Addison Cain-Stolen

Because Addison Cain and her PA, Courtney McDaniel, love me, or at least like me somewhat, and I have my awesome blog, I was able to get my hands on an ARC of Stolen really early! And now, I get to share bits and pieces of it with you! Stolen is currently available for pre-order and comes out on the 26th. If you loved the Alpha’s Claim series, you need to read this book, the first one in the Alpha’s Control series.

Seriously though, I adore the entire Alpha’s Claim series so hard. I have read it over and over and over, and can discuss it for hours. I think the series is one of the best things I’ve read, indie author, romance author, mainstream author, whoever, one of the best, hands down. Reborn is my favorite of that series. Stolen eclipses it. Addison really hit it out of the ball park. I may have called Addison evil and sadistic when I was finished reading it. I definitely cried. And then I was sad because I had finished it and had already had that brand new book feeling happen and the adrenaline let down from looking forward to it and reading it. I had all the feelz, and I think the book created more feelz just so that I could have them. I can’t wait for the next one, which will be sometime next year since Addison is finishing up a personal exapansion project.

There are going to be spoilers. I will do everything I can to keep them to a minimum, but they are going to happen. I will put anything big after a pretty picture, just for added protection. If you want to stay completely unspoiled, this is the place for you to stop. Fair warning. Go past this point, you may regret it.

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Danielle Lori-A Girl in Black and White

“There is no black and white in human nature. Just because a man is a prince doesn’t make him a good man.” Calamity’s Grandmother, telling Calamity a bloody fairy tale in the prologue.

So, you all may remember that a couple of weeks ago I did a blog post on Danielle Lori’s A Girl Named Calamity. In that post, I said how much I was looking forward to reading the sequel, A Girl in Black and White. Well, Danielle took pity on this poor blogger and sent me an ARC for it. Yay for Danielle! Sadly, it took me forever to get to it because of the stupid move and how backed up I got with that. But, here I am now. And Girl met and exceeded my expectations. I’m so glad that Danielle sent it to me and I’ve signed up to read the ARC for the next one. I think it’s going to be totally awesome. Let’s get into A Girl in Black and White. Do be aware that I will spoil stuff from the first book, so if you haven’t read it and don’t want to be spoiled, then you should stop right now, go read the books and then come back. You’ve been warned.

So, Girl picks up a year after Calamity ended. Calamity ended on a very, very mean cliffhanger, with Weston’s brother Roldan killing Calamity and throwing her into the ocean. Calamity is now living in Symbia in a brothel. She’s not a whore, but she is a Sister. The Sisters are a group of witches. The brothel is a safe house. The Sisters who live there don’t have to work there, so Calamity is still hanging on to her virginity. Symbia also happens to be the place where her mother lives.

Now, while Calamity was killed a year ago, she doesn’t remember all the time she was gone. There are about 4 months where she doesn’t remember anything, really. She just remembers waking up on a beach outside Symbia and someone finding her.

In Symbia, there is a woman running around doing things, called the Girl in Black. Can  you guess who that is? I bet you can. The Girl in Black does things like compel slavers to stop being slavers, which actually causes some of the slavers to die.

One of my favorite things is towards the beginning when she rescues a little boy named Henry who is a 7 year old pickpocket that she has befriended. He’s chained up in the magistrate’s house, and so is his monkey, Tasha. Tasha is a little more aware than most monkeys. While she’s there, she taunts two king’s guards, Steady and Tuko, and sorta becomes friends with them. It’s just a funny af scene.

Anyway, after that, Calamity goes back to the bar where Henry’s mother works, and there are two posters there. One is a badly drawn picture of her, the other is a well drawn picture of Weston. Or, should I say, Prince Weston of Titan? He is being lauded as the hero while she is being vilified. He’s being lauded for killing her and stopping her from opening the seal.

