Ava Sinclair-Daddy’s Home

I am always down to read one of Ava’s Daddy books. I love how well she writes the couple and their stories. So, when I saw Daddy’s Home, I was all like sign me right the fuck up, yes, please and thank you. And, as always, I really enjoyed the story.  I do have to say that there were parts of it that were hard for me to read, for reasons. I’ll get to them.

Here’s our story. Gage has just returned from a tour in the Sandbox. He’s a member of the National Guard. He wants to serve, but he didn’t want to go the full military route. His best friend and neighbor joined up with him. However, things happen, and well, he didn’t come home. Gage was right there when he died, and ended up with a concussion and a discharge. All he wants to do is to get home to his wife and baby girl, Poppy. He’s going to put everything else behind him, and lock it in a teeny, tiny box and throw away the key. That’s what he has done with everything else bad that has ever happened.

Meanwhile, back on the farm, literally, Poppy has been holding down the fort, working for the local vet as his assistant, and doing all the adult kind of things that need to be done. She loves her job, she is proud of herself for all the things that she’s learned how to do, and she’s so happy that her Daddy is coming home. He’s ready to get back to the life they had before he got deployed, including having her stay home as a housewife.

But, life never stays the same, and what worked before his deployment doesn’t necessarily work now. Plus, Poppy and Gage aren’t the same people now as they were before his deployment too.

OK, here’s where we get to the part that made it hard for me to read sometimes. My dad served 2 tours in Vietnam and Things happened. He came home different. Not that I knew him before or anything, but people who knew him before say that. He spent the rest of his life fighting with PTSD. It wasn’t until later in his life, and by later I mean the early 2000s, that he finally got the right treatment, and the change was huge. So Gage’s struggles hit very close to home. PTSD isn’t something that just affects the person who has it, it affects their entire family. Anyway, there’s that.

So, I mostly like Gage. I like him a lot more in the last few pages of the book, I think. There were times that I wanted to walk into the book and smack the everloving shit out of him. I worked hard to remember that he was dealing with PTSD and trying to put his life back together, but still.

I really like Poppy. I think that she is really strong. I can relate to some of the stuff the vet said to her. I’m glad that she had someone who was outside the situation and who could advise her. I would not have wanted to be her. There was just too much for her to have to deal with.


Dogs are good. Doggos are very good.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Ava Sinclair-Sins of the Father

When it comes to titles, Ava plays games. You look at a title like Sins of the Father, and it could mean one thing if you look at it from one way and it can look like something completely different if you look at it another way. I really like that a lot.

Father Dominic is just about to take over his new parish from Father Morris, who is retiring. He’s been there for a year to learn about the parish and to get some mentoring from Fr. Morris, but it’s his turn now. Part of all the stuff he has to deal with is that the church secretary will be leaving too, which means that he has to find a new one. As a favor to Father Morris, Father Dominic goes to dinner at one of the deacon’s house to meet his daughter to hire her to be the church secretary.

Carmen went to college and got a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She really wanted to stay away from her father, but jobs for people who just have a BS are few and far between. So, back to her father’s house she has to go, sadly. Her father is a jackass and tells her that she needs to work as the church’s new secretary. She tries to get the father to say he won’t hire her, but there’s just something about her, and he does hire her.

I felt so sorry for Carmen. I mean, when I say her father is a jackass, I may actually be insulting jackasses. He’s just a nasty piece of work and probably deserves to be firmly kicked in the balls. A fucking lot. I volunteer to do it. Let me borrow the kid’s steel toed boots, and I’ll be right on it. If I burst one of his testicles, so be it. Anyway, I digress. Carmen just really hurts, and I just really want to just give her a hug and a cuddle and tell her that things will get better. She just needs to have someone do that for her.

Father Dominic is a really good man. His goal in life is to take care of his flock. He just wants to be a good priest to everyone under his care, to make sure that people are safe and have everything they need. There’s just something about Carmen that draws him to her and really makes him want to make sure that she’s safe and cared for. He just wants to wrap her up in bubble wrap and a blanket.

This is a quick read, but it works as a complete story. I don’t feel like anything is missing to it or that anything was rushed through it. It is nicely wrapped up and you get a great story.


I really, really, really hate Carmen’s father. He brings up bad feelings, and I want him to burn in hell.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Ava Sinclair-Cry for Daddy

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my radio silence. I’m getting over a miserable cold, and I’m 5 days away from a move. There’s much going on in Clara-land, and trying to get everything going means that something falls by the way sometimes. So, if you’ll bear with me for a few days, I’d be ever so grateful.

