The Dynamic Duo-Daring Little Daisy

Daring Little Daisy is the latest Daddy book from the Dynamic Duo. It’s also the first one from Allysa Hart’s newest pen name, Allie Belle. Same fantastic author, new name. This was going to be in the latest Masters of the Castle book, but for reasons, it wasn’t. But that’s OK, Ray and Allie gave it to us. Of course, it’s a Christmas book that came out after the New Year because Amazon is a stupid fuckhole and held it hostage.

Anyway, here’s our story. Daisy and Everett, Rett, have been talking to each other online for more a year. He’s a Daddy, she’s a Little. She had been going to play parties, but didn’t have her own Top, and she hasn’t played in a long while. She turned to a kinky website, and found Rett, and they have gotten this whole wonderful relationship going, even though they have never met. Rett has been trying to get Daisy to come to the Rawhide Ranch, which is a kinky ranch for Littles and Daddies. Finally, he gets her to come to the Ranch for Christmas. The way he did it? He dared her. Daisy can’t turn down a dare, so daring her is the best way to get her there.

So, Daisy gets down to TX and the ranch and immediately starts to melt down because the person who was at the reception desk wasn’t the person she expected, and Daisy wanted so much to be perfect, and when she couldn’t, she melted. Then, Rett comes, and things are so much better.

So, I totally get Daisy’s insecurities, because I have my own, you have your own, everyone has their own, and we all want to melt down when we are trying to be perfect and impress someone, so that is totally relatable whether you are a Little or not. I do really like Daisy because she is just so human. Just so very relatable and human, again whether or not you are Little. She’s just you and me and our best friend, you get the idea.

Rett is a really nice guy. He is totally all about Daisy, all about her. He wants to make sure she’s happy and healthy. He is just so totally a Daddy, in a good way. I think that he is perfect for Daisy and for what she needs.

OK, that’s all for today. I’m not putting spoilers today because this is pretty short, so I don’t really have something to put. Go check this out! You’ll love it. Happy reading!


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