Renee Rose-The Fixer

This is the second book in Renee’s Chicago Bratva books. We first met these guys, or at least Maxim’s boss, in last year’s Black Light Roulette book, and then he ended up with his own book. Now, we have Maxim and Sasha in The Fixer, and we still get some mentions of Black Light, which is perfect, since this year’s Roulette just dropped. Anyway, let’s talk about Maxim and Sasha.

So, Sasha’s dad is a high head honcho in the Moscow Bratva. He used to be Maxim’s boss, but after a lie that Sasha told, he got sent to Chciago. Now, it’s 7 years later, and her dad is dying. He never married her mother, so now that he’s dying, he’s making plans for Sasha and her mother, and oh, all his money. The mother goes to the second in command. Sasha? Well, she’s to marry Maxim who will have control of all her millions of dollars for all her new oil fields. And when I say marry, I mean they dragged in the city clerk, the old man handed Maxim a ring to give Sasha, and they sign on the dotted line, and then pops kicks the bucket.

Sasha is not happy. She knows that Maxim hates her, how could he not, after all, she told a lie about him and got him sent away. And that doesn’t even count the fact that she quite literally showed up naked in his bed years ago and he walked away. It’s obvious he doesn’t like her or want her. So, Sasha is determined that she will just get him to leave her in Moscow and just give heer money to live on.

Now Maxim, he’s perfectly happy living in Chicago. He likes his boss, he likes his brothers, and he likes the freedome that being in the US gives him. So, he’s terribly surprised when he comes to Moscow to find out that he’s going to marry Sasha. This is definitely an interesting turn up because he didn’t think that this would happen, but now, several years after he kicked a young Sasha out of his bed and then got kicked out of Moscow, he now gets to have a grownup Sasha as his wife. She may come with gazillions of dollars, but that isn’t anywhere near the draw that she is.

I like Sasha. I think that she has a lot of fire and spark. I love that she literally makes Maxim chase her, but it seems like it’s a game that they both end up liking. She’s smart and clever and she’s brave and she’s not afraid to make herself known. I think that she’s been raised to use her body and looks as a weapon and she does that well, but I don’t think it would work nearly as well without the brains and boldness that she keeps under wraps. She also has a really loving heart. When she lets down her guard, she makes friends easily, and it’s easy to see why.

Maxim is a good man. That doesn’t mean that he’s on the side of the law or that he doesn’t do things that break the law, because he’s a member of the Russian Mafiya, so he totally does do those things. But, he’s good and honorable within his standards and morals. He does have a blind spot when it comes to women, but he’s still a good man.

I hate Sasha’s mother. Bitch.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Jane Henry-Leith

Jane may be done with her Irish lads, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t getting more sexy boys from her. This time, with Leith, we’re moving a bit north and higher up in altitude, into the Scottish Highlands and the Men of the North.

So, we start with Leith. His father has stood down as the Captain of the Clan, which has let Leith move up to the Captaincy. Technically, it shouldn’t have been him. It should’ve been his older brother, Tavish, but Tavish recently died, and as the second born, Leith stepped up. As the Captain, he’s had to make some really tough decisions, which includes basically shutting down his siblings’ lives, especially his youngest sister, Paisley. On this particular day, his father has told him that they have to go down to town, Inverness, and kick some ass because some enemies are going to go after the priest that is the Cowen Clan priest.

Then we have Cairstina. She lives in Inverness with her abusive mother and her even more abusive alcoholic brother. Due to something done to her as a young child, she lost her voice and is now mute. It’s incredibly isolating, especially since no one has ever really made the choice to try to communicate with her. She writes notes and uses her phone to tell people things, but the only people she has to say anything to are her mother, brother, and the priest at the cathedral, and the first two people don’t give a flying fuck. They refer to Cairstina as several very not nice names, and frankly, her mother enables her brother to abuse her and doesn’t protect her.

Cairstina has been carefully stealing money from her brother to supplement the meager amount of money that she manages to get. The goal is for her to save enough money to get the hell away from these people. Usually, no one knows that she stole the money, but this time, she took more than normal, and her brother found out. She wasn’t able to get away before he came home, but she was able to escape and she ran to the cathedral, and to her only friend. She got there, but then the bad guys came, and were going to beat down the priest. Luckily, some other guys came and dragged the bad guys out. Cairstina, who had hidden, wasn’t going to let things happen to her only friend, so she follows them out with her phone and is going to take pictures. Only, that isn’t quite what happened. Leith sees her and takes her home with him.

