2019 Round Up-Top Ugly Cry Books

I don’t know if there are going to be 10 or not, so this is probably just going to be a 1 part post. For me, an ugly cry book is different from a book that makes me cry. There are some books that will give me tears because there is something sad going on, a break up, a death, so on and so forth. Generally, they last for a couple of minutes, and they are just tears running down my face. An ugly cry is just that, really ugly. Full on tears, snot running out of my nose, sobs, the whole 9 yards. These are the reads that make my husband ask me if I’m OK. He’s learned to accept the answer that it’s just an ugly cry book. So, here are some of the books that made me ugly cry this year. There are some that I’ve already mentioned on other lists that gave me ugly cries, Nicky James’ Long Way Home and Eva Dresden’s Broken, so they are just getting Honorable Mentions here. So, let’s get on with the ones that made it, shall we?

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Nicolina Martin-Redemption

Redemption is part of Nicolina’s Russo Saga, and is its own Duet with Absolution. (Expect to see that one show up tomorrow or Wednesday.) Anyway, no matter what the title says, there isn’t a lot of redemption going on in this book. This is the story of Christian and Kerry. Kerry is just a nice, sweet woman who happened to be working at a childcare center where a mobster’s son went. When she asked him a question, he sent Christian after her. When we first met Christian, in an earlier book, I really liked him. I didn’t by the end of this book. In fact, I downright fucking hated him. When Nicolina read my GR review on in, she asked me what my ugly cry moments were, and there were moments, not just a moment. Because it is a duet, it is a cliffhanger, but the second one is already out, so there’s that.

Addison Cain-Ravaged Captive

Ravaged Captive is the 4th book in Addison’s Wren’s Song books. They are Omegaverse and RH. All of the books have made me cry, but this one really made me cry because everything started to really fall apart. Caspian, Toby, and Kieran are at each other’s throat, Wren has been tossed out and thought dead, and the doll is in the way. I think that it was the addition of the doll that really got to me. I expect that the next one will also give me an ugly cry. Sooooooon.

Anna Wineheart-The Pretense

Anna is one of my favorite MM Omegaverse authors, and I’m lucky enough to be able to ARC her books. All of her books have some strong emotions in them, but The Pretense was just loaded with it. It’s a second chance, pretend boyfriend kind of story. It can be read as a standalone, but if you read all the Men of Meadowfall books in order, you’ll enjoy it more. They are all interconnected. There is one very particular moment that gave me a seriously ugly cry. There are some other spaces where I got teary, but this one particular scene was so hard, so heartbreaking that it really stuck with me, and made me ugly cry hard.

India R. Adams-Blue Waters

Blue Waters wasn’t published this year, but this was the year that I read it, so it counts to me, and since it’s my blog, that’s all that matters. This is the first of the Tainted Waters series that feature Whitney, Link, and Crash. All of the books in the series have made me full on ugly cry, but I’m just going to go with the first one here. It’s not a very long book, but it is very intense. Everything builds on the things before, but you do get a second to catch your breath in between. The entire series is worth reading. I don’t know that I would recommend reading them back-to-back, because of the intensity, but I would definitely recommend reading them.

B.B. Blaque-FTW

FTW doesn’t mean for the win here. It’s outlaw MC slang that means Fuck the World, and that is pretty much what happens here. This is the 3rd book in BB’s Masters MC series, and it is dark. I fell in love with Colt, Tuesday, Kash, and Barely when I read their books the first time, and I was really looking forward to this one. Let’s just say that it wasn’t a happy book. There were terrible, terrible things that happened, and I was devastated. BB will have GFY, Go Fuck Yourself, out soon, and I can’t wait.

OK, there they are, the Top 5 ugly cry books from this year.




India R. Adams-Blue Waters

YA/NA books aren’t generally my jam, but when I saw Blue Waters and the whole Tainted Water trilogy by India R. Adams, I know that I had to get in on it. And I am so very, very glad that I did. Because this book is just amazing, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the story. Spoiler, I will be this weekend.

Reading Blue Waters was like listening to a perfect symphony, watching the most beautiful dance ever, eating the most perfect bite of food, well, you get the idea. There’s just such beauty in this book. It’s not all sweetness and light, but it’s not all dark either. It’s a lovely balance, and one that can be really hard to do, and India handled it easily.

This is the story of Whitney, and the two most important men in her life, Link, whose real name is Reether, and Crash, whose real name is Harold. Whitney has a huge personality, and I mean incredibly huge personality. She is a smartass, talented, smart, caring, loyal, and funny. It’s hard not to fall in love with her.

Link and Whit have been best friends since forever. They live across a lake from each other, with their bedrooms facing each other. Each night, Link blinks his bedroom light at Whit to tell her that he loves her. Each morning, the two of them race each other out to the middle of the lake. Whoever wins gets to choose what they have for breakfast. These two are so in sync with each other, they are almost the other half of each other’s souls. They support each other, they compete with each other, they are just always with each other. Really, I love how they are together.

Then there is Crash. Whitney meets Crash at the movies when she goes to get more butter for her popcorn. Since the employee isn’t there, she jumps back behind the counter to get her own butter, and all of a sudden, Crash is there. She goes off on a riff about how her name is Franket and she’s working there in order to support her 3 boys, Harlan, Ford, and Link, who are actually all her guy friends, and it’s just funny to read. Crash starts to call her Franky, and I love that.

There is so much that happens in this book, and since it’s a novella, it’s a pretty short read, so there is no wasted space in here. Pretty much everything that happens is important to the story. If it doesn’t show up as important in this one, I expect it will be important in the next two stories. I can’t see how it can’t be. And even with everything that we find out in this book, there is so much more that we don’t find out and each question we get answered, really kind of sent me off wanting to know the answer of something else.

This book left me feeling all kinds of feelz and I just had to kind of sit and stare off into space when I was done reading it because it just left me so moved.


That end. Oh, that end.

I need to know what Link has going on. There has to be something there.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. Do yourself a favor and go read it, even if you don’t generally read YA/NA. You won’t regret it. Happy reading!