Natasha Knight-Unhinged

I have another cover reveal for you guys. This is a new one from Natasha Knight, who is another awesome author. She writes dark and intense. I’m actually finishing up one of her books today, Captive, Mine. I’ve reviewed some of her stuff before, including her story in Royally Mine. So, here’s her new one, coming out 9/25! I’ve added it to my Goodreads TBR, and I suggest you do the same.



Two years ago, I made a deal with the devil. That night, I lost everything. That night, I thought he died.

But he’s back. Risen, like Lazarus, from the dead. And he’s dark. Darker than he was before. More dangerous. Unhinged. A scarred, tattooed savage.

The way he looks at me should terrify me, but I’m drawn to him, to his intensity. Consumed by it. By him. Even though I know if I’m not careful, his obsession will destroy me.


I should have died that night two years ago. My mistake cost my men their lives. It should have cost me mine. But I survived. And the day I learned she did too, I made it my mission to find her.

I sought her out. Tracked her. Shadowed her every move. I’ve been inside her home. Eaten her food. Drank her liquor.

I’ve stood beside her bed and watched her sleep.

She has so many secrets, and I know one of them. It’s the one where our pasts collided. The one that destroyed me.

And it’s the reason I’ve come for her.

I never intended to touch her, but I did. And now that I’ve had a taste, I want more. I want her. But that won’t change why I’m here.



What Is Clara Reading?

I finally got smart and put my TBR in a collection on my Kindle. I can actually get smart sometimes. So, without further ado, here is my TBR collection, which currently has 74 books on it, I think. There are a few ARCs on there too.  The books are in no particular order, since my Kindle isn’t letting my customise my collection today. Very frustrating.

Do you want to add to my TBR? Let me know! I’m always up for more books! If you are an author who wants me to read and review, hit up my contact page. If you want to see what I read and review but don’t post here, because really, I read a lot and I can’t blog everything I read, check out my Amazon and Goodreads pages on my about page. There is a Goodreads column on the right side of the page, so that will let you see what I’m reading and reviewing. Of course, that means you need to visit me a lot, which I’m always happy to see anyone who has visited me.

Coming up this week, I have been able to get an ARC of the first book of Addison Cain’s Alpha Control series and oh, holy fuck, it’s just amazing. I have permission to share my review whenever I want, so it will show up this next week. Also look for a review of A Girl in Black and White, which is the sequel to A Girl Named Calamity. There will also be a review of Kate Daniels 4, and Seanan McGuire’s newest October Day book and an overview of that series. There will probably be other stuff that shows up, and of course, next Friday is the next edition of What Is Clara Reading? In the meantime, happy reading!

What’s on My Kindle?

And now, it’s time for this week’s what’s on my Kindle. Some are on my TBR, some I’ve already read. There are also a couple of ARCs which aren’t on the pix.

Too bad I won’t be able to spend a lot of time reading this week. I’ve got to move this week, and I still have to finish packing. Oh well, such is life, and if I want to live in my new house, I need to put on my bitch boots, grab the whip, and boss the fam around so that we can get everything ready.

As always, if you want to stalk me, you know where to go. If you want to talk to me, hit comment or visit the contact page. I love to talk to people and I love to get new suggestions on books to read if you have any suggestions. Meanwhile, happy reading!

TBR 8/18/17

This is roughly what my current to be read list looks like. Some of the books show up as already read, but that’s because I keep my Kindle library set to most recent and that shows whatever was opened last. This list does not include the books that I have on pre-order that are coming out next week. As always, if you have any suggestions, recommendations, questions, comments, or anything you are dying for me to read and review, leave a comment or visit the Contact page and drop me a note.