Ker Dukey-Rage

Ker Dukey has written several books that I really enjoy. She has given us Rage, which is actually her second entry into the RBMC world. The first one is Animal. You don’t have to have read Animal to understand this one, but I highly recommend it. This is the story of Gabe, AKA Rage, and Willa.

We first meet Willa as a 15 year old girl. Her brother, Milo, is trying to be a big deal, a drug dealer, underworld crime lord kind of thing. But he kinda isn’t smart, he’s definitely obsessive when it comes to Willa, and he’s definitely fucked up. He’s willing to do things or to make Willa do things that aren’t OK in any way, shape, or form. Including selling his little sister’s virginity for the money for a bar.

We skip ahead a few years, and Willa is now an adult, and her brother has gotten into serious money trouble and owes the Little Rock chapter of the RBMC a lot of money. When they come to collect, Willa offers to be collaterol for her brother. The guys who came didn’t agree with it, but one of them, Gabe, took her anyway.

Gabe and his best friend Jameson have left the Army and they are just waiting for their reserve time to run down. Once it does, they are going to prospect for the RBMC. For right now, they are running errands and providing muscle. When they walk into the bar and Gabe sees Willa, there’s just something about her that draws him to her. He wants to save her, but it goes beyond that.

You know, I know that life isn’t fair in any way, but damn, these two really get the shit end of the stick. I mean, damn. Their story really hurt my heart and I really wanted things to be so much better for them.

There are a lot of time jumps in between the chapters. Sometimes it’s a couple of weeks, sometimes it’s years. I think it works really well in this case. I wouldn’t like it in all books, but it needs it here. It lets you see the growth and evolution of the characters without having to slog through months and months and years.

It is a pretty quick read, and once I got into it, I didn’t get out of it. I would really like to see more of Willa and Gabe/Rage.

No spoilers today. Go check it out!

Misty Walker-Birdie’s Biker

Misty has given us another RBMC book with Birdie’s Biker. This one takes place in Reno. And it’s almost all the Reno chapter, except for one brief appearance from the Tonopah chapter, who we have seen before.

So, we have Bridgette. She has just turned 18. Her daddy is rich, and she is definitely her daddy’s girl. She has friends, or more realistically, frenemies. They hang out with each other, but they constantly try to score off each other, and not in a fun way. She’s been raised to be pretty, and not much else. She doesn’t like it though. Bridgette just isn’t happy-ish. But she really doesn’t know what to do to change things. One night, she’s woken from her sleep by a noise. She isn’t sure what the noise is, so she goes to find out what’s going on. It turns out that there are some bad guys in her house. One of them has killed her bodyguard, and now they are in talking to her dad. She eavesdrops until she finds out that they might want to hurt her, then she runs into the backyard. She hides there until she hears a shot, then she runs and hides in a pool house with her dog. Eventually, she comes back into the house and discovers that her father has been shot, but he’s still bearly alive.

Then we have the Prez of the Reno chapter, Loki. His chapter takes on a lot of killings for hire. And Bridgette’s dad has a job for him. He doesn’t want Loki and the boys to kill someone, what he does want is for them to get something back that was stolen from him. And, oh yeah, watch his nubile 18 year old daughter too. Daddy will pay them more if they do that as well as get back the vial that was stolen from him, and they can kill whoever. Loki decides that he’ll take the whole job, but when he sees Bridgette, a switch is flipped in his head. All he sees is a spoiled rotten, entitled, little rich girl, and he wants to take her down a notch, so he does.

Now, here’s the think. Bridgette, AKA Birdie, is kind of a spoiled little rich girl. She’s never really had the opportunity or reason to become anything other than that. She is young. She has time to get past that. She’s also a lot stronger than people give her credit for, including, I suspect, herself. But she learns a lot about herself while Loki keeps her captive. And she does some real growing up in just a couple of days. Birdie had been kept very insulated, so even normal life would’ve been a huge shock to her system, let alone moving into an MC. I am impressed by Bridgette and her resilience and strength, and just the inner well of guts that she has.

