KE Osborn-Luring Light

This is KE’s second entry into the Tampa chapter of the RBMC, and I gotta tell you, I love Luring Light. I like Ivy and Void more than I liked the first couple, not that I didn’t like them, it’s just that I like these 2 more.

Ivy and her sister Eva were kidnapped in the previous book, but were saved by the Tampa chapter of the RBMC. They were taken because they had Rh null blood. (sound familiar?) Anyway, Eva got into a relationship with the Prez, and Ivy started to get to get close to the VP, Void. Since the last book was Eva’s book, we didn’t get much of Ivy, but that changes here.

Ivy has taken over the growing room for the MC, and she’s still living in the Bricking Cell. You know, whatever floats your boat. She feels safe there. But she’s also trying to have a relationship with Void, who is the only one of the MC that she’s really romantically attached to. At the same time, she’s trying to figure out who she is and how she fits into the RBMC life in specific and life in general. She’s always put on a good face, as the sweet, virginal, good girl, but that was just her mask, and she doesn’t have to be that way anymore. She just doesn’t know how to not be that way yet. But she’s working on it. Meanwhile, she’s dealing with Void being all hot and cold, and Dash being her friend. (Dash wants to be more, but she doesn’t see it.)

On the other hand, we have Void. He got his road name because he is an emotionless void. He can just turn that shit off. But Ivy makes him feel things, and he doesn’t know how to deal with that, so he’s a little… off-kilter. He’s making some not great choices. He’s very hot and cold with Ivy because he wants to be with her, but he has this whole perfect virginal idea of her in his head, even though she’s done stuff that would show that she isn’t that perfect sweet being of light that he sees her as. But, he has stuff in his past that colors the way that he sees Ivy, until she kinda shoves things in his face and he realizes that his idea of her isn’t what is real.

I am madly in love with Ivy. I think that she is this perfect dichotomy of light and dark. She can switch back and forth from one to the other in a snap of the finger, and each side fits her perfectly. I really like how she really grows into herself and how she is able to be all the parts of herself and has found a world where she can be all those sides. I love her freedom and how she is totally herself.

Void is actually the best partner for her, I think. Yeah, he had some problems from his past that made it hard for him to see Ivy clearly for a while, but once he did, he really was perfect for her. I think that he has some of the same dichotomy that Ivy does, but not as equally as Ivy does. I do think that they totally balance each other and complement each other so well.

I can’t wait for more of the Tampa RBMC chapter. I think that KE Osburn is doing really well with them.

I want Void to teach me how to ride a bike too.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

K E Osborn-Defining Darkness

Defining Darkness is the newest book in the Royal Bastards MC shared world series. We haven’t seen one of these in a few weeks, but we’re back, baby. And I’ve signed up for more to come, yay! This one is the first book for the Tampa chapter. And it’s the story of Nycto and Eva.

So, Eva and Ivy are sisters from Cuba. They were grabbed by a couple of guys and shoved into a shipping container along with several other women. They are about to get sold off. Then the container opens up and some bikers come grab all the women out of the container and shine lights at them. Eva gets dragged into a van, screaming for her sister all the way. Ivy gets dragged into another van, and then Eva gets drugged. When she wakes up she gets put into a windowless room that is lit only by red lights.

Nycto is the pres of the Tampa chapter of the RBMC. He likes the dark. A lot. And I think he might’ve been a Poe fan in a different life. He’s been a delivery man in a trafficking ring, but when he opens the shipping container and sees Eva, there’s just something about her that calls to him, and he has to have her. So, he takes her. Which of course, causes all kinds of trouble.

I had a really hard time warming up to Nycto. I mean, a really hard time, and it took a long time to do it. Now, normally that isn’t so much of a problem, and we all know that I love me a good bad boy, but there was something about Nycto that just made it hard for me to really like him or even warm up to him. At the end, I did like him. Not a whole lot, but I liked him.

I like Eva too, most of the time. I thought that she made some bad choices sometimes, but overall, I thought that she was pretty strong. I do think that she was a little overprotective of Ivy. And is it bad that Ivy is my favorite character in the book? I love the way that she is warped.

No spoilers on this one either. Go check it out! Happy reading!


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