So, for today, we have Ava’s latest Daddy book. Cry For Daddy is a darker book than some of the others that Ava has written, at least when it starts out. It has some really difficult moments in it, as well as some sad ones.

Maisie grew up in foster care. Her life wasn’t happy, and good things didn’t happen to her. Now she’s aged out of the system and living in a house with another young woman. One she’s never spoken to, really. When they talk, they do it by note, except for once. She works in a crappy restaurant where she’s a waitress and scrapes a living. But, when she’s not at work, she shoplifts or picks pockets. That little bit of thievery gives her the feel of control, even if she doesn’t really have a lot of control or power in her life.

What Maisie doesn’t know is that there is a man following her. He knows her every move. He knows her entire history from birth up to the current moment. He may even know her better than she knows herself at this point. He is obsessed with her, and he has plans for her. She doesn’t know yet, but he’s going to be her Daddy and take such good care of her. The best care of her ever.

I love the way that Ava did this. We don’t know his name. All we know is that he’s following her. I love that the chapters from his POV early in the book give us no clue about him at all. We just see him following Maisie and his inner dialogue is all about her and what he already knows about her and what more he is learning about her. It’s kind of a mindfuck, really, the way that it’s written. And it’s so totally fucking awesome.

I like Maisie mostly. I can relate a lot to her in a lot of ways. That always makes a book feel so much more real to me. I like feeling that intense connection to a character sometimes. I don’t need it all the time, and in fact, I couldn’t handle that kind of connection in every book. It would probably rub my insides raw, but in those books where it does happen? Wow. And this definitely was a wow.

There were parts that made me quite angry. I mean, I wanted to walk into the book and smack Daddy. There were times that I really think that he deserved it too.


Normally I wouldn’t put a discussion about the title in my spoiler section, but I think that this is the right place for it. It’s the kind of wordplay that I really like in a title, and there are so many ways that the phrase cry for Daddy can be taken. I love that it’s all in the eye of the reader.

OK, that’s all for this one. I highly recommend that you go check it out. Happy reading!

Ava Sinclair-Silver Daddy

Ava Sinclair has a new Daddy for us to read, and I am totally here for it. Silver Daddy is a really heavily emotional book, more so than some of her others, I think. Don’t get me wrong, I think that they all have a lot of emotion in them, but there is huge emotion in this one.

So, here’s how this one goes. Morgan is a 20-something who has made a whole lot of mistakes in her life. She’s currently living on a fraying shoestring, being reminded regularly by her bitchy landlady that she is only there because of her landlady’s “Christian charity”. Then, her landlady tells her that she is getting a new tenant on the other side of the duplex, and if Morgan screws up and this guy complains too much, she’s gone.

Gavin is a lovely Scottish gentleman who is definitely in the silver fox category. In my head, he looks just like Jeff Goldblum, because yum fucking yum. He has been a travel writer, and now he’s ready to settle down. He’s decided that he wants to settle down in a small US town that reminds him of the villages where he grew up. And he just happened to rent the other half of the duplex where Morgan lives. Before he even meets his new neighbor, the poisonous landlady runs her mouth and tries to pour poison down his ear about her.

I really didn’t like the landlady, can you tell? I also don’t like Chloe. I’ve had friends like that. They just live to see how miserable you are.

I feel both sorry for and frustrated by Morgan. Sorry for because I’ve been that person. Not that I’ve had some of the troubles she had, but I’ve been the person who was living right on the edge. It is just so frustrating, exhausting, stressful, and terrible. It’s so hard to be there, and you don’t realize how hard it is until it gets to the point where you aren’t there anymore. I’m frustrated by her because I think that she is a little inconsiderate, and she’s willing to take some short cuts that she might not otherwise have taken, mostly because she’s desperate. I do like her though because she keeps trying, even when she’s in that terrible spot. She has a real strength that she just has to dig down and find.

I like Gavin, most of the time. He’s really caring when it comes to helping Morgan. He wants to help people, especially women, to be the best them that they can be. You know, like a good Daddy does. That’s pretty cool. I did think that he was a little high handed to start off with when it came to Morgan, but not overly so, because, well, Daddy Dom. So, there’s that.

I love the connection that Morgan and Gavin have. It is just very tangible and all-encompassing. It is really touching.


I love when Morgan shows her true backbone and puts people in their place. It made me really happy for her and she did it without being mean or anything. It was great.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Ava Sinclair-Rough Riding Daddies

I have to admit that I am terrible about reading blurbs, especially when it comes to authors I am familiar with and that I like to read. So, when I heard the title Rough Riding Daddies, I expected a menage. Guess what? It’s not. Instead, it’s a story of two couples and how they are intertwined with each other and how life changes. While I would’ve been perfectly happy with a menage story, I’m happier that the story went the way that it did.