Then we have Loki. He’s an asshole. He’s an asshole when he’s nice. He’s a bigger asshole when he’s not nice. He’s also very happy to be an asshole. There is some growth and change in him, but not a whole lot, really. I don’t particularly care for him most of the time. I don’t dislike him, I just don’t care for him. I don’t mind a character who is an asshole most of the time, but he goes out of his way to be an asshole, for really no reason sometimes.

I do like a lot of the brothers in the chapter, especially Roch. I wouldn’t mind seeing their stories.

No spoilers today. I will say this, it is very intense at times, and there are some pretty dark points to it. OK, go check it out. Happy reading!

Elizabeth Knox-Rely on Me

Rely on Me is the second of Elizabeth Knox’s books in the RBMC shared world series. Bet on Me was the first one, and it is the story of Gamble and Hart. This one is the story of Mammoth and Riva.

Mammoth is the enforcer of the Baltimore chapter of the RBMC, and is someone that Gamble really depends on. Right now, he’s on his way to Puerto Rico to hook up with an allied club to get ahold of some of their girls to star in their new porn movies. Porn is a lucrative and legal business, but they always need new blood. So, off Mammoth goes, and he proves that the name Mammoth is fitting for him. On the flight home, he runs into a flight attendant that he’s seen before, Riva. He asks her if it’s OK for him to ask her on a date and gets her number. As soon as he gets home, he finds out that there has been a family emergency.

Riva is packing up to move. She’s spent the last year of her life in fear, and it’s finally reached the point where she just can’t handle it anymore. You see, a year ago, when she was 38 weeks pregnant as a surrogate for her friend and his husband, the baby died, in utero. Her friend and his husband walked out at that point, and haven’t looked at her since. She had to go through everything on her own. Since then, people have sneaked into her apartment while she’s gone, and people have pounded on her door. She wants to get out before it gets worse, only she didn’t quite make it. Her apartment gets broken into by two guys who are going to kill her. So she does the only thing that she can think of, she calls Mammoth for help.

I like Mammoth. He’s really just kind of easy going, which is surprising for an enforcer in an MC, but he feels really laid back until he has to be not. He also feels really friendly, at least to me. He is very efficient and he is willing to do what he needs to do in order to protect the people that he cares for.

I like Riva, but I think that she is a little reactive than proactive when it comes to certain things. I don’t think that she is weak, but I don’t necessarily think that she’s all that strong either. I think that it’s very good that she has Mammoth there for her.

I’m interested in seeing what impact the events in this book are going to have on the rest of the books written for this club.

No spoilers today, the book is relatively short. Go check it out!




K E Osborn-Defining Darkness

Defining Darkness is the newest book in the Royal Bastards MC shared world series. We haven’t seen one of these in a few weeks, but we’re back, baby. And I’ve signed up for more to come, yay! This one is the first book for the Tampa chapter. And it’s the story of Nycto and Eva.

So, Eva and Ivy are sisters from Cuba. They were grabbed by a couple of guys and shoved into a shipping container along with several other women. They are about to get sold off. Then the container opens up and some bikers come grab all the women out of the container and shine lights at them. Eva gets dragged into a van, screaming for her sister all the way. Ivy gets dragged into another van, and then Eva gets drugged. When she wakes up she gets put into a windowless room that is lit only by red lights.

Nycto is the pres of the Tampa chapter of the RBMC. He likes the dark. A lot. And I think he might’ve been a Poe fan in a different life. He’s been a delivery man in a trafficking ring, but when he opens the shipping container and sees Eva, there’s just something about her that calls to him, and he has to have her. So, he takes her. Which of course, causes all kinds of trouble.

I had a really hard time warming up to Nycto. I mean, a really hard time, and it took a long time to do it. Now, normally that isn’t so much of a problem, and we all know that I love me a good bad boy, but there was something about Nycto that just made it hard for me to really like him or even warm up to him. At the end, I did like him. Not a whole lot, but I liked him.

I like Eva too, most of the time. I thought that she made some bad choices sometimes, but overall, I thought that she was pretty strong. I do think that she was a little overprotective of Ivy. And is it bad that Ivy is my favorite character in the book? I love the way that she is warped.

