Jane Henry & Maisy Archer-Hustler

Jane and Maisy are still working on giving Manhattan the same kind of treatment they gave Boston with the Boston Doms. To that end, we have the second book of the Masters of Manhattan book, Hustler. When my husband asked what I was reading, I told him the name, and he asked if Larry Flynt had helped to write it. Have I mentioned that he thinks he’s funny? And when you search it on Amazon, make sure that you put in Jane’s or Maisy’s name on there, otherwise, you will get info on the magazine.

Anyway, on to our book. Ethan was a grifter. His father was a grifter and he taught Ethan and his twin brother Elias to do the same. When they were in high school, Elias went straight and Ethan dropped out. He went on doing what his father taught him to do. Easy money and he was good at it. When he was 19, he was working with an older partner. They set up a phony investment deal and took a lot of money from a lot of people.

Haven is a lawyer in Manhattan. She’s currently defending a man named Max Pederson who was accused of killing his wife. Max told her to go see the people at Master’s Security. His best friend’s daughter Sabrina is in a relationship with one of the guys, and they have backstory and insight as to what was happening. When she gets there, she meets all but one person, Ethan. When Ethan walks into the penthouse, she looks at him and recognizes him as Tad. Nine years earlier, Tad had made her fall in love with him and used that relationship to steal all her parents’ money. So, when she sees him again, she sees red.

This is a second chance romance. I have a personal fondness for this trope because I’m living my own second chance romance story. I don’t love all of the books written under this trope, they aren’t always done well, and sometimes there isn’t a really good reason for everything to manage to get back together. That’s not the fact here. Every second chance story I’ve ever read out of Jane or Maisy has worked really well. Everything makes sense and everything happens in sensical fashion. But more than just the second chance thing, we also have a redemption thing going on. Ethan is working to redeem himself from his background. He been doing that to some extent before he got together with the other Masters, but there were things that made him do it more, including Haven. The combination of the two tropes is a really good one in this book. I really thought that it worked well. Now, just because he’s redeeming himself doesn’t mean that he doesn’t still use those skills, he’s just using them in furtherance of justice. Justice doesn’t always mean getting the baddies arrested and put in jail though, just remember that.


I have to say that I kind of liked the fact that Ethan volunteered to go to prison to get the info. I’m not liking that he got the shit beat out of him, but it was a sign that he was regretting what he had done and wanted to make up for his past choices. Whole lot of symbolism going on there. Love it.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one, so go check it out. Happy reading!

Jane Henry and Maisy Archer-Knave

Now that Jane and Maisy have finished off their Boston Doms series, they have teamed up to bring us a new series. This one is called the Masters of Manhattan. You would think that with a name like Masters of Manhattan, there is going to be all kinds of sexy kinkery or a new club, but you would be somewhat mistaken. There is spanking and bondage, but it’s nowhere like it is in some of their other books. So, let’s find out what Knave and the Masters of Manhattan is really about, shall we?

Anson “Saint” Daly is a cat burglar, and a damn good one. He’s highly successful and he loves what he does. He’s also a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and being a good thief feeds that for him, even if he does make sure that he has a very, very well-thought out and executed plan that he always sticks too. When he gets an invitation to show up at a penthouse, he’s intrigued by it and the message, so off he goes. When he gets there, he finds out that there are several other men there to meet. Xavier, Caelen, Walker, and Ethan have all gotten the same invitation that he has. They all have their own specialties, but none of them seem to have any connection to each other. That is, until the video that was made by Eugenia Carmichael started to play.

Eugenia’s husband had died, but even though it looked like a natural death, it wasn’t one. She revealed the thing that tied these 5 men together. They had all lost someone they loved and they were all killed by the same person or persons. In Anson’s case, it was his mother. She left the men her not inconsiderable fortune and her penthouse and gave them all the information that she had so that they could track down who killed her husband and their loved ones, and make them pay.

The 5 men decided to start a security company, Masters Security Systems, Inc. On the surface, they are white hat hackers and thieves. They install and test out security systems, showing where things can get broken into or stolen, and pointing that out to their clients. However, their real purpose is to use their less legal skills and talents to find the information they need.

Tonight, they are trying to get some information from the office of a dead attorney named Fowler. He had been arrested and sentenced to prison and was killed in prison. The Masters knew that his office was going to be cleared out and he had information that they needed, so in went Anson to get it. Only, Anson didn’t get the information. What he did get was Sabrina.

Sabrina was the dead man’s daughter. She was there to pick up a picture of her and her father when someone came rushing into the office. The security guard shoved her in a closet and told her to stay quiet. Then he was killed. Whoever killed that poor man broke into her father’s safe and took all the information. So, when Anson came in, he found the dead body, an empty safe, and Sabrina. He decides that he will take her, because maybe she has some information.

