Anthology-The Institute

Welcome to the Serenity Institute. Dr. Ansel Sterling started The Institute after seeing his mother suffer with her own mental illness. Now, he has created a safe place for other people to come and get treated. So, we have 6 stories written by 6 fantastic authors, 2 of whom are new to me. Without any further ado, let’s get into the stories, shall we?

Dani Rene-Echo

Dani gets the book started for us. She introduces us to Dr. Sterling and his special patient, Katya. Katya suffered a traumatic event and she broke into pieces, including one named Rose. Now Dr. Sterling is trying to treat her. So, the whole time I read this, I wondered if Katya or Rose was the real one, and what Ansel was going to do with them. Excellent. I mean, damn. This was definitely a great Dani story.

Anna Edwards-Marbh

Anna gives us Marbh, whose name means Death, and is a 500 year old assassin. She is currently locked up at Serenity because people are sure that she’s delusional. She just wants to get back to her Laird. The ending of this was spectacular. It is one of those that left me wanting and made me happy all at the same time. I often say that I would like to see more of a particular couple, but I think that this was perfectly perfect.

India R. Adams-Hostile Illusions

Vera has amnesia. She is covered with scars, but only on her left hand side. This story. OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD. That is all.

Jennifer Bene-Mr. Cat Is Not Real

Nina is at the institute because she has hallucinations, and dangerous things have happened around her. But she’s not the one who does them, it’s always Mr. Cat. I thought that the treatments that Dr. Nickelsen gave Nina were… interesting. I do kinda think that Mr. Cat is real, though.

Murphy Wallace-Release Me

Brynn has a thing when it comes to sex. She’s what they call hypersexual. That means she likes it. A LOT. But she also blacks out sometimes, which causes her to end up at the institute, with Dr. Dick. I like Brynn, and I kind of agree with her about a doctor.

Sian B. Claven-Sanitorium

Molly’s identical twin sister, Lizzie, is a nurse at the institute, so they have permission for Molly to be treated there, since Lizzie has been taking care of Molly because of her illnesses over the years. Molly is so very sweet, and I just want her to be all kinds of happy. Sian was another new author to me, so I’ll be looking for more. The whole time I was reading this story, Metallica’s Sanitarium kept running through my head.

So, there are our 6 stories. They are all disturbing to some extent, some more than others. Some of them left me nearly destroyed. They were all fantastic though.


Dani Rene-While She Sleeps

While She Sleeps is Dani’s addition to the Dirty Heroes Collection. These stories are all re-envisioning of various fairy tales. There are several books in this collection, and Dani’s is the 3rd one. And as you can tell from the title, this is all about Hansel and Gretel Sleeping Beauty.

So, here we are. We have Vera Rose and Logan. They have both run away from their families and are in hiding. When Vera turned 18, she discovered that her father had basically sold her off to be married to a terrible man, and she doesn’t want to marry him, and frankly, I don’t blame her. I sure as fuck wouldn’t want to marry him. So, she ran, and now she’s got to stay hidden. But she wants to have some connection, so she’s joined a messaging service, where she names herself Sleeping Beauty and starts connecting with a guy named Broken Prince. They share a lot of things about each other, including things that turn them on.

Logan ran because of things that his father wanted him to do and because of his own desires. He’s pretty sure that he’s completely broken, and will never be able to really connect with someone because he thinks what he wants is so extreme that no one will ever want to be around him. But then there’s Sleeping Beauty and what she wants.

I think that Logan is not anywhere near as broken as he thinks that he is. I think that his father has really pushed him into that broken feeling, and he heard something that kind of reinforced that feeling, and then it just stewed and stewed and solidified. I think that he’s really a good man. He has a good heart and wants to make sure that Vera is protected. He is incredibly protective of her. I mean, I wouldn’t want to cross him when it comes to Vera, because I’m pretty sure he will cut a bitch.

I think, overall, Vera is a lot wiser than her years. I mean, yeah, she makes a couple of stupid mistakes, but not even the wisest person in the world is wise 100% of the time. But, I think that overall she is pretty wise, and when she tells Logan certain things, he should really listen, because she’s making some damn good sense.

I really enjoyed the story. There is so much going on here, and it was a total roller coaster. There were a couple of times that I was like WTActualF just happened?!?!? But it was totally worth it.


That contract? I mean, honestly, WTF?