Then she runs to the brothel so that she doesn’t miss dinner and her mother shows up. That’s when we find out that everything that her grandmother told her about her mother and her past is a lie. Having her mother show up and take off her cuff was something her grandmother totally arranged so that Calamity would have to leave.

This is also when we find out that the fairy tale that’s the prologue is actually a repressed memory of Calamity’s.

Maxim, the Untouchable prince, has taken over Symbia, and he runs into Calamity and tells her that he just wanted to see if it was really her. She makes him swear not to tell Weston that she is there. Spoiler, he totally does.

OK, I’m going to go into the whole spoiler section now. This series is totally worth reading. While I thought that Calamity had some slow spots, I don’t think Girl has any at all. It really moves along well and is intense. There are some very vivid sex scenes in this, and my opinion on those scenes is that it was just about damn time for it to happen! Check out the series, and stay tuned for my review of the third book as soon as it comes out. Just another tip, this doesn’t end with an HEA either, it totally ends on a cliffhanger.


OK, so on to the spoilers and good stuff. Weston is still totally possessive and jealous when it comes to Calamity. He gets really pissed off when he finds out that she is living in a brothel, and he assumes that she’s working there. She doesn’t really tell him any different. Maxim doesn’t do anything to help with the matter, intimating that he has had Calamity in his bed.

Calamity has to be pledged, or married, on All Sisters Day, and her mother and step-father are really wanting her to marry Alis, her step-brother, who she can’t really stand. She keeps trying to tell him no, but he’s not taking now for an answer, so when Weston saves her from Alis and some of his friends, she has Weston compel Alis to marry one of the other Sisters in the brothel.

We also find out that Calamity isn’t just a Sister. She’s also a Shadow. If her black blood falls on the ground, she turns into a Shadow and is intangible and has serious magic. The Shadows of the Dawn aren’t a good group and they live away from Alyria.

There is so much more, but if I keep going into spoilers, there’s no point for anyone to read the book, and you really want to. Danielle has really stuck all kinds of layers into this book, and what happens with her grandmother and Weston at the end is just wow. It was just shocking. I mean… Wow.

Go check out this series on Amazon. It’s worth it. And happy reading!

May Archer-The Easy Way

May Archer is the nom de plume for Maisy Archer. She’s using May for when she writes her M/M romances. The Easy Way is the first of those books, and it is muy caliente. Maisy likes her boys, and it sure shows in this one. So, without any further ado, let’s get into Cort and Cam’s story.

Kendrick Cortland, just call me Cort, is an FBI agent. He’s been slightly rogue before, but now he’s going really off the reservation. He’s doing a personal investigation into Sebastian and Camden Seaver. Their parents died in a plane accident about a year ago, and the NTSB found the accident to be pilot error. There was a witness who said that he had been up drinking with the pilot the night before. The NTSB also said that the pilot was sloppy when it came to installing a part in the plane and that he didn’t pre-flight the plane correctly. Cort knows for a fact that the NTSB had to be wrong, because the pilot was his brother Damon, and he would never fly drunk or be sloppy. Now, Damon has come back from the dead and is sending Cort info that points to it being the Seavers who caused the plane crash.

Ever since Cam’s parents and his brother’s fiancee died in a plane crash, he’s had to take over the family company and all the responsibilities. His brother, Bas, has completely shut down, never answers the phone, never calls, and spends all his time looking into the crash. He doesn’t believe the NTSB’s findings and he wants someone to blame. Bas has taken to vilifying Damon in the press. Meanwhile, Cam is doing everything he can to deal with everything, but he has Drew, his ex and current head of legal, undercutting him and telling him that he’s weak. He’s just going through the motions and wants someone to love him for him. One fateful night, at a fundraiser for a charity his family started, he sees a Viking walk in the door.

Of course, you can all guess who the Viking is by now. Cort, who is currently suspended from the FBI, is there to try and use Cam so that Cam will take him to a party on a private island where Damon is going to be. That plan flies right out the window when Cort and Cam come face-to-face. Sparks fly and Cort discovers that he has a lot in common with Cam and Cam can’t be guilty of causing the plane to crash.