When everyone gets back to the penthouse, the guys find out that she is Fowler’s daughter, but she doesn’t know what they need. But, it’s not going to be safe for her to go home, which means that she’s going to stay with them. Anson offers her his room and tells her that he will take the couch.

I’ll bet that you can tell that Anson and Sabrina are our focus couple. And you would be right. But, even though they are our focus couple, there is more than just them going on. We are also getting a lot of story and conspiracy. Sabrina’s dad was killed by the same people who got the guys’ family members, so they all have a common cause. So, we are getting to see a lot about their plans, what the conspiracy is, and stuff like that. The relationship stuff and the sex scenes are peppered in there like, well, pepper in a stew. It works really well. I have a tiny inkling as to who our next couple may be, but I’m probably wrong. Maisy and Jane didn’t leave us any clue. Sneaky, tricksy authors.


I think, maybe, just possibly, that X may be our next hero, because he does take a woman back to her house at one point. We don’t see who and I don’t know if she was just some kind of cover or what, but that’s my best guess. Now watch them both come and say oh, silly blogger, you are so, so, wrong.

Max Pederson is just gross. Gross, gross, gross. I think he needs a good smack around the earhole. Maybe Caelan can oblige? That would be really nice.

I think that Sabrina fits in really well with our guys, and is going to be like the heart of the team.

So, that’s all I have to say about this one. I’m really excited to be in at the start of a new series by these ladies, so I’m really looking forward to the next books. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Jane Henry & Maisy Archer-Boston Doms Boxset

Jane Henry and Maisy Archer have gathered up 7 of their Boston Doms books and put them in one big boxset that you can grab and read all the yummy Dom-y goodness. There is also a short story with Lucas and Gretchen in it. The story originally was in Hero Undercover.

Now, I have to say, I love reading about things that happen in Boston. It’s about a 4 hour drive for me, so it kind of seems local, you know? And I like BDSM kind of things, with hot Domly guys and strong, submissive women. So you put the two things together, and hey, boy, you’ve got a set of books that I’m more than happy to read. And read them I do and did.

Now, all the Domly types are either related or very good friends that have been tight for years. The subs are generally pretty new to the Domly types, but not necessarily, and there are some sisters mixed in there.

Really, if you take away all the BDSM stuff (please don’t), these books are all about family and what it means. They are all a large family, whether there’s a blood tie or not. The guys are all that close, so their spouses and subs become that friendly too. There’s a lot of support in there, with everyone supporting everyone else, which is awesome.

Each of the books are standalones with different couples in each story. However, there is an overarching storyline that runs through the book, but if you don’t pick them up in order, you aren’t really going to be lost since that overall storyline isn’t woven incredibly heavily throughout the story. The books from 1-7 also run several years in time, from the first to the last. There are a couple of places that overlap a little bit, but mostly, they are a separate time frame.

When it comes to the Doms, we get Daddies, Doms, and sadists. Remember, sadists aren’t necessarily bad in BDSM. The subs also come in variety of flavors including little girls and masochists. There are also a variety of tropes, you know, best friend’s little sister, older man, younger woman, virgin, so on and so forth. That means that you should have no problem finding a Boston Dom book that you like.

Our couples, in order, are Heidi and Dom. Heidi moves into a new apartment in Boston and listens to Dom-the-Dom across the way who has a new woman at his house all the time. Except the yelling she hears isn’t always from a good orgasm, sometimes it’s because the woman is getting spanked.

Then we have Hillary and Matteo. Hillary is Heidi’s younger sister and Matt is Dom’s twin brother. Dom, Matt, and Slay rescued Hillary from Marauder, an abusive man, but Hillary is still trying to find someone to be her Dom. Eventually, Matt steps into the role, but nothing sexual, mostly because his brother has made it clear that he sees Hillary as a sister and she is off limits.

Tony and Tessa are our third couple. Tony is Matt and Dom’s cousin, and Tessa works in his restaurant. He’s not really a Domly type when the book ends, but Tessa knows for sure that she’s a sub.

Slay and Alice are our first DD/lg couple. Alice works as a bartender at The Club, which is the BDSM club that everyone belongs to. Slay works and plays there too. He’s set stuff up so that Alice doesn’t come back into the club. Alice is attracted to him but so frustrated. Meanwhile, she’s very busy trying to parent her son, Charlie.