Honey and Lennox are one couple. They are in a 24/7 DD/lg relationship. And they are very happy. Lennox is a rancher and a former rodeo rider. Honey is just about to graduate college. She’s been really, really stressed, so Lennox is keeping a secret from her. They have a couple who are friends, who are also in a DD/lg relationship, Joy and Garrett. Joy helped to mentor Honey when she and Lennox were first getting into their relationship and as Honey was figuring out who she was when it came to submission. She and Joy are now BFFs. But, now Joy and Garrett have broken up, and have been for about 3 months. Lennox has known about it, but he hasn’t told Honey because her last semester has been really hard on her. He figured that he’d have time to warn her before her graduation ceremony, but sadly, that didn’t happen. What even Lennox didn’t know is that Garrett has a new girlfriend and a new babygirl.

Garrett has brought his new babygirl, Amy, to the graduation. He had no clue that Lennox hadn’t told Honey or that Joy hadn’t been in touch with her, so that she had no idea that the relationship had ended. But Garrett didn’t warn Lennox that he’d be bringing Amy, so when Honey runs up to them and only sees Amy from the back, she grabs her and calls her Joy. Oops.

As you probably can guess, Honey wasn’t a happy little girl over what was happening. And she had absolutely no problems with letting anyone know about it either. Which of course, isn’t ever a good thing.

Like I said early, this book is really about both couples and how they are entwined together. Lennox and Garrett are best friends and knew each other from the competitive rodeo circle. Lennox and Joy are responsible for introducing Honey and Garrett. Joy mentored Honey and they became good friends. See, totally entwined. But when you pull one part of that equation out and add in a new factor, things get wonky. It can be hard to cope when your support system changes and the things that you thought you knew change.

But that’s not all that this story is about. It’s also about the fear of change and how to handle that change. It’s about finding your happy and fighting for your happy. It’s also about trying to find where you belong. I know that sounds like a whole lot of stuff to be wrapped up in one book about a pair of hot Daddies, but it’s all there. And it’s all wrapped up in a good story that you can really enjoy.


OK, frankly I think that Joy isn’t all that nice a person. I can see where Honey might’ve become good friends with her, but since then, I just don’t think she’s all that.

That’s all I have to say today. Go read the book! Happy reading!

Ava Sinclair-Operation Daddy

Ava has a new Daddy for us, and this time we are going to go play cops and robbers. Operation Daddy is Ramsey and Mia’s story. And it made me all verklempt.

Mia is a competent police officer who has worked undercover ops and helped take down pedophiles. She was able to do that because while she may be 30, she looks around 16. And while she may hate being carded when she goes out to buy ciggies, it’s going to help out on the latest case. She’s going to go back to high school. And she’s going to work with Ramsey, who is a total rock star.

Ramsey is part of the state’s police force, which is not the force that Mia works for. He is pretty much the bestest undercover agent ever. So when he gets called in for the job, he looks at the available talent pool, and chooses Mia. She’s pretty excited about it. Then she finds out that he’s going to be her dad. Which wouldn’t be a huge problem, except he wants her to call him Daddy all the time, and Mia isn’t going to be doing that at all, thankyouverymuch.

The whole reason that they are going undercover is that there is a huge drug ring that has infiltrated a local high school, since they don’t have Johnny Depp and the cast of 21 Jump Street right to hand, they need another cop who can pass as a teenager. Thus, Mia. She and Ramsey are going to get into the area and see what they can see.

I like Mia, was annoyed by her at times, felt sad for her, was angry for her, and respected her. I know, that’s an awful lot of feelz to have for one character in a relatively short read, but there you go. I totally understand the whole feeling alone I have to do everything thing and the taking the weight of the world on your shoulders thing. Her history has set her up for that feeling, and as our personality develops as we are young, we learn coping skills, and they might not be the, you know, healthiest of coping skills, which is what Mia has done. Her coping skills include rebelling, resisting authority, shutting down her feelings, and doing everything herself. Like I said, not the healthiest, but you learn what you have to do to survive. So when Ramsey is nice to her and starts taking care of her, it both makes her feel better and disconcerts her.

I think that Ramsey is a good man, most of the time. He makes one huge, colossal mistake that made me really mad at him.