After talking, drinking, and running off Cam’s ex, Cam and Cort go up to the roof to get rid of some stress. They got rid of a lot of stress. Of course, they may have given me some.

This was a truly sweet love story. Cort is a bit of an asshole sometimes, but he at least knows that he screwed up and wanted to fix it. Cam has to work hard to deal with some of Cort’s actions, but when they are both able to get past those problems and get out of their own ways, they work so well together. Just so well together. If you like romances, this is a good one. You have been warned that it is two guys together, so no complaining on that. There is some (very steamy) sex scenes that are just so fantastic. If this sounds like something you are interested in, head over to ‘zon and pick it up. It’s only 0.99 right now, and it’s on KU.


So yeah, remember how I said those sex scenes were hot? I don’t think hot is quite the right word. Sizzling, smoking, as hot as the fire of 1000 white hot suns? Yeah, that’s more like it. I don’t have the particular equipment to have sex like that in those scenes, but that didn’t stop me from really enjoying them in any way. The heat and the chemistry just radiated off the page.

I loved how Cort and Cam flirted, even when Cam really didn’t want to. Cort was persistent enough to get Cam to reply, but not so overbearing that it was all stalkery. That can be a really hard line to managed and Maisy did it really well.

And I cannot say how much I love the end. The HEA is so amazingly amazing. I really want more of these guys, which is always a good sign to me. I can’t wait for Maisy to come out with her next one. I know that it will be as great as this one.

Imagine my ARC disclaimer right here, K?

Natasha Knight-Unhinged

I have another cover reveal for you guys. This is a new one from Natasha Knight, who is another awesome author. She writes dark and intense. I’m actually finishing up one of her books today, Captive, Mine. I’ve reviewed some of her stuff before, including her story in Royally Mine. So, here’s her new one, coming out 9/25! I’ve added it to my Goodreads TBR, and I suggest you do the same.



Two years ago, I made a deal with the devil. That night, I lost everything. That night, I thought he died.

But he’s back. Risen, like Lazarus, from the dead. And he’s dark. Darker than he was before. More dangerous. Unhinged. A scarred, tattooed savage.

The way he looks at me should terrify me, but I’m drawn to him, to his intensity. Consumed by it. By him. Even though I know if I’m not careful, his obsession will destroy me.


I should have died that night two years ago. My mistake cost my men their lives. It should have cost me mine. But I survived. And the day I learned she did too, I made it my mission to find her.

I sought her out. Tracked her. Shadowed her every move. I’ve been inside her home. Eaten her food. Drank her liquor.

I’ve stood beside her bed and watched her sleep.

She has so many secrets, and I know one of them. It’s the one where our pasts collided. The one that destroyed me.

And it’s the reason I’ve come for her.

I never intended to touch her, but I did. And now that I’ve had a taste, I want more. I want her. But that won’t change why I’m here.



Seanan McGuire-The Brightest Fell

The Brightest Fell is the 11th book in Seanan McGuire’s October Daye series. This series just keeps getting better and better.

The October Daye series is an awesome urban fantasy series. I mean, seriously good. Seanan has written a series that drops hints along the way that you won’t figure out until 4 books later. I love that so much. It’s always fun to go back to do a reread and find something and go oh, I never noticed that before. It’s things like that that keep the series fresh and interesting and will keep readers like me coming back for more.

Anyway, the October Daye series starts with Toby, who’s a changeling. Her mother was a member of Fairy and her father was human. She is a private investigator who is working on a missing person case for her liege, Sylvester. His twin brother took Sylvester’s wife and child. Toby follows Simon and his co-conspirator to try to figure out what is happening, and he turns her into a koi fish. She spends the next 14 years of her life living in a pond with other fish, not knowing who she is or what is going on. When she comes back to herself, her entire life has changed. Her daughter didn’t know her and thought that she had abandoned her.