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Dani Rene-The Devil’s Plaything

Dani has a new book out to get us through the quarantine. Today we have The Devil’s Plaything, which is a dark mafia book, although I would probably call it a cartel over a mafia, because it takes place in Colombia, but whatever, however.

So, here’s our story. We have Victor who is the head of the Cordero Empire. He’s not a nice guy. In fact, he’s pretty much a monster, just ask him, he’ll tell you. He likes to burn people alive, after chopping off their fingers, and feeding the person their fingers. See, not a nice guy. He’s just discovered that one of his men is stealing drugs from him and selling them to someone else. That is a major no-no. No one steals from Victor. He’s off to find the person who stole from him so that he can punish them. When he does find the person, he finds Hector, who used to work for his father as well. Then he finds something even better. He finds out that Hector has a beautiful daughter named Sofia. And guess who just became the repayment to Victor? If you guess Sofia, you would totally be right.

Sofia is a young woman who has faced death for a long time, and expects to walk along with death for a while longer. When her father doesn’t show up one day, she gets a call from her uncle, who tells her to run to a particular address, stay there until 0 dark 30, and then run. She’s supposed to get the fuck out of Colombia and never come back. Only Victor’s man catches her, and she ends up being taken to Victor, whether she wanted to go or not.

Victor is an asshole a great deal of the time. The thing is, I don’t think asshole is actually his default setting. Of course, nice guy definitely isn’t his default setting, but I think that reaching asshole is something he has to hit a button to get. And there are a couple of times when he’s not just an asshole, but he’s a huge fucking asshole who needs his ass kicked. No one is every going to do it, or tell him he can’t, but it really needed to happen. I think that he was blinded by what had happened in his past, and was transferring his experiences on to Sofia, and he made a seriously shitty choice.

I think Sofa is legit a queen. I think that she had to grow up a little too fast, and she’s definitely weary of the world, and I don’t blame her a bit for it. I would kind of be weary of the world in her case too. I think that she has a lot of strength, grit, courage, and bravery. I mean, she stands up to the man she calls Diablo, devil. Not only does she stand up to him, she defies him, she demands things from him, and she holds her own. Not all the time, for sure, but sometimes, yeah. And it’s a good thing that she has all those things, because she really needs them and she is sorely tested.

I’m looking forward to seeing if we get to see more of Javier, because I’m looking forward to his story.


It was nice to see some old friends pop up. And I almost wanted it to turn into some kind of MMF thing, but I’m pretty sure that Victor wouldn’t be having with that. I do like Javier though.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Dani Rene-Cruel War

Dani is back with another enemies to lovers book in Cruel War. It’s the first book in a new series, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Dani writes a lot of books in this trope, and I think that she does them really well, so I’m perfectly happy to see another one from her. Her villains are delightful and her male main characters are just so wonderfully conflicted, dark, and twisted. Of course, that makes their redemption that much better. Her heroines are all strong, know what they want, and aren’t afraid to fight for it. So, if you ask me, that’s pretty awesome. 

Here’s the way this story works. Tynewood is a small town. It’s also an elite university. Tynewood also holds a secret society. The Gilded Sovereign was started a long time ago, and they pretty much run everything. The families are the elite of the elite. The men of the society, called Crowns, are succeeded by their oldest son. Except for Abner Lancaster who has managed to get both of his sons on board. Phillipe, his oldest, is now the head of the Sovereign. His younger son, Ares is taking the place of another member who doesn’t have a son. Abner has plans for the group now, even if he is no longer the head, because there are also going to be two other new members, Etienne and Tarian, Ares’ best friends.

Dahlia has just moved to Tynewood. Her father grew up there, but now that he’s dead, she’s gone there to live with her grandmother. Since she’s 19, she’s now starting college at Tynewood, but there’s one small problem. And his name is Ares. He just won’t leave her alone, no matter what.

Ares has a good reason for always being around Dahlia. It’s called revenge. He wants to hurt Dalia to get her back for something that happened to him. He has all kinds of plans, and his father promised that she would be his to do with as he wants. He’s looking forward to destroying her.

She is smart and isn’t willing to give up. She will fight for what she wants, whatever it is that she wants. She is not an opponent that I would want to deal with, that’s for sure. I think that she would probably walk circles around me. I think that anyone who tries to oppose her is going to get quite the shock.

I think that Ares is really just a lost little boy deep inside. He’s really, really angry, which, I really don’t blame him for. I think his father, the prick, has done what he can to feed that anger. He keeps telling Ares that he’s too volatile which I’m not necessarily going to argue with, but I think it wouldn’t be so bad if his father didn’t push him. Ares feels like he has to stand up to that challenge. Which makes him act volatile.