I got mad that Ramsey appeared to not go after her, especially since he realized that he realized he done fucked up. I mean, he had to know that he really, really hurt Mia, and he should’ve guessed how she would handle it.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Ava Sinclair-A Daddy’s Lesson

Once upon a time, Ava threatened to stop writing Daddy books. I’m so glad that she didn’t. I mean, I love everything Ava writes, she’s one of my must-read authors, but there’s just something so good about her Daddy books. And it’s now different when it comes to A Daddy’s Lesson.

Amelia got caught up in a scandal at her uni. She had a professor who tapped into her submissive side and desires. When his wife found their text messages, the prof threw her under the bus, and made it out that she was the predator in the relationship. Amelia’s parents, who are all about the honor of the family name and all that, yell at her about the terrible shame she has brought upon the family. Amelia’s grandmother has summoned her to the familial estate. Since that’s the worst thing that her father can think of to do to her, he sticks her on a train and sends her off to his hated mother.

Elias is the gamekeeper at Lady Falmont’s estate. His family has been living on the estate and been the gamekeepers for several generations. He and Lady Falmont have a special connection. He is very loyal to her and would do just about anything for her. But one day, Lady Falmont summons him to the big house and tells him that her granddaughter will be coming to stay because something happened at her uni. She wants him to take her out and teach her the ways of nature.

There’s a real Red Riding Hood vibe in a lot of this. Of course, it could be because Amelia gets an honest to god red cape with a hood from her grandmother. I think that if anyone were going to eat anyone else up, it would definitely be Lady Falmont. She’s definitely tricksy, that one. She knows many things and appears to be able to read the minds of people. I think that she’s disconcerting. I really like her. I may be more than a little scared of her too. But, you know, in a totally good way.

One of the thing that I really liked about this book is that it feels like it isn’t anchored in time. We know that it’s definitely set in current times because text messages and cell phones, but once Amelia gets to the estate, it’s like she walked into a portal and into its own little world. That really fed into the whole fairy tale vibe too.

I felt so sorry for Amelia because her dad is just such a douche. In fact, I think if you look him up in the dictionary, you are going to see his face as a definition for douche. I mean, he’s just such a nasty fuck. I do feel sorry for her in general too, because she’s just so lost and so desperate for anyone to love her. That’s just such a hard place to be in, and can leave a person with a huge bull’s eye on them. But, I think that she’s also got an iron core down in her somewhere, she just has to find it so that she can use it. I think that she’s going to grow up into a formidable woman.

Elias is a good man. I really like him. He’s really a perfect Da. Calm, patient, loving, caring, solid, and stern when necessary. I love seeing the world through his eyes. He’s a very peaceful character, and I think that he’s perfect for the book. Any other kind of character wouldn’t have worked in this story.

I definitely fell in love with this story and with the characters and loved reading it.

red deer stag

I loved when Amelia stood up to her father. It was impressive, and I was so proud of her being able to do it. I also loved her father’s gobsmacked reaction.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Ava Sinclair-Daddy’s Brand

Ava have given us such an awesome present for the 12 days of Christmas. (Which spans from Christmas to Ephiany.) We are getting a Daddy and a cowboy, all wrapped up in one person. Yumm, right? Best Christmas present ever! Anyway, let’s talk about Daddy’s Brand.

Harley is a vet student. She wants to be a big animal vet, and working as an intern on a ranch will be the perfect addition to her resume as well as a way to start networking and building more experience. She’s spent time at summer camps and working at other places with large animals, but spending months on an actual working ranch that does everything the old fashioned way will be better than anything else she has ever done. So, when the Triple Bar accepts her application, she thinks she’s in like Flynn. But…

Royce has spent half of his life working at the Triple Bar and is now the foreman. He’s dedicated to his job and does everything he can to make sure that the ranch works the way that he should. So, when he finds out that his new intern Harley is a female instead of a male, he’s shocked. But, the fact remains that she is still the best candidate out there, and she’s bound and determined to do the job. Maybe a little too bound and determined. When the ranch manager wants to send her away, he goes to bat for her and makes sure that she stays so that she can do the work.

I like Harley, I really do. She’s strong, determined, talented, smart, and will stand up for what she knows is true. All that being said, there are a couple of things that I don’t particularly care for, and I think that they stem back to her father and the fact that she’s still fairly young. They are things that she could grow out of. Mostly, it’s the way that she is just sooooo bullheaded. I get being determined, and I get wanting to stand on your own and show that you don’t need any special treatment just because you are a woman. Trust me, I totally get it. But, you can go too far with it. I mean, as an example, Royce wanted to make sure that she had a private room in the bunkhouse, but she refused and said that she would sleep in the main bunkhouse. Having a separate room wouldn’t have been special treatment, not really. In places where men and women work together like in fire stations and such, they have separate sleeping areas. That’s not really special treatment, if you ask me. It gets to a point where arguing and being bullheaded just turns around and bites you in the ass, but generally that’s something that you learn as you get older. Even for as smart and dedicated as she is, Harley is still kinda in the young and stupid phase of life.