Eventually, Toby starts to pull her life together and build herself a new life, with loads of wonderful people in it, none of whom are actually human. All her wonderful people turn into a family that she will die to protect.

In The Brightest Fell, we open on Toby’s bachelorette party. She’s getting ready to marry her Cait Sidhe lover, Tybalt, the local King of Cats. All her friends show up at the karaoke bar to sing, drink, and celebrate. She gets home to find Tybalt and his nephew asleep on the couch, watching Shakespeare. Just as she and Tybalt start getting happy to see each other, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Amandine, Toby’s mom. Now, Toby and her mom have a really, really, really bad relationship for so many reasons. Amandine wants to hire Toby to find her older sister, who is pure-blooded, and the daughter of Amandine and her husband, Simon. Yes, the same Simon who turned Toby into a fish.

When Toby turns her down, Mommy Dearest takes Tybalt prisoner, along with Toby’s Fetch’s lover. (Sound complicated? Yeah, kinda is. Read the series, then it’s not. Trust me, it’s worth it.) Toby has to find her sister, August, in order to get her people back. And thus, we start going on Toby’s adventure to find her sister, get her fiance back, and try not to kill her mother.

I love this series. If I didn’t I wouldn’t write about it, obviously, but it’s a great series. It’s full of a lot of layers and dimensions, and there is always something to find on a reread. There is language, there is violence (Toby beats someone’s head in with a baseball bat), and there are some sex scenes, but they aren’t usually incredibly graphic. And of course, there is romance, adventure, and sometimes swordplay. The world building is awesome, and the mythology that Seanan created and uses is wonderful. Definitely a great read.

poor unfortunate soul

When you read the book, you will see how fantastically awesome this picture is as a spoiler warning. One of my favorite scenes, and the first time I laughed out loud while reading this book. I had to explain why it was so funny to my husband. He really just rolled his eyes at me. Silly man.

So, Toby’s mom has taken away Tybalt and Jazz, who are both shapeshifters. Amandine has laid down an ultimatium, and Toby has decided to start think about how many ways she can kill her mother, and why it isn’t a good idea right now. She’s doing the latter so that she doesn’t use the former.

Toby starts to talk to her allies to figure out what to do. That leads her to Simon. Now, legally, by the laws of Fairy, Simon is her father, even though he had nothing to do with her life. That’s because he was married to her mother at the time that Toby was born. Toby’s mom was married to a human man, Toby’s father, at the time, but that didn’t count, since he was human. Simon has also been elf-shot which means that he’s asleep. Toby’s friend Walter came up with an antidote to elf-shot, but Simon was sentenced to stay asleep because of his crimes. However, Toby needs him awake so that she can use him to find her sister.

Simon has tried to rehabilitate himself somewhat. In fact, he got elf-shot while he was saving Toby. But, he still did a bunch of terrible shit. And people who are angry at him have a really good reason to be angry at him. He did what he did out of the best intentions, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. However, right now he’s the only person who isn’t lying to Toby in any way, because he knows that she’s tired of being lied to.

Remember how I talked about Seanan leaving hints all over the place that lead back to later books? She did that when it comes to August. There are hints through several books about who and where she is. It’s totally awesome when we find out where she is. Unfortunately, she’s still lost, since she traded away her way home for help on her quest. She doesn’t recognize Simon, and she never knew Toby, so she gets a touch grouchy.

OK, I’ve put more than enough spoilers, but you knew they were coming, so if you read them, it’s all on you. Go read this book. I’ll be rereading this series very soon, just to track all the various hints and see where they intersect. I’ll be highlighting and putting notes on my Kindle just so I don’t miss anything.

