly rogue before, but now he’s going really off the reservation. He’s doing a personal investigation into Sebastian and Camden Seaver. Their parents died in a plane accident about a year ago, and the NTSB found the accident to be pilot error. There was a witness who said that he had been up drinking with the pilot the night before. The NTSB also said that the pilot was sloppy when it came to installing a part in the plane and that he didn’t pre-flight the plane correctly. Cort knows for a fact that the NTSB had to be wrong, because the pilot was his brother Damon, and he would never fly drunk or be sloppy. Now, Damon has come back from the dead and is sending Cort info that points to it being the Seavers who caused the plane crash.

Ever since Cam’s parents and his brother’s fiancee died in a plane crash, he’s had to take over the family company and all the responsibilities. His brother, Bas, has completely shut down, never answers the phone, never calls, and spends all his time looking into the crash. He doesn’t believe the NTSB’s findings and he wants someone to blame. Bas has taken to vilifying Damon in the press. Meanwhile, Cam is doing everything he can to deal with everything, but he has Drew, his ex and current head of legal, undercutting him and telling him that he’s weak. He’s just going through the motions and wants someone to love him for him. One fateful night, at a fundraiser for a charity his family started, he sees a Viking walk in the door.

Of course, you can all guess who the Viking is by now. Cort, who is currently suspended from the FBI, is there to try and use Cam so that Cam will take him to a party on a private island where Damon is going to be. That plan flies right out the window when Cort and Cam come face-to-face. Sparks fly and Cort discovers that he has a lot in common with Cam and Cam can’t be guilty of causing the plane to crash.

After talking, drinking, and running off Cam’s ex, Cam and Cort go up to the roof to get rid of some stress. They got rid of a lot of stress. Of course, they may have given me some.

This was a truly sweet love story. Cort is a bit of an asshole sometimes, but he at least knows that he screwed up and wanted to fix it. Cam has to work hard to deal with some of Cort’s actions, but when they are both able to get past those problems and get out of their own ways, they work so well together. Just so well together. If you like romances, this is a good one. You have been warned that it is two guys together, so no complaining on that. There is some (very steamy) sex scenes that are just so fantastic. If this sounds like something you are interested in, head over to ‘zon and pick it up. It’s only 0.99 right now, and it’s on KU.


So yeah, remember how I said those sex scenes were hot? I don’t think hot is quite the right word. Sizzling, smoking, as hot as the fire of 1000 white hot suns? Yeah, that’s more like it. I don’t have the particular equipment to have sex like that in those scenes, but that didn’t stop me from really enjoying them in any way. The heat and the chemistry just radiated off the page.

I loved how Cort and Cam flirted, even when Cam really didn’t want to. Cort was persistent enough to get Cam to reply, but not so overbearing that it was all stalkery. That can be a really hard line to managed and Maisy did it really well.

And I cannot say how much I love the end. The HEA is so amazingly amazing. I really want more of these guys, which is always a good sign to me. I can’t wait for Maisy to come out with her next one. I know that it will be as great as this one.

Imagine my ARC disclaimer right here, K?