I think Royce is just an all around good guy. He’s steady, solid, dependable, and is going to be able to help out anyone necessary. He’s good for Harley in so many ways. And hey, hot cowboy is hot. I love the chemistry that they have together.


I kind of guessed part of the end, but I was still satisfied with it because it was the way that it should be.

I love Mike and his little white lie. It was so sweet.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. Go hit King Zon and check it out. Happy reading!

Ava Sinclair-In Daddy’s Custody

Ava Sinclair has written another quick and dirty Daddy story and this time our little girl was very, very naughty. So, let’s talk In Daddy’s Custody, and find out what Lillian did that was so bad.

When Lillian was 13, her parents died. Her much older brother took over and took care of her, mostly by trying to make her do everything he wanted and trying to fit her into his mold. But, as you might guess, that didn’t work out so well, because it never does. Now, years later, Lillian has perfected lying to her brother, making him believe what she wants him to believe, and cultivating cannabis. Now, this last thing might not be such a huge thing in my state and maybe not on yours, but where Lillian lives, marijuana is not legal for anything. And oh, did I mention that her brother was a cop?

David, who remembers Lillian as his best friend’s little sister who he called Brat has come home to join the police force. And the Brat has grown up into a beautiful woman. A beautiful woman who he’s pretty sure is hiding something, so he sets out to figure out what’s going on and what she’s hiding. When he finds out, he decides that she needs a good hiding.

I think that David is a very good guy. He really does have Lillian’s best interests in mind, even if she doesn’t necessarily see them at first. I don’t think that he is overly Daddy-y to her at first, really. Maybe. I see it more like this, my mom used to say (about me) that sometimes I needed hit in the head by a 2×4 so that she could get my attention to deal with whatever needed dealt with. Full disclosure, my mother never hit me in the head with a 2×4. But the sentiment stands. I think that she needed that first spanking to grab her attention so that she could actually hear what David was saying to her.


Can I just say how much I hate Lillian’s brother? I hate him so much that I blocked his name out of my memory and I didn’t bother to look it up. That’s how much I hated him. I mean, he was a serious jerk and he made Lillian feel lesser all the time.

OK, that’s all I have to say on this one. As always, go check it out! Happy reading!

Ava Sinclair-Scary Daddy

Happy Halloween! OK, OK, it’s 4 days early, but I won’t tell if you don’t tell. And hopefully, the Daddies in Scary Daddy won’t be too upset about it either. Because we all know that would be so, so bad, right?

So, we open on Lindy and Rowan, 2 besties who are sharing a house in a neighborhood with a strict HOA. That means that the head of the HOA, Clay, has already told them that they can’t have their Halloween Hello Kitty up in their yard, because it’s against the rules, which they would’ve known if they had read the manual, which they didn’t. That is making it hard for them to get into the Halloween spirit, which really sucks, as it’s their favorite holiday. But they really, really want to put Hello Kitty up just for Halloween night and the trick-or-treaters. So, they turn off their favorite movie, Hocus Pocus, and might I just add one of my favorite Halloween movies, and go to talk to Clay.

When they get to the house, Clay’s partner Jon opens the door and seems attracted to Lindy, who swears she feels him grab her ass, even though he’s way out of arm reach. Clay turns the ladies down, which means Rowan and Lindy, at Rowan’s instigation, are going to do something about it. Something that may involve Halloween night, rotten duck eggs, and toilet paper.

However, Clay and Jon are onto the ladies and they know that Rowan and Lindy are going to do something about it, which means it’s going to be Clay’s great pleasure to deal with Rowan and Jon’s to deal with Lindy. Of course, our naughty little girls might not be happy with what their Daddy and Papa have planned, but nobody asked them, did they?

This is short read and a very cute Halloween story. Ava does Daddy stories so well, and she showed the different kinds of Daddies that Jon and Clay are from each other without having to really shove it in our face or anything, she just had them going about their business. I would so love to read more about Jon and Lindy and Clay and Rowan, even if it’s just about one of the couples.


OK, I kind of feel sorry for Clay and Jon. It can’t be all that easy being them.

That’s all I have to say today. It’s short and sweet, but that’s because this book was. Go check it out, as well as all of Ava’s other books. Happy reading!

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