Tomorrow, Maisy Archer’s MM romance, The Easy Way, written under May Archer. Wednesday will be The Girl in Black and White. Thursday, you are in for a huge treat, Stolen from Addison Cain. This is #1 in the Alpha’s Control series, and doesn’t come out until 9/26. I’ve read it and gotten permission to share it with all of you lovely people. It’s fucking awesome. I literally fell asleep reading it and only woke up when my Kindle hit me in the face. There will also be cover releases, recommendations, and other such things. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Coming Soon! Draekon Heart

Lili Zander and Lee Savino have a new addition to their Exiled to the Prison Planet series coming out on October 6. Draekon Heart is Ryanna’s story, and I can’t wait! Keep an eye on this space for more info!


Surly Draekon is back. I could probably set my watch by Zorux. Ten minutes of sweetness followed by four hours of ill-temper.

That’s not fair, my conscience reminds me. Zorux isn’t ill-tempered. He just keeps to himself and doesn’t engage in conversation. Also, he lied for you this morning.

That’s true. I turn back and give him a sunny smile, and he blinks at me, surprised. I suppress my triumphant grin. I’m going to out-nice you, buddy. I’m a Southern woman. We can kill with kindness.


The Rite

Hey everyone! You know how I love to recommend books, right? Well, here’s another Jennifer Bene book for you to check out!

The Rite by Jennifer Bene is available now and available on KU!


Heather isn’t a witch – yet. She’s a woman with a complicated love life and an even more complicated family who is pushing her to complete the rite that they have guarded for generations. A rite that will give her unimaginable power at the cost of someone else’s life.

All she has to do is choose someone, take them to bed, and curse them to die.

After her cousin pressures her to go to a speed-dating event and just pick someone, she meets Neil. Ex-army, ex-foster kid, who just moved to Cambridge. He’s blond, dimpled, and gorgeous. He seems like the perfect choice, almost too perfect, but he’s her only choice if she wants to survive her family.

Can she choose him, and take him to bed, knowing that he’ll die for her to gain her power? To be one of the Pritchett witches? And can she live with herself, can she have the life she wants, if she does?

Publisher’s Note: This is a dark story that involves some delightful BDSM, heavy decisions and themes, and scenes of dubious consent and torture aided by magic.



What Is Clara Reading?

I finally got smart and put my TBR in a collection on my Kindle. I can actually get smart sometimes. So, without further ado, here is my TBR collection, which currently has 74 books on it, I think. There are a few ARCs on there too.  The books are in no particular order, since my Kindle isn’t letting my customise my collection today. Very frustrating.

Do you want to add to my TBR? Let me know! I’m always up for more books! If you are an author who wants me to read and review, hit up my contact page. If you want to see what I read and review but don’t post here, because really, I read a lot and I can’t blog everything I read, check out my Amazon and Goodreads pages on my about page. There is a Goodreads column on the right side of the page, so that will let you see what I’m reading and reviewing. Of course, that means you need to visit me a lot, which I’m always happy to see anyone who has visited me.

Coming up this week, I have been able to get an ARC of the first book of Addison Cain’s Alpha Control series and oh, holy fuck, it’s just amazing. I have permission to share my review whenever I want, so it will show up this next week. Also look for a review of A Girl in Black and White, which is the sequel to A Girl Named Calamity. There will also be a review of Kate Daniels 4, and Seanan McGuire’s newest October Day book and an overview of that series. There will probably be other stuff that shows up, and of course, next Friday is the next edition of What Is Clara Reading? In the meantime, happy reading!

Jane Henry-Beauty’s Daddy

OK, first I have to say that I avoided reading anything by Jane Henry for a while because that’s my aunt’s name, and I didn’t want to think of my aunt while I was trying to get my escapism groove on. But now? I’m sorry that I put off reading her books. I started by reading some of the Boston Doms series that she co-wrote with Maisy Archer, which is an excellent series. Jane now shows up on my TBR list. Oh, my TBR, I’ll never get through it with how far behind I am right now. Thanks, move

Anyway, back to Jane and Beauty’s Daddy. This book falls into a particular area of kink called Daddy Dom. This is kind of a subset of age play, I guess you might say. Age play is where the submissive is a Little. That is, they have times when they are in the space of being a child. How old a child depends on both the Big and the Little. It’s not all the time, but the sub will have times when they dress as a child, color, play, so on and so forth. The Dominant is the Daddy/Mommy. It’s their job to take care of their Little and make sure that they have a safe place to be little. This isn’t about pedophilia, it isn’t about incest, it’s a D/s relationship that has a different flavor.