I like Cairstina. First of all, can we just talk about her name? Isn’t that just an awesome name? She is smart, creative, and imaginative. She has this whole rich interior fantasy life, and I’m there for it. I understand why she has it, because she has no one to talk to, no friends, and no one really makes the effort to communicate with her, so why not pull into herself and find this fantasy life. I would totally do it in her place. Cairstina is also very caring and loyal. You can see that in the way that she treats Leith’s grandmother and mother. You would think that having been abused, she wouldn’t have this real strength, but she really does. She’s not going to let anyone walk over her. I mean, yeah, Leith does spank her, but she also stands up to him.

I like Leith. I get the reasoning behind him doing what he was doing when it came to his family. The pressure put on him from his father, and don’t get me started on that man, and the loss of Tavish had to really do a job on him. I do think that he could let up on his sisters a little. He needs to learn that shutting down people that hard leads to rebellion and not good things happening. I think that he is very caring though, he really does care for his family and does want the best for them. He will do everything that he can to take care of them, whether they like it or not. He is a little stupid sometimes, especially since it took him so long to catch on to the fact that Cairstina couldn’t speak.

I love the idea of the romance novels based on the clan. Of course, the clan probably doesn’t, but I think it’s funny. I think I know who is writing them too.

OK, that’s all for this one. Happy reading!

Zoe Blake-Savage Vow

It’s been a minute since I had a Zoe story on here, and Savage Vow is definitely the one to put up here, because daaaammmmnnnn. This is really hot, incredibly filthy, and just intense.

So, we start with Samara at 18. She’s just two weeks shy of graduating from high school, and she’s looking forward to go to art school, at least, she’s planning on going to art school. On this particular night, she’s at her friend Nadia’s house for a party, and she and her boyfriend are trying to sneak away for a few private minutes. They find an unlocked room, but when they get in there, Samara tells the guy that they have to leave right now. She recognizes it as Gregor’s room, and they need to be out of there. He doesn’t want to leave and doesn’t take no for an answer, which was all kinds of wrong on his part, because in comes Gregor. And he’s pissed. Turns out that Gregor has basically just bought Samara’s hand in marriage and he’s mad that anyone is touching what’s his.

Samara goes home, finds out that her broke and owes some very bad people a whole lot of money. He offered her in marriage to a lot of people, and Gregor was the one to buy it. And Samara is not happy. She meets with her friend Nadia (who happens to be Nadia’s older brother) and their other friend Yelena, and they make a plan for Yelena and Samara to run away.

Fast forward 3 years, Samara is now in Chicago. She figures that now that has been so long she’s safe. She’s still not going out under her own name, but she’s at least working in art and painting at home. One day, she’s got an appointment set up to show some art, and guess who walks in? Yeah, Gregor.

Gregor has been searching for Samara for 3 years now. It was embarrassing that she ran away from him, and he needs to find her because she’s his, and he needs to show everyone that he has things under control. So, the first thing he does when he finds her, after spanking her, is to dress her up and take her to a museum gala.

Oh, I really, really, really was set to hate Gregor. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like him all that much a lot of the time. Buuuuutttt…. He makes it kind of hard to hate him all the time. He’s an asshole, yes, a huge asshole, even, but he also is super protective of Samara and he knows so much about her. It could almost be called stalkerish, but I’m not 100% it crosses that line. But Gregor really does know Samara and he really does want to make sure she has what she needs. Not necessarily what she wants, but what she needs.

I do like Samara. I think that she is smart, creative, and pretty strong. I also think that there are times when she doesn’t quite see the whole picture and she’s a little naive. I mean, I don’t think that she’s naive all the time, after all, she did stay hidden from a Russian mob boss for 3 years. I understand the way that she feels about Gregor a lot of the time, and I think I would feel the same way about him.

OK, nothing under the picture today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Sara Fields-Pet

Folx, Sara rang 2021 in with a bang. Or two. Or three. Pet is an intense, dark romance, with pet play, all the filthy sex you can want, and a male main character that you can love to hate, and definitely love to love.