No spoilers on this one either. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Nikki Landis-Ridin’ For Hell

Nikki Landis has entered into the world of the Royal Bastards Motorcycle Club with Ridin’ For Hell. This one has a little bit of an added touch. There is a slight paranormal aspect to it, but not so much that it can overwhelm you if you aren’t a huge PNR fan.

Rael, short for Azrael, is the Sargent at Arms in the Tonopah NV chapter of the RBMC. He used to be in the head chapter in NOLA, but after his sister was murdered, Rancid drove Rael and Jameson out of the chapter. Luckily, Rael found somewhere to land.

Now, years later, he’s still trying to track down the people in charge of his sister’s death. He’s going to do what it takes. He has no problems with torturing or killing people, because he’s gotten a taste for it now. One night, when he’s looking for information about a Russian and an enemy MC, he takes a ride and hears a woman screaming. He gets there only to find that the woman has been viciously attacked, and partially burned, but she’s alive. He punishes the guys who were hurting her, and then takes Trixie to the hospital.

When he gets her to the hospital, a nurse there attacks him. Turns out her name is Nylah, and she’s Trixie’s sister, and she figures that Rael is the one who hurt her, so she punches him but good.

I like that this story is more than just Nylah and Rael’s story. We also get to know Trixie and Patriot, who is one of Rael’s brothers. We also get some crossover with other RBMC books, including Crimson Syn’s book. You get to see events from more than one POV, which is always nice.

I like Nylah. She’s determined, loyal, and knows what she wants. She’s got no problem with doing what she can to take care of her sister, and she will fight anyone she needs to. She’s also really smart. She looks at situations to see what she needs to do to get through that particular situation and to survive it. Altogether, I think that she’s a great character.

Azrael isn’t bad. I think that he holds himself more responsible over some things that he really should, but I get why he does that. I think that he has a honorable core, for his own level of honor. It’s not my version of honor, but it works for him.


You know, I can’t think of anything I want to put here. So there’s that.

Go check out this one, and all the RBMC books. Happy reading!

B. B. Blaque-Rotten Apple

Rotten Apple is the BB’s addition to the Royal Bastards MC shared world. If you have read GFY, you kind of met FOCUS, who is the main male character in this, back in that book, and you got to learn a bit about the Rotten Apple chapter of the Royal Bastards MC. If you didn’t, don’t sweat it, it isn’t truly integral to this particular book, it just gives it added shading.

So, here’s our book. FOCUS is a member of the Royal Bastards MC, and he and another guy are out scouting talent for the women that they run as strippers and sex workers. That’s when they meet Nixx. She’s a waitress at the diner they’re at. She’s beautiful, and looks all sweet and innocent. FOCUS thinks that she’s perfect and he’s going to get her. Slowly but surely, FOCUS focuses on Nixx, woos her, and then brings her into his world.

First, she starts out as a waitress, then she turns into a stripper, then she turns into a sex worker. And then, well, I guess you just have to read and find out, now won’t you?

Having read the BB’s Masters MC books, I expected dark and intense, especially knowing what some of the subject matter was going to be. But, it’s not dark. It is intense at times. Now, don’t get me wrong. This is not all sweetness and light or anything. Just the basic subject matter is going to move it to the dark side. But, there is all kinds of funny going on in here, along with a little sweet. I think that Nixx is hysterically funny at times, and there are some times when I just laughed my ass off at her shenanigans.

Nixx really does have this whole lightness to her spirit. Maybe freeness is the better word. There’s just something about her that makes people like her, I think. She’s infectious. Wait, that might not be the best word to use right now. You know what I mean, though. She’s like some kind of sprite or something. The shiniest apple sprite ever.

Then we have FOCUS, which stands for fuck off ’cause you’re stupid. He’s a rough biker and a former Marine. He’s not any kind of sweet guy, with a lot of poetical romance in his soul. In fact, he pretty much has no romance in his soul at all.

He’s supposed to overwhelm Nixx and be the one all in charge, but I’m pretty sure that it didn’t work that way. I don’t think he knew what to do with Nixx once he really got a hold of her. I don’t think that anyone really knows what to with Nixx when they get a hold of her. I think she just defies being contained.

This was a fantastic story, and I really hope we are going to get more from these guys, and that we get to see a lot more of FOCUS and Nixx.