Phillipe. Hmmm… I dunno that I really trust him. I know I don’t trust Abner as far as I could spit.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Dani Rene-Among Ash and Ember

Dani Rene has come out with a new release, and oh my. Among Ash and Ember wrung me out and made me all emotional.

Katerina is 18, almost 19. She lost her parents a couple of years ago when their florist shop caught on fire. She had to spend the last couple of years in foster care, and it wasn’t good. Then she turned 18 and discovered that she owed a lot of money because of her parents. She isn’t qualified to do a lot, but luckily she has fallen in with a safe friend who has helped her become an escort. Is it the best job ever? Nope. Does it let her pay her bills and pay off the loans her father took out? Yup. Just don’t call her Katerina when she’s on the job, there she is Flame.

Ash and Ember are twin brothers. They have a proposition for Katerina. They are going to pay for her to go to college. They will let her live with them, in her own wing, and help her out in any way possible. The brothers have their own reasons for doing what they are doing. They are keeping secrets together and keeping secrets from each other. They can afford to do this because Ash is now running their father’s company, which is neither fun or easy, but he does it reasonably well.

There are a lot of secrets going on in here. Ash and Ember have secrets of their own that they are keeping from Kat and from each other. They have a big joint secret that they are keeping from Kat. Kat has some of her own secrets too, but I don’t think that they have as much of an impact on the story as the ones the guys are keeping.

I completely understand why Ash and Ember are doing what they are doing. I don’t agree with the way that they went about things, but I can understand why they felt that they had to do things the way that they did. I guess I just stand with Kat more than I do with them. I don’t like being lied to, and I really don’t like people having secrets from me. I will pick and prod until I get the secret out of them, whether or not it would hurt me. I think that’s probably how Kat feels about it too.

I love the names of Flame, Ember, and Ash. They just fit together so very well. It’s a natural progression to me, and I can see how it fits each of the characters and their roles, at least in my opinion.

This book really did give me all the feelz and I would love to see more of these guys.

among ash and ember

I don’t think I have anything to put here.

Well, go check it out. Happy reading!

Dani Rene-Beautifully Brutal

Welcome to the Cavalieri Della Morte. It’s a 13 book series that is set in the same world and all interconnected. Dani Rene’s Beautifully Brutal is the first book in the series, and the rest of the books will be releasing once a week over the next several weeks.

Cavalieri Della Morte is Italian for Knights of Death. Cavalieri comes from the same base as the French chevalier, as well as the words cavalier and cavalry. Chivalry also comes out of cheval. They all have their base in the Old French word cheval, meaning horse. While cavalieri, chevalier, and cavalier all originally meant horseman or horse rider, they all turned into words for knight. Cavalry meant an armed force on horse, and in the military, these days, it has turned into meaning the motorized armored forces. Why yes, I am a bit of a word nerd, and what’s even scarier is that I was able to pull all of this out of my head without having to look it up. I’m a total wiz at Trivial Pursuit.

Anyway, now that we’ve walked away from that tiny digression, let’s talk about the actual book. The Cavalieri Della Morte in this series is a group of men who are basically elite assassins. They get given a name, they go handle the problem. And Lance Knight is probably the best. He’s also the right hand man of the leader of the CDM, Arthur, at least until one fateful mistake.

Lance ended up on the streets of NOLA when he was young, and Arthur took him in and raised him. He also trained Lance to be one of his knights. Then, when Lance was 18, Arthur and his wife had a daughter named Giuliana. Eighteen years later, Lance and Giuliana have fallen in love and are hiding it, right up until her dad walks in on them kissing passionately. Then Giuliana is sent away and Arthur tells Lance that he will make it so that he no longer loves her.

So, I totally hate Arthur. I mean, yeah. Die in fire and burn in hell levels of hate. But I like Lance and Giuliana a lot. Lia is very resourceful and very determined. I mean, she gets herself out of at least one bad situation. She had to be smart enough to bide her time, watch, and pick the perfect time in which to make the move, and she does. I also like that she doesn’t really have any delusions about her father or Lance. She knows that they are both killers.

Lance seems like a character that I might dislike immediately, but oddly enough, I did not. I think that he very much has his own code and will stick to it. It definitely isn’t my code or your code, but it is the one that he has developed and the one that he wants to stick with. But, I definitely like him and the way that he handled everything that came up in the book.