We start with Silas. He isn’t in one of the 5 Mafia Families in NYC, but he does have more power than they do. Nothing happens in NYC that he doesn’t know about, and he knows a lot more than the Families. For example, he know about the lost Genovese daughter. Her mother was the wife of the head of the Genovese Family. Her father wasn’t the head of the Genovese family. But, she’s the only heir. No one knows where she is though. Her mother had her, hid her away, and then was killed. And in the decades since, no one has been able to find her, and if anyone could’ve, it would’ve been Silas. He knows some things about her, like the fact that she has a star shaped birthmark on her neck.

So, he has a meeting with all the Families, trying to find out what they know. They are at an exclusive club, and all of a sudden a beautiful singer starts singing. She has a beautiful voice and she’s gorgeous, and then Silas gets a good look at her, and her birthmark.

Chloe has a dream. She wants to go to NYC and make it big as a singer. She’s been doing OK with it so far, and the gig tonight is a big one. It will definitely pay her rent for a while. But then some drunk asshole starts to heckle her. She manages to deal with him, but it’s the next guy, the really intimidating one, that is a lot harder to deal with. In fact, once she throws a drink in his face, things all of a sudden go sideways. Mostly because he jumps up on the stage, pulls up her skirt, pulls down her panties, and spanks her ass red in front of everyone.

Of course, you can guess who the guy is. He has plans for little Miss Chloe, and she might not like them. He mostly wants to keep her safe, and the easiest way for him to keep her safe is for him to claim her. And, well, he does claim his little kitten.

Silas is an interesting character. He is hard, and he knows pretty much everything about everything that happens, and he uses it to his advantage. I think that he has all kinds of motives for everything he does. And while he wants to claim Chloe, I think he also sees her as, well, maybe not an equal, but as a partner, at least at times. He has no problems punishing her as necessary, but he doesn’t shove her away from his business, so there’s that.

Chloe is really strong, and I think that Silas helps her with that, oddly enough, even if he wants her to obey him all the time. He wants the best for her, and it shows. He gives her a lot of space for her to grow and thrive too, which sounds odd, but it works.

I’m not joking when I say that this is filthy AF. There is sex, more sex, and did I mention sex? But Sara doesn’t skimp on the plot, so it all evens out well.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Jane Henry-Tully

Tully is the last book Jane’s Irish mafia series, and as it goes, I think it works really well. It ties everything up in a nice way, but not in an overly neat way, and I think that there is enough room so that Jane could still stick in some updates in there, if she wanted. And it’s not like I would complain if she did. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading her world.

So, we have Tully. We’ve seen him in other books. He’s screwed up in the past, but now he’s one of the trusted inner circle of the McCarthy Clan. (I wasn’t sure of the elapsed time of the series, but there’s a decade between the first book and now.) The Clan has been through a lot, and Tully has been there supporting his clan and his brothers through that. Now, he’s still doing everything he is supposed to, but he’s also fascinated with McKenna.

McKenna is a teacher at the Clan’s school, teaching world history. Her mother was married to a member of the Clan before he died. Now McKenna and Tully have an on again and off again relationship. They are combustible when they are put together, and when I say combustible, they might as well nickname them Nitro and Glycerin. McKenna has a temper, and she’s really independent, and doesn’t want to be owned by any man, so while she really likes Tully’s dominance, it does cause them to have arguments.

They are heading into an on again right now, as McKenna meets Tully at the Craic. They start their encounter, and then Tully leaves the room. He plans to come back, as it’s part of the fun between the two of them, but when he gets back to the room, she’s gone. Of course, being a man of the Clan, Tully is worried that she’s been taken, so there are all kinds of people looking for her. What really happened is that McKenna snuck out and was planning on getting into a cab and showing up at Tully’s house. What she didn’t plan was Tully bribing the cabbie and basically kidnapping her and having his way with her. But, while he was having his wicked way, other, more dire, things were happening to the Clan.