Celtic Knotwork Shamrock


I like Bishop, but I’m not particularly sure that I like him in one place this one. I’m pretty sure that I don’t like FOCUS in a couple of moments too.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!


Elizabeth Knox-Bet on Me

Bet on Me is Elizabeth Knox’s entry into the Royal Bastards MC shared world series. And Elizabeth’s take is really interesting, and not one that I expected when I started reading it.

So, here’s the way that this one goes. We have Rancid, who is the national Prez of the Royal Bastards. And let me tell you, Rancid really fits him. He’s a wretched piece of shit. Actually, he would have to level up about 17,000 times to become a wretched piece of shit. And that would only be if he were really, really lucky or really, really good. Anyway, 10 years ago, Rancid went to Baltimore and killed Gamble’s entire family. All except Gamble. Her, he took. She was 15, and he turned her into his pet, and not a pretty kind, if you know what I mean.

Now, it’s 10 years later, and Gamble has actually been able to get away from Rancid. She’s been back to living in Baltimore, with that chapter of the Bastards, and while she was there, she fell in love with the Prez, Dog. Rancid calls her down to see him, and when she gets there, all the other Prezs are there, and Dog is tied up and has been tortured. It’s bad. Really bad. It turns out that Dog has been trying to get rid of Rancid, and he heard about it, so he’s going to get rid of Dog and takes Gamble.

Finally, Gamble is back in Baltimore, and is in a position that no one expects and that no one really believes. On top of that, she’s got a new member in the chapter that she has to deal with, Hart.

Hart is currently in hiding. He got in trouble with Petros, who is the Prez of another chapter of the Royal Bastards. But Rancid has decided that Hart is going to go to Baltimore, so off to Baltimore he will go.

There is a lot that goes on in this book, for as short as it is. I did, at times, feel like it was a little rushed, but not overly so. I do feel like it ended too soon though. I feel like there is a lot more to come with Gamble and Hart, so I’m really hoping that Elizabeth is going to continue on with these guys, because it really does feel like the first half of a book instead of a whole book. I hope that makes sense.

I do like Gamble. I think that she’s remarkably strong for everything that she’s gone through over the years. She has a real streak of iron right down her spine, and I have mad respect for her.

Hart seems a little harder to get a hold of. Mostly we see Gamble’s POV, so we just don’t get as much of Hart. I’ll have to read Petros, which is currently sitting on my Kindle to read, which means it will probably be on here at some point, to see if we get to know Hart any more in that book than we do.

Overall, I enjoyed the book, and I’m going to keep reading more of Elizabeth’s books, because I do like her worlds.


A female Prez? I think that Rancid might actually hurt himself here.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

B. B. Blaque-GFY

So, I hope you all are ready for what’s coming in this blog post. GFY is the latest book in B. B.’s Masters MC series. The books started with Colt and his ol’ lady Tuesday and Kash and his ol’ lady Barely. There’s also Serenity, who Kash and Colt basically raised up. There are a whole lot of side characters in there too.

Colt and Kash are best friends, who both grew up in 1% MCs. But, after years, they ended up wanting to leave the 1% lifestyle, so they created their own club, the Masters. They combined BDSM and motorcycles, with the focus being on self-control and discipline. But after the events in the last book, FTW, which doesn’t mean For The Win here, our guys have gone back to their 1% ways. I 100% understand why they did, but wow.

So, I’m not really going to give a synopsis of this book, like I’ve done with other books, because I really don’t want to spoil anything.

What I will say is that GFY, which stands for Go Fuck Yourself, picks up pretty much right were FTW left off. In fact, only like 3 or 4 weeks or so happen in between the start of one book and the end of the next. We also get POV chapters from more than just our core characters. We get deeper in the head of one character, and it’s really interesting to see what his thoughts are. We also get to see the POV of an old friend. I’m kinda hoping this means we might see more of him in the future, and maybe even another book with him?

This book is dark and intense. There is some really graphic violence in it. I mean really graphic. If you don’t like gore, there are times that may be difficult for you to read. Of course, you have to remember that these guys are now 1%ers, in the middle of a war, and are dealing with some righteous vengeance. I don’t blame them for doing what they do and doing it how they do it, considering what the revenge is for.

