2019 Round Up-Top Omegaverse Books

We’re back to my year-end round up from last year. Today is going to be my best Omegaverse books. I’m not sure how long this list is going to be, because some of the books I would put on this list I listed elsewhere, so… We’ll just have to see, won’t we?

Tabitha Black-Primal Mate

OK, I’m not just putting Primal Mate on here because the main character is named after me, really I’m not. The reason I am putting it on here is because I really liked the way that Clara interacted with the world. She is an Omega and knows that she’s an Omega, but she tried really hard to act like an Alpha. She trained herself to do it. She learned how to walk, talk, dress, and behave like she was an Alpha, until she couldn’t. I really liked watching her character and how she reacted once she went into heat and things changed. And hey, the fact that Tabby likes me enough to put my name on one of her characters is just really fucking cool.

Anna Wineheart-Gareth’s Boy

Anna released a few books this year, and I tend to reread her books too. I like the characters in them. They give me all the feelz. I’ve already had one of her books on my Top 10 list, and here’s another with Gareth’s Boy. This book is the second one in a spinoff series from the Men of Meadowfall books. This one goes on this list because of how Gareth changes his mind about Flores and how he wants to protect him. When you read this one, watch out for the carrots, snakes, and honey. Oh my. Do be aware that you will have all the feelz.

Leann Ryans-Hired for Heat

Leann took the Omegaverse and flipped it upside down. In Hired for Heat, instead of the Omegas having to be segregated, it’s the Alphas. Once a man presents as Alpha he is put into a camp and either has to work or, if he’s lucky, become a stud who helps Omega women through their heats. It is a fascinating idea and a very new way of looking at the O-verse. Leann has another book in this world, and I’m living for the series.

L.V. Lane-Taking Control

L.V. Lane’s Taking Control is another great take on the O-verse. In her world, there are more than Alphas, Betas, and Omegas, and they all have their own jobs. There are also people who don’t present at all. The reason that there are any Alphas et al in this world is because there was a virus that was released, and now everyone is at war. I am a couple of books behind in this series. I have all the books, I just need to sit down and read them. I just find this to be a really unique take on the O-verse.

Sara Fields-The Omegaborn Trilogy

I can’t really separate out Sara’s Omegaverse books out. That’s because the Omegaborn Trilogy has to be taken together, I think, as one big unit. Even though each book follows a different grouping of one Omega and several Alphas, it has a much larger story arc, and you need to read all of the books together to get the full impact of what is going on. We don’t often see a lot of Betas in the O-verse books, and I really liked what Sara did with it.

OK, that’s all my books for today. I have one more round up list coming, so stay tuned!



Leann Ryans-Hired For Heat

Leann Ryans has a new Omegaverse book out, and this one has set the trope on its head, in the very best way. I love what she has done with Hired For Heat.

So, normally in MF Omegaverse books, Alphas are on top of the world, Betas are somewhere in the middle, and Omegas are prized, held to be the lowest of the low, or socked away for breeding purposes. But that’s not what is going on with this world. In this world, Betas are running the show. As soon as a male presents as an Alpha, he is taken away from his family and sent to a special school and then onto a couple of places. He could go to a work camp, or he could become a stud, which is really the best outcome for him. The camps range in quality, some of them being barely better than prisons, while there are others which are much better. Then, there are the breeding houses for the Alphas chosen to be studs.

In this society, Omega women can either lock themselves into a safe room for their heat, or they can go to a breeding house and hire a stud to tend them. The Alphas are given guards for their teeth so they can’t bite them to form a bond, and they are given contraceptives, unless the Omega wants to be bred. In the days leading up to her heat, the woman can go and look at the available studs and pick one to help her. Then, when she goes into heat, she goes back to the center, gets locked into a room, and her stud is sent into her.

There is actually one more, even better, outcome for Alphas, and that’s to find an Omega who will bond them and they can be mates. It doesn’t happen often, and every Alpha kind of dreams about it, but it does, on occasion happen.

So into this world Sandra and Austin were born. Austin was in a camp and he learned to be a carpenter. He had plans for his life. Then he went to The Haven, the best house in the city. He got in trouble on his first day there, and ended up in the restricted hall.

Sandra is a designer who works with the top builders. She designs buildings and is damn good at it. She’s never had an Alpha help her through her heat, and she’s decided that it’s just about time she should. So, she goes to The Haven, and then she sees Austin. There’s just something about him that draws her to him, no matter what the Beta woman in charge of The Haven says. She knows that he will be the perfect Alpha to tend her through her heat.

I love, love, love, love this take on the Omegaverse. It is, quite literally, completely unique to anything else I’ve ever read in the O-verse, MM, MF, or anything else. It’s fantastic. I mean, not only are the Alphas not in charge, they are completely locked away, and basically don’t have any rights unless they are bonded to an Omega. They are trained to be useful to Omegas, even if they have additional skills. The Betas are the ones making the rules. Omegas can be successful and powerful, but they are still fighting the stigma of their dynamic, but nothing like what the Alphas are dealing with.

I’m really looking forward to seeing more in this world, because I think that it’s ripe for all kinds of interesting stories. I think Leann is going to do just as a great a job with them too.


OMG, the bureaucracy. That was so ridiculous, just so insane to get all that to handle something that should’ve been so much easier and much simpler, let alone much more personal and intimate.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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