Alta Hensley-Caged

Alta wasn’t happy with just one surprise release in the past few days. She had to come out with two! Caged is a fun, filthy, dark, little Mafia tale, involving, guess what? That’s right, cages!

We start out at a funeral with Nayla. One of her co-workers has been killed in the line of duty of taking out one of the big Mafia families. And of course, one of those two families decides to interrupt the funeral with a little gunplay, because what funeral doesn’t need a whole lot of people getting shot. Nayla is lucky enough to survive it.

She’s a prosecutor who is after one of those two families. She has pix of the head of the family, Eddie, on her apartment’s wall because it is supposed to help her focus on her job. She stares at him a whooooole lot. I mean, like a lot a lot. Then, one day, she meets the real thing. In her apartment. Who has come to take her away. Yeah.

Meanwhile, Eddie has decided that he’s going to take Nayla. He has his reasons to do it, and he kinda doesn’t care what she has to say about it. He’s going to do what he wants.

There is a lot of fun and filthy filthy filth in this. And I love it, a lot. A lot a lot. There’s just something about the way that Eddie treats Nayla that is so twisted and kinky and hot like burning.

Overall, I really like Eddie. You wouldn’t know that he was the head of a Mafia family unless you knew that he was the head of a Mafia family. He seems like such a good man. OK, I’m not saying you can’t be a good man and a crime lord, but you get what I mean, right? Anyway, he is definitely honorable, and has very definite ideas.

I liked Nayla too. With that said, I thought that there were times that she was a little naive. I dunno, naive might not quite be the word, but I think that’s the closest that I can come to it. She’s willing to believe the good in people who might not have that good. I think that she might also have a little bit of a black and white view on life.


I have to say, I love Eddie’s house. And his choice in dinner parties.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. You’re going to have to go check it out! Happy reading!

Clarissa Wild-Locked

A few months ago I read a story called Caged by Clarissa Wild. This book drew me in and put me through the wringer. It was a helluva ride and it left me in a book hangover for a couple of days. It was a pretty short read, but very powerful. When I found out that Clarissa was putting out a sequel, I was all over that. I knew I needed to have more about this particular world.

So, the sequel is called Locked. It’s about Cage’s older brother Lock. We learned a little bit of his history in Caged, but not much about him. Lock was able to escape from his terrible upbringing and decided that he was tired of fighting, what he really wanted to do was go out and see the world. His father would reward him with winning his fights by letting him go outside, and that was all that Lock ever wanted. Eventually, he made his way to an uncharted island where he was able to live on his own in his own way.

Juliet loves the outdoors. To that end, she became a wildlife biologist. While she loves doing lab work, she lives for getting outside in the field and getting her hands on nature. She loves the excitement of it and the chance to find new things. That’s why she is just thrilled to get the chance to go to this uncharted island, untouched by human hands. Everything was going well, right up until the point where her helicopter crashed and she was the only survivor.

You know what time it is now. While Locked is a sequel to Caged, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a direct sequel. For the majority of the book, we don’t see anything having to do with Cage and Ella. Most of it is about Lock and Jules. That means that you can read it as a standalone if you so desire, but you will probably enjoy it more if you have read Caged. I thought it was a good story, and Lock was a very sympathetic character. I tend to identify with the female characters more than males, because well, I am a female, but I got Lock a lot more than I got Jules in this one. There were points which were really heartbreaking and I was more than a little teary. So, go check it out. While you are checking it out, hit this link for a giveaway!


So, poor Lock. He may be physically a man, but developmentally he has had no chance at all, has he? Poor guy. I hope his father burns in the deepest, darkest, hottest firey pits of hell. Then he has this woman literally fall out of the sky at his feet, and she just doesn’t seem to get him. It has to be hard on the guy. I mean, I know it can’t have been easy on Jules, but she basically invaded his home and he tried to take care of her and she kept attacking him.

I’m looking forward to reading more about this world, and I’m hoping to get more of everyone’s stories. Go grab this one and give it a check. Meanwhile, happy reading!

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