Because of what has happened, our groups’ personalities have changed. In fact, there was one that totally changed around, inside out, upside down, spun around, and totally around. He went to some places. In fact, I’m not entirely sure how he’s going to be able to come back from those places. I think that he’s going to have to come back from them at least somewhat, but he’s never going to be the same again. I have to wonder if he went further than even he thought he might go.

Like I said, it is intense. All the action really did leave me gasping at times. It feels really compact, like it all takes place in just a few hours. But, there are enough lulls that you aren’t stuck with all that adrenaline all the time. I mean, there have to be times for Barely and Kash to get all freaky-deeky and for Sundown to annoy the fuck out of Mama Stitch.

There are no spoilers at all. And I have tried to talk about how the book made me feel without letting anything out. If you are familiar with the series, you may be able to guess who I mean even though I don’t name names. If you aren’t, then you have so much to explore, and then you can figure out who I mean when I talk about the various characters.

I really can’t wait to see where B. B. is going to take us next, because it’s sure to be a helluva ride.

img: Harley Davidson engine part



K Webster-Koyn

Koyn is the 3rd book in the Royal Bastards MC shared world. There are going to be a whole bunch of them, and I have signed up for several. Don’t ask me how many, because I don’t remember, lol. Anyway, this is K Webster’s addition to the series, and dayum. It is intense and it is dark and by the end, I felt some kind of way about Koyn.

So, here’s our story. Ten years ago, the man now called Koyn, came home to see some bikers standing over his wife and teenage daughter. They did horrible things to the 2 most important women in his life, then killed them. As a parting gift, the guy in charge cut an X in Koyn’s face. The last thing he remembers is calling his brother, and screaming.

Now, 10 years later, the man that he was then is dead. He is now Koyn, the prez of a chapter of the Royal Bastard’s MC. And let me tell you, Royal Bastard really fits him. In fact, it might actually be a little too nice for him. For the last 10 years, he has been recruiting for his chapter, and he has amassed men who are incredibly loyal to him, and who are more than just a little fucking psycho. Koyn has been looking for revenge for all these years, and he finally got a lead, and a name, Randall Putnam.

Hadley is an 18 year old beauty queen. She ran away from her father, and is now living with her boyfriend Milk, at the clubhouse for his dad’s, Magna, MC, Roaring River. She has been in love with Milk for years. His dad and her dad did business together, and the two of them met when she was 13, and Milk has been it for her ever since. Magna, on the other hand, is gross. He’s spend the whole time she’s been at the clubhouse watching her in a not nice way. When he gets a chance, he ends up doing things to her. Of course, Milk finds out and blames her for it, because of course he does. Did I mention that Milk’s right name was Randall Putnam Jr, and Koyn has plans for him? Plans which he doesn’t go through with because when the Royal Bastards raid the clubhouse, Milk is trying to rape Hadley and has beaten her. So, Koyn just straight offs him. You see, Hadley looks a lot like Koyn’s long dead daughter. And that kinda fucks with Koyn. He feels really protective over her, but she’s upset that he killed her boyfriend, even if her boyfriend was trying to do her dirty, so he also has some anger towards her because she was fucking his enemy.

There is a lot of intense in this book. And I have to tell you that there were times I outright fucking hated Koyn. I mean, if I could’ve, I would’ve walked into the book and hit him right in his left testicle more than once. He really deserved it. I mean, I totally get why he’s mad, and I would too, but he’s so laser focused on his revenge that he doesn’t take other things into account, and he doesn’t bother to ask anything. He’s just positive that he knows what’s best and acts accordingly. And he’s brutal at times. And I mean, holy fuck, I gasped at one point because of something that happened. It was… OK, the guy deserved it, but…

Hadley. Oh, Poor Hadley. I could tell that she had some serious problems from the very beginning, but I didn’t guess what they were until much later. There were so many people who let that poor girl down. And most of them need to be dead. And dead in a very ugly way. I think, though, that Hadley is a lot stronger than she thinks she is. She might even be a lot stronger than everyone thinks that she is. She goes through a lot, and has managed to survive it all so far.