Daddy Dom is slightly different. They are primarily a Dom, but instead of being called Sir or Master, their preferred title is Daddy. Their sub may be called little girl, little one, kitten, princess, or something like that. There generally isn’t any dressing up like a child or some of the more “childish” activities that you would see in an age play relationship, but the Daddy, being a Dom, does supervise and oversee his sub’s life. Like other D/s relationships, there are variations and no one relationship works the same, these are just general guidelines. Everyone is getting something that they need out of the relationship, the Daddy is getting someone to care for, the little girl is getting someone to care for her. As long as everyone is happy, safe, of age, and it’s consensual, it’s all good.

Of course, this is all just as I understand it, and I am not a kink/BDSM/fetish expert, I just read and research a lot. I welcome people correcting me or giving me more info.

Now that all of that is over and done with, it’s really time to get into Beauty’s Daddy. This book is Jane’s take on Beauty and the Beast, but don’t expect Emma Watson to be showing up anytime soon for it.

Our lovely heroine, Annabelle, is busy trying to make sure that her sister can go to college and that their mother, who is losing her mental faculties, is taken care of. One day, on the way to her job at the diner, she runs into Sawyer, knocking coffee all over him, ruining his suit. Then, she gets to work and gets a call from her sister that their mother has gone missing. The next thing she knows, she hears a car crash. She hopes it’s not her mom, but she just knows it is. And guess whose car got wrecked? You guessed it, Sawyer’s. Mom is busy swearing it’s his fault, when it’s really hers.

Sawyer tells Annabelle that she needs to be at his house that night so that they can discuss making reparations, that he’ll send a car, and she shouldn’t be late.

Sawyer has a bad reputation in town because he was accused of killing his fiancee years ago. He always maintained his innocence, but that didn’t stop anything from happening. He’s trapped himself in his big house outside of town since then.

Sawyer’s plan for Annabelle to pay him back is for her to pretend to be his wife for a month because he needs to have a wife for some interviews with journalists. However, she has to start immediately and won’t be able to leave, but he will pay her several times her salary for that time period and make sure that her mother is taken care of so that her sister can take a break. Annabelle does what she thinks is right and agrees to do it.

Not everyone gets or likes Daddy Dom stuff, but this is done really well. You see how much Sawyer is driven to take care of Annabelle, especially in view of his past experiences, and how much Annabelle wants someone to take care of her so that she doesn’t have to be the responsible adult all the time. But that doesn’t mean that Annabelle is just going to roll over and not be Annabelle anymore. No personality-ectomy here.

It’s a really good version of the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, and if you look, you can see a lot of parallels to the movie. I haven’t seen the live action version, so I can’t tell you on that one, but definitely the animated version. I totally give this 5 stars. Spoilers to come.




If you have gotten down this far, then you know what time it is. If you read down here and you get bothered by spoilers, well, you know better.

I said there were parallels, and they include Annabelle not being allowed to visit the west wing, which of course she is going to do. She finds out more about Sawyer’s past and the accusations against him. He finds out, flips out, tells her to get out, and she runs. That’s when Sawyer goes to find her and gets hurt saving her from the people who were trying to hurt her. See where that parallels the movie when Beast saves Belle from the wolves? The book doesn’t follow the movie exactly, but there are enough places where there similarities that it was interesting to find them.

Of course, since the movie was based on the fairy tale, just prettied up for Disney, I suppose you could say they both follow the fairy tale, which works as well.