I am not reviewing all the rest of the books in the series, for reasons, but I will be reviewing some of them. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be reading them and that things that I learn in various books won’t show up in reviews for other books. I will, as always, keep the spoilers down, because you know me. I am looking forward to the rest of the series, and there are some really fantastic authors in there. I’m sure they are all fantastic, I just haven’t read some of them yet.


OK, first of all, I’m sure that you notice the name thing, just like I did. And yes, the names are all like that. We see a couple of other Cavalieri, and the naming convention follows along with them too. It’s going to be really interesting, for me at least, I don’t know about the rest of you, to read the rest of the stories and to see how they fit in with everything and if it happens in the way in which I think it might. And yeah, I mean Arthur being betrayed by his right hand man with his beloved female? In the legends, it’s Artie’s wife Guinevere, here it’s Artie’s daughter, Giuliana. See what I mean?

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go find it and read it. Happy reading!


Dani Rene-Vice

I’ve been waiting for Oliver’s story from the very first second I met him way back in book one. Dani was so mean, making us wait all the way to book 7 and Vice so that we could get his story.

Oliver trains subs but never takes one permanently. He never wants to have his own sub. He’s perfectly happy to train subs and play sadist to happy little masochists. There are two that he’s been watching, Chase and Cayleigh. Chase is Peyton’s brother and Cayleigh is Carrick’s sister. And considering that Peyton and Carrick are married, it’s a very tight group. Chase is a switch, wanting to submit to Oliver but dominate Cayleigh, so it seems like a match made in heaven. But if it were that easy, it wouldn’t be a Dani Rene book. There’s a whole lot more going on here, almost all of it having to do with Oliver.

I like Oliver, overall, but there were some times in this book that I really, really, really, really didn’t like him. There were some times when I thought that he was doing things for the wrong reason. I understand finding a release in doing certain things in a certain way, but sometimes it didn’t feel like that was what he was doing. It made me feel really uncomfortable and made me question Oliver. Of course, that’s what makes Oliver such a layered character and shows the genius of Dani. I think it must be hard for an author to make a character who is so deeply flawed, and so human in such a real way. And that’s totally Oliver. We’ve seen him in the other books, and he’s always shown one particular aspect of his personality, but we also get glimpses of the man under the facade. Think about how he helps people out, which might seem to be out of character for a sadist who doesn’t love people and doesn’t want a permanent relationship. But that’s just part of the contradiction and enigma that Oliver is for me.

Chase is fierce, and fiercely loyal and loving. He knows what he wants, and he’s willing to go out and fight for it. He also knows his worth and what he is and isn’t willing to put up with. Good for him for that. That’s something that not all people ever figure out. He’s also smart and determined. I really like him. There really isn’t anything about him that I don’t like.

Vice is the end of this particular series. I’m really looking forward to what happens next, because I have a rather strong feeling that Dani is not done with these characters and this world.


Even down here, I’m not going to talk about what made me feel somewhat uncomfortable with what Oliver was doing at times. I don’t want to influence anyone else’s feelings on it, but feel free to message about it and I’ll tell you.

OK, go check out the entire Sins of Seven series, and fall in love with everyone. Happy reading!

Anthology-Black Light: Celebrity Roulette

It’s Valentine’s Day again, which means it’s the start of the 3rd season of Black Light, and as usual, we are starting it off with a Roulette anthology. This one is a little different though. Instead of being at Black Light East, we’re in LA, and instead of random drawings to match Doms and subs, we have a celebrity auction. A number of celebrities, both dominant and submissive types, put their name into the ring, and members got to bid for them. Once they get to the event and all the celebs find out who has purchased them for the night, then the subs roll for the activity. The rules of Celebrity Roulette say that they have to do the rolled activity for at least 30 minutes, and they are welcome to roll for something else after that. If they finish the night, they get a free month, if someone calls Red, everything is done. And oh yeah, no staff gets involved this year, or else. So, without further ado, let’s spin the wheel and find out where we end up, shall we?

As always, since this is an anthology, and there are 9 stories, plus the beginning and end bumpers, you are just going to get my basic impressions and feelings about each story, otherwise I’d be writing for the next 3 days, and I’d like to sleep sometime. Probably.