I really like McKenna, most of the time. I understand wanting to be independent, because, well, that’s me to a T. But there are times when being independent isn’t a good thing. Or at least, not so headstrongly independent. I think that there are times when her independent streak hurt her, and may have made McKenna more naive and blind than she might otherwise have been. She was so steadfast on doing what she wanted, she didn’t pay attention to anything else or she just disregarded how her actions would affect others. See above shenanigan for example. She likes Tully and what he does for her, but she doesn’t always like his highhandedness, or what she sees as that.

Tully is a good man. He isn’t just a good man by Clan standards, which he is that, but he’s also just a good man. He’s concerned about his family and friends, about his community, and he will do what he needs to do to keep everything safe. And he consideres McKenna his. The one problem with that is that McKenna doesn’t always agree with him. He is, I think, a smidge more dominating than some of the other brothers, and I think that he’s also a bit domineering at times, and yes, I think there’s a difference.

OK, that’s all for this one. Nothing below the pic today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Measha Stone-Taken By Him

Mesha is back with a new book for us, Taken By Him. This isn’t part of her pet play books, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hot as hell, because it really is. Instead, this is all about the Polish Mafia.

When Kasia was 16, her twin sister Diana came up to her room crying. It turns out that their father wants Diana to sign a marriage contract. She’ll be marrying the scion of another family after she comes of age. Diana can’t handle dealing with all this, so Kasia pretends to be Diana and goes down to sign the paperwork.

Fast forward 6 years and Kasia is all alone. Her mother and twin sister have died and her father blames her, and punishes her regularly. She’s just about to graduate from college, and she’s going to be able to get away from her father and have her own life. Except that would be just way too easy. One night, on her way back in from a party, her father calls to her and tells her that she’s going to honor the contract in the place of her sister, and she’s going to marry Dominik. Which, as you can guess, really pisses Kasia. And not only is she going to have to marry Dominik, she’s leaving with him right now, so she has to go pack.

Dominik has plans. And part of those plans involve marrying Kasia. As part of their marriage contract, all of her dad’s businesses and territories are supposed to roll over to him through her. Dominink also wants to use Kasia to try and figure out what her dad is up to, befcause he knows thcausthe old man is behind the legal issues that caused his dad to go to Poland to avoid arrest. So, he’s going to marry the woman, but it’s not about to be all that easy.

I think that Dominik, while he might like to think of himself as some kind of monster and Kasia calls him a monster or an asshole, I think that he is actually a pretty good man. He does do some things, but you can be a good man who isn’t necessarily on the right side of the law. He cares for his family, he wants to take care of Kasia, even before they get married. Now, he does tell Kasia that he’ll punish her, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not a good man. It just means that he’s a kinky fuck. And that’s rarely a bad thing.

Kasia is very realistic about her life. She knows how her father feels about her and how he will treat her, so she’s learned to deal within those parameters. Even though she has that strong realistic side, she’s also a little naive about some things, like the fact that her father is ever going to let her go. I think that she wanted that to be true so much that she just believed it so hard. I think that she is pretty strong. She’s had to be in order to get through a lot of stuff. I’m really impressed by her.

Ugh. Kasia’s dad is the abolute worst.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Jane Henry-Tiernan

Tiernan is the latest book in Jane’s McCarthy Clan books. It might actually be my favorite right now.

So, Tiernan is adopted into the Clan. His older sister is married to Nolan, and she brought him, their younger sister Fiona (who is also married to a man of the Clan), and their baby brother. As a teenager with a lot of anger and a huge chip on his shoulder, Tiernan was sent to the Clan’s school where he learned how to fight, among other things. Now, as an adult, he is a valued member of the McCarthy Clan. He does a great many things for them, and everyone trusts him. He gets asked to go back into the ring for a huge fight, with loads of money and the chance of having a night with a high-class escort. So Tiernan talks to Keenan about it, and decides to fight.

Aisling was Fiona’s best friend, but life happens, and now they have fallen out. She is now down and out. She’s strung out and works for Vivian, as a call girl. It’s not a good life, but it is a life, which could be a lot worse. On this particular morning, she wakes up, needing a hit, in the bed of a strange man. He tells her she has about 1 minute to get the hell out, so she rushes away and gets into a cab. When she gets to her shared house, it turns out the asshole stole from her. But that’s OK, her friend and roommate has hooked her up to be a prize at a big fight that night. Yeah, do you see where this is going?