Elena and Blake are next. Elena is Slay’s little sister, she’s in her mid-20s, but Slay doesn’t want to believe she’s a grown up now. Blake is older and owns The Club. He also recently lost his wife. She ran a blog for subs. Elena and Blake manage to start chatting through that blog when he announces his wife’s death. I loved this story, how they all fell in love with each other only over text and chat.

Donnie grew up in Southie. His cousin Mikey runs their neighborhood. When his friend Pedro tells him that Mikey has his little sister Grace, Donnie has to rush over to save her. He’s loved her for years. Grace has been waiting for him for all these years. Can she accept his darkness and desire to cause pain?

Nora and Diego look like a couple that would never work. She’s Tessa’s little sister and was kidnapped by a cartel head, and Diego saved her. He’s been working undercover to take down the cartel. When his business brings him across Nora’s business, she follows him, and he becomes her Daddy.

Gretchen is an investigative journalist and a friend of Elena’s. Lucas works for Slay in his security company. Gretchen had been put under his protection once before, a few years in the past, but when she needs protection again, Lucas is there, even if she wants to slap him.

So, that’s the Boston Doms in a nutshell. I love all of the couples. I don’t think that I have a favorite couple, really, because they are all great in their own ways. So, go check out the boxset and fall in love with them all.

There’s no spoilers today, but there is a picture of Boston. At least, the stock footage site says it’s Boston.


May Archer-The Easy Way

May Archer is the nom de plume for Maisy Archer. She’s using May for when she writes her M/M romances. The Easy Way is the first of those books, and it is muy caliente. Maisy likes her boys, and it sure shows in this one. So, without any further ado, let’s get into Cort and Cam’s story.

Kendrick Cortland, just call me Cort, is an FBI agent. He’s been slightly rogue before, but now he’s going really off the reservation. He’s doing a personal investigation into Sebastian and Camden Seaver. Their parents died in a plane accident about a year ago, and the NTSB found the accident to be pilot error. There was a witness who said that he had been up drinking with the pilot the night before. The NTSB also said that the pilot was sloppy when it came to installing a part in the plane and that he didn’t pre-flight the plane correctly. Cort knows for a fact that the NTSB had to be wrong, because the pilot was his brother Damon, and he would never fly drunk or be sloppy. Now, Damon has come back from the dead and is sending Cort info that points to it being the Seavers who caused the plane crash.

Ever since Cam’s parents and his brother’s fiancee died in a plane crash, he’s had to take over the family company and all the responsibilities. His brother, Bas, has completely shut down, never answers the phone, never calls, and spends all his time looking into the crash. He doesn’t believe the NTSB’s findings and he wants someone to blame. Bas has taken to vilifying Damon in the press. Meanwhile, Cam is doing everything he can to deal with everything, but he has Drew, his ex and current head of legal, undercutting him and telling him that he’s weak. He’s just going through the motions and wants someone to love him for him. One fateful night, at a fundraiser for a charity his family started, he sees a Viking walk in the door.

Of course, you can all guess who the Viking is by now. Cort, who is currently suspended from the FBI, is there to try and use Cam so that Cam will take him to a party on a private island where Damon is going to be. That plan flies right out the window when Cort and Cam come face-to-face. Sparks fly and Cort discovers that he has a lot in common with Cam and Cam can’t be guilty of causing the plane to crash.

After talking, drinking, and running off Cam’s ex, Cam and Cort go up to the roof to get rid of some stress. They got rid of a lot of stress. Of course, they may have given me some.

This was a truly sweet love story. Cort is a bit of an asshole sometimes, but he at least knows that he screwed up and wanted to fix it. Cam has to work hard to deal with some of Cort’s actions, but when they are both able to get past those problems and get out of their own ways, they work so well together. Just so well together. If you like romances, this is a good one. You have been warned that it is two guys together, so no complaining on that. There is some (very steamy) sex scenes that are just so fantastic. If this sounds like something you are interested in, head over to ‘zon and pick it up. It’s only 0.99 right now, and it’s on KU.


So yeah, remember how I said those sex scenes were hot? I don’t think hot is quite the right word. Sizzling, smoking, as hot as the fire of 1000 white hot suns? Yeah, that’s more like it. I don’t have the particular equipment to have sex like that in those scenes, but that didn’t stop me from really enjoying them in any way. The heat and the chemistry just radiated off the page.

I loved how Cort and Cam flirted, even when Cam really didn’t want to. Cort was persistent enough to get Cam to reply, but not so overbearing that it was all stalkery. That can be a really hard line to managed and Maisy did it really well.

And I cannot say how much I love the end. The HEA is so amazingly amazing. I really want more of these guys, which is always a good sign to me. I can’t wait for Maisy to come out with her next one. I know that it will be as great as this one.

Imagine my ARC disclaimer right here, K?