I did feel sorry for Annabelle and her sister because of their mother’s illness. She obviously has problems, and she causes even more for Annabelle and Sawyer. She doesn’t mean to, it just that in her confused state, it’s way too easy to cause chaos. And the sleazy journalist doesn’t help at all. He’s the Gaston character, and you can definitely tell. Only, I think I might like Gaston a little bit more. Maybe. They are both sleazy, slimy guys.

OK, there is spanking, there is language, there is sex. All very good things, if you ask me. Which, if you read my blog, I’m just going to assume you asked me. But, along with all those things, there is a great story and a great HEA. I mean, I’ve read some erotica that is sex, sex, sex, sex with a little story, which is OK, if you know that’s what’s happening. But you can’t read that all the time and Jane hasn’t skimped out on the story.

Imagine my standard ARC statement here, and happy reading!

Lee Savino & Renee Rose – Alpha’s Danger

Taken separately, Lee Savino and Renee Rose are two of my favorite authors. They write some steamy stuff. But, when you put them together? Well, the temperature soars. That’s what happens with Alpha’s Danger. This is the second book in their Bad Boy Alphas series, and it is hot, hot, hot! This series just keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see what #3 will be like. I may not survive it.

Anyway, the main characters in this book are Garrett and Amber. Garrett is the head of the Tucson pack. Amber is the sweet human girl next door who just happens to have visions.

Amber is a lawyer who walks into the elevator in her apartment building and has three big, heavily pierced, and tattooed guys walk in after her. She thinks they all look like members of a motorcycle gang and worries that they are all thugs. However, that doesn’t stop her from being attracted to them, or at least one of them.

She worries even more about them when she finds out they are her neighbors. She calls the office to get the scoop on the guys, but the woman she talks to doesn’t seem all that happy with her questions. Turns out, Garrett not only lives next to her, he also owns the building.

Garrett knows that he is old enough that he should stop running his pack like it is a motorcycle club, grow up, find his mate, and settle down some. Problem is, he hasn’t found anyone that he wants to mate with. Meanwhile, he’s trying to keep his sister, his pack, and his wolf under control. His wolf likes the way that Amber smells and wants her. The problem is that Amber is human and humans can’t survive the mating bite.

Amber and Garrett start getting close and then she discovers he’s a werewolf. He swears her to secrecy, which he thinks she breaks when her friend Foxfire says something. And isn’t Foxfire just the most awesome name? Meanwhile, Garrett’s sister, Sedona, named for where her parents conceived her, has gone missing and he needs Amber to find her.

Now is the time for you to stop reading if you don’t want any spoilers. I love these two authors. I automatically read anything of theirs, even before I got to be on their ARC teams. (Yay me!) There is a lot of language in it, some spanking, and some seriously hot sex. If any of that bothers you, don’t read it. If, on the other hand, you think that’s totally awesome, go hit up ‘zon and check it out.


OK, if you made it past the eye candy, I’m assuming that you don’t mind the risk of spoilers and want to get more of my thoughts and opinions.

You remember how I said that humans can’t handle the mating bite? Turns out that Amber can. She kind of forced Garrett to do it because she saw herself with the bite, so told him that she could obviously survive it since she saw herself as having survived it. Her visions have always made her sick, but Garrett makes it possible for her to have them without pain, which turns out to be important to the rest of the story.

I really enjoyed this book. Amber discovers that yes, she likes being spanked and having Garrett be the Alpha that he is, but that doesn’t mean that she is going to roll over and take it. She can stand up to him and does stand up to him, which I think is good for him. I’ve read too many books where the heroine gets spanked, discovers she likes it, and then all of sudden isn’t herself anymore. She just becomes overly submissive and loses her personality. That doesn’t happen with Amber.

So, I heartily recommend this book to everyone, at least everyone who likes hot alphas, pretty women, hot sex, and being spanked. It’s going to definitely be in my reread pile.

Imagine my standard ARC disclaimer here.

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