Guarded by Renee Rose

Scarlett A is a rock star. She’s also a sub. Once upon a time, she had a bodyguard named Lincoln, but a year ago, he ended fired. In that time, he’s learned a whole lot of new tricks, and he’s just waiting to show Scarlett. There is a lot of connection there between them, but of course, they have history. I think that Lincoln makes a great Dom for so many reasons, but one of them is that he really pays attention to Scarlett, and he has for a while. He might not say a lot, but it’s obvious how he feels about her from the very start.

Hooked by Jennifer Bene

By day a principal ballerina, by night a sub, Vanessa is the one who Wyatt really wants to win. He’s obsessed with her, but in a good way. There’s the typical Jennifer heat, but it’s not your typical Jennifer story. It’s sweet and light. It’s just so beautiful. There’s something about the way that these two connect and interact. They fit each other’s weird edges, and it’s perfect. Plus? I’m totally never going to be able to look at the ballet the same way again, because who knew toe shoes and tutus were sexy AF? The barre was just inspired.

Switched by Livia Grant

This is a first for Black Light. We have a Domme, Mistress Ice. Then there’s Nolan, the Dom who wants her, so he buys her and will submit to her for a night. I don’t know that there are a lot of Doms out there who would submit like that, even for 3 hours. Of course, I don’t know that many in person, so who knows. It was a really interesting dynamic to watch. I’ve read other Domme/sub books, and I’m pretty sure that this one was slightly unhealthy. But, Livia is mean. She’s a meanie meanie head. I need more. I need to know what the past holds.

Determined by Maren Smith

This is one that I really hope that Maren expands, because it really seems like there could be more to the story. So Maren, if you’re reading, take mercy on me and let me out of my suffering sometime in the nearish future, please and thank you? Out of a book full of some seriously hot scenes, I think that the scene between Claire and Adam is really the totally hottest one in the book. It’s just wow. I’m surprised my Kindle didn’t melt down. I figured it would’ve. I love the power struggle that goes on between Claire and Adam, which just makes the whole thing even hotter.

Pressure by Measha Stone

Michele thought about signing up for Celebrity Roulette. She had everything ready to go, but then stopped. Of course, she has that well-meaning friend who decided to submit her application for her and just not tell her. That’s how Michele ends up with Egan for the night. I felt sorry for Michele because she has such a hard time letting go and she has to try to stop her brain from thinking and worrying about if she’s doing the right thing. I can totally get that. I have the same problem, but no Egan to help me.

Savor by Maggie Ryan

Carnegie ends up with Ronan, a celebrity chef. I love her name, BTW, it’s just an awesome story behind it. They have a really sensual scene in here, and one that is really different to anything else we’ve ever seen in any of the Black Light stories. In fact, I think it’s the first scene like it I’ve seen in any BDSM book. It was hot but in a more lowkey kind of way. And fan paintbrushes? I will never look at them the same way again.

Cherished by Sue Lyndon

Once upon a time, Serena met Trenton right after she dumped her boyfriend. He held her during the countdown for NYE and kissed her on her forehead. Now she gets to bid on him. Sue gets a first for the Black Light books too. I’m not saying what it is, because I don’t want to spoil it. But it’s a great scene, and Serena really gets into it. I wonder how much she’s role-playing and how much she’s actually into the scene. Either way, I think it works perfectly. And I saw Trenton as Jason Statham the whole time in my head.

Jazzed by Lesley Clark

I think that this is Lesley’s first Black Light story, but I hope it won’t be her last. And it’s another one that I would love to see expanded out. Jazz is a rock star and Michael is a psychiatrist. Together, they are going to go back to school. The picture that she would’ve presented while she was sitting at a school desk was ridiculously sexy. Their whole story was really connected and really lovely.

Control by Dani Rene

Kaelin’s father, who seems like a super-prick, just sayin’, is Jed’s agent, so Jed feels that she’s off limits. She’s pretty sure that he hates her. But, when they get together, it’s definitely a match in S&M heaven. I love the chemistry that they have together. Of course, they have years of history behind them so it’s no wonder they have such a connection and such chemistry. They are another one that I would like to have more of.

And of course, as always, we have the bumpers about planning the event and the conclusion of the event, written by Livia and Jennifer. We get a little look at Emma, Chase, and Jaxon, which is always nice. I love them so much. We also get to see Madison volunteer to be the MC. And if you haven’t read a Valley Girl MCing at a bondage club auction, you are like totally missing something. I have a feeling that we will be seeing more of Madison in the future.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. The nice thing about short stories is that you can work them in whenever you have time, so go check it out. Happy reading!