Having read most of K’s books, I can tell you that this is a very her book. Even if I didn’t know that she had written it, I would know that she had written it. There are just very particular flavors and points that are very much her style. And before you say to me, but oh, dark and intense, let me point you towards the Pretty Little Dolls books. I just haven’t had some of her darker stuff on here lately.


OMG, her dad. Ugh.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out, and all the books. Happy reading!

2019 Round Up-Top Ugly Cry Books

I don’t know if there are going to be 10 or not, so this is probably just going to be a 1 part post. For me, an ugly cry book is different from a book that makes me cry. There are some books that will give me tears because there is something sad going on, a break up, a death, so on and so forth. Generally, they last for a couple of minutes, and they are just tears running down my face. An ugly cry is just that, really ugly. Full on tears, snot running out of my nose, sobs, the whole 9 yards. These are the reads that make my husband ask me if I’m OK. He’s learned to accept the answer that it’s just an ugly cry book. So, here are some of the books that made me ugly cry this year. There are some that I’ve already mentioned on other lists that gave me ugly cries, Nicky James’ Long Way Home and Eva Dresden’s Broken, so they are just getting Honorable Mentions here. So, let’s get on with the ones that made it, shall we?

***Full disclosure: I may earn a commission from Amazon from any purchase made from a link in this blog.***

Nicolina Martin-Redemption

Redemption is part of Nicolina’s Russo Saga, and is its own Duet with Absolution. (Expect to see that one show up tomorrow or Wednesday.) Anyway, no matter what the title says, there isn’t a lot of redemption going on in this book. This is the story of Christian and Kerry. Kerry is just a nice, sweet woman who happened to be working at a childcare center where a mobster’s son went. When she asked him a question, he sent Christian after her. When we first met Christian, in an earlier book, I really liked him. I didn’t by the end of this book. In fact, I downright fucking hated him. When Nicolina read my GR review on in, she asked me what my ugly cry moments were, and there were moments, not just a moment. Because it is a duet, it is a cliffhanger, but the second one is already out, so there’s that.

Addison Cain-Ravaged Captive

Ravaged Captive is the 4th book in Addison’s Wren’s Song books. They are Omegaverse and RH. All of the books have made me cry, but this one really made me cry because everything started to really fall apart. Caspian, Toby, and Kieran are at each other’s throat, Wren has been tossed out and thought dead, and the doll is in the way. I think that it was the addition of the doll that really got to me. I expect that the next one will also give me an ugly cry. Sooooooon.

Anna Wineheart-The Pretense

Anna is one of my favorite MM Omegaverse authors, and I’m lucky enough to be able to ARC her books. All of her books have some strong emotions in them, but The Pretense was just loaded with it. It’s a second chance, pretend boyfriend kind of story. It can be read as a standalone, but if you read all the Men of Meadowfall books in order, you’ll enjoy it more. They are all interconnected. There is one very particular moment that gave me a seriously ugly cry. There are some other spaces where I got teary, but this one particular scene was so hard, so heartbreaking that it really stuck with me, and made me ugly cry hard.

India R. Adams-Blue Waters

Blue Waters wasn’t published this year, but this was the year that I read it, so it counts to me, and since it’s my blog, that’s all that matters. This is the first of the Tainted Waters series that feature Whitney, Link, and Crash. All of the books in the series have made me full on ugly cry, but I’m just going to go with the first one here. It’s not a very long book, but it is very intense. Everything builds on the things before, but you do get a second to catch your breath in between. The entire series is worth reading. I don’t know that I would recommend reading them back-to-back, because of the intensity, but I would definitely recommend reading them.

B.B. Blaque-FTW

FTW doesn’t mean for the win here. It’s outlaw MC slang that means Fuck the World, and that is pretty much what happens here. This is the 3rd book in BB’s Masters MC series, and it is dark. I fell in love with Colt, Tuesday, Kash, and Barely when I read their books the first time, and I was really looking forward to this one. Let’s just say that it wasn’t a happy book. There were terrible, terrible things that happened, and I was devastated. BB will have GFY, Go Fuck Yourself, out soon, and I can’t wait.

OK, there they are, the Top 5 ugly cry books from this year.