Dani Rene-Bound

Bound is the 5th book in Dani’s Sins of Seven series. The books are all interconnected standalones, so theoretically, you could read it alone, but why wouldn’t want you want to read them all, I mean, come on. Great stories, sexy heroes and heroines, and great happy sexy times. What more can you possibly want? Every one of the books is based on one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and it’s generally pretty easy to figure out which one you are reading about. The books also all center around the Seven Sins, this time as in a BDSM club owned and run by friends Carrick and Mason. Carrick has a wife and submissive named Peyton, who is best friends with Mason’s sub, Savannah. Read Carrick and Peyton’s story in Indulge.

Anyway, through the last 4 books, it’s always been Mason and Savvie as the perfect couple. They are so in love and so involved with each other. They are like binary stars that orbit each other and they are always aware of where the other is. Mason is always the one who smacks people around and talks sense into them and helps them get through their stupidity when they are being stupid. Savannah has been there to support people and help them feel better when the world is falling apart. They have always seemed like there is nothing that could break them apart. Buuuutttt… Well, we’d have a short book if that’s all there was to it, wouldn’t we?

We’ve never known much about how Mason and Savvie get together, but we start out 4 years in the past and learn how they got together, which is really nice. He needed a demo model at the club, and she applied. And 4 years later, they are the perfect couple. Except…

We all know that the perfect couple from the outside aren’t usually perfect from the inside, and even Mason and Savannah aren’t perfect. They are both hiding things, from themselves and from others.

I was really glad to get the backstory of Mason and Savannah as a couple and their individual backstories. Having that insight always helps us to understand the characters more, both this book and in other books. It’s really interesting to go back and look at what I know of Savvie and Mason from the other books through the eyes that have read this book. Does that sentence make sense? You know what I mean, anyway. I was sitting at the grocery store with my husband waiting for the cab to take us home while I was reading this, and there were legit tears running down my face while I was waiting. Poor husband, he was worried. I was like, no, sad part of the book. He was like ahhhh. He no longer wants me to explain why the book is sad because I have to go from the very beginning of the story, and there have been some that are very convoluted. Now I just tell him if he really wants to know, I will give him the book to read. Luckily no one else asked why I was crying. We all know how much I love a Dani Rene book, and this one is definitely no different. I truly loved it, even as I had tears running down my face. When the last 2 books come out, I’m going to binge read the entire series, which is going to be awesome.


Oh, man, yeah, I know that I usually have some sorta spoiler-y thing down here, but I’m not all that sure what I can put down here. I think that I have one or two things that I can say.

I both like and hate Uncle Marcello. He’s fucking sneaky. He has some serious ulterior motives, I know he does. Anything he’s done, he’s had 57 reasons to do.

Cousin Alexei, I’m really hoping we see more of him because he’s complex, and he’s complex in the way that I like.

That’s all about this one, so go check it out. Happy reading!

Dani Rene-Stolen

So, Dani is starting a new series. A dark and intense series. One that is going to keep us on our toes, and if you want to know what’s going on, you need to read the prequel, Stolen. It’s like baseball, if you don’t have the scorecard, you won’t know any of the players, and who wants that?

If you read When the Dark Wins, you may be familiar with this story. This was Dani’s entry in it, and it was called Severed in that set. You can’t get WtDW anymore, so if you want to read it, you have to read it here. I can’t tell you if it’s expanded or not, because I didn’t go back and read it in WtDW. I have a feeling that it’s pretty much the same as in there, but there were a couple of things I don’t remember.

Drake is a Savage. Literally, his last name is Savage. He has a twin brother named Dante and his best friend is named River. The Savage family is just that. They take young women and sometimes young men and do terrible and savage things to them. The goal is to break the people they have taken and then sell them or otherwise dispose of them.

Caia is the latest Savage acquisition. They are going to keep her for 4 weeks and then handle her. The goal is to break her. And they are seriously going to try. I mean, fuck, they are really going to try. The thing is, though, Caia is strong. She’s a fighter. And Drake is drawn to her. There’s just something about her that he can’t stay away from. There’s also something about him that draws her to him.

It’s a short story, so that’s about all you are going to get here. I really like Caia, Drake, Dante, and River, and I can’t wait to see more of everyone interacting togther and the wait for the next book is going to be very frustrating to me. This is a definitely dark story, and really, when I say dark, you know that I know what I’m talking about. Because it’s short, there aren’t any spoilers under there for you to read, but I found a picture anyway, because we all know I like pictures.