Aisling and Tiernan do come together that night, but it’s not in the way that you might think. There is a whole lot of other moving parts going on at the same time that the fight is happening. In fact, there are a lot of moving parts all over this book. One thing happens here, another thing happens there. Sometimes it seems like the parts might not be connected, but they are.

So, OK, here’s why I think that this one may be my favorite so far. It’s because of Aisling. She is an incredibly flawed person. She goes into this book with some serious problems. I don’t think any of the other heroines went into their books with as many problems as Aisling does. But, she is able to find love, and she is able to be healthy, which is a sign of hope for everyone. That’s why I like her so much.

Tiernan is patient, which seems to be a weird thing to say, considering who he is, but if you watch how he is with Aisling, even when he wants to smack her ass, you can see how he is willing to wait for her and give her what she needs. I really liked that, and it’s a change from angry Tiernan when he was a teenager.

Ugh. That headmaster, right?

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Jane Henry-Lachlan

Lachlan is the latest entry in Jane’s Irish mob series. This one crosses the ocean a little bit, so we aren’t only in Ireland, but we’re also in Boston for part of the action. Boston, especially South Boston, has a huge Irish population, and a lot of Irish mob history, so it makes sense to cross the ocean a little bit. We’re also 5 years in the future from the last book, so there is just more family to love.

Fiona has just this very minute turned 18. She’s been looking forward to turning 18, because hopefully that means the man she has loved for years will actually come to her. She’s been waiting for Lachlan for what seems like forever, but she hasn’t been an adult until now. So, she goes to her big surprise party, which probably wasn’t all that big of a surprise, considering, and while she enjoys it, she keeps looking around to see if she can find Lachlan. When she finally finds him, she goes over to talk to him, and he gives her a present that he tells her to open in private. When she gets a minute, she discovers it’s a locket with a picture of teenaged her in it, and a note that says to see herself as he sees her, love Lachlan.

After her party, she heads out with friends, and they end up going to the Craic (pronounced crack and basically means fun), the local bar and BDSM club. While she’s there, she sees Lachlan with another woman in his arms, kissing her. So, she rushes home and tells Nolan and Sheena that she’s going to go to school in Boston.

Lachlan has spent years working for the Clan. He’s well trusted, and respected. He’s been doing international jobs for Keenan and the Clan, but he managed to be home for Fiona’s birthday. He gives her his present, and then heads out with some of the men to the Craic to get a drink. They talk him into going to the back, where the club is, and some woman literally throws herself on him. Just as he gets rid of her, he looks and thinks that he sees Fiona, but surely it’s not her.

I think Fiona is going to be most favorite heroine of the series, at least thus far. And after Maeve, but Maeve doesn’t really count, since she’s a secondary in all the books, not the primary. But Fiona is just fiesty, and spirited, and sassy. I think that she might get more up close and personal with Clan business than most of the other heroines do, and she manages to accept it and move on. Of course, I think it helps that she’s kind of a new generation of women to marry into the Clan. She’s seen Maeve, her sister, and all these women that she respects as wives to these men, so she may have a little better feel for it. Or maybe I’m just talking out my arse. It’s totally possible either way.

Lachlan, like all the other heroes in this series, is a good man who follows a strict moral code. It’s not my code or your code, but it’s his code, or rather that of the brotherhood, and he adheres to it. Which makes him a good man. He’s bossy and dominant, but Fiona tends to like that, so it works. I think that he’ll keep her grounded, but he won’t take away her fire and spirit, and oh my, does she have a whole lot of that.

OK, with the attacks on the Clan, I have to wonder if what happened to Sheena is part of the attack. I hope not, but Jane never really says.

That’s all for today. Go check it out. Happy reading!

Loki Renard & Jane Henry-Dirty Look

First of all, please forgive any weirdness that may show up in posts over the next few days. WordPress is rolling out a new editor, and I’m not used to it yet. I haven’t had the time to sit in play with it yet. Probably this weekend. 

OK, now that’s been said, let’s talk about today’s book. Today we have Dirty Look, whch is another collab between Jane and Loki. Now, you know that I like both of these ladies, as they have shown up here before, and I’m totally down for a good collab. 

So, let’s talk about the story, shall we? We start with Mia. She has left the family nest in Italy and is now in Boston, so that she can go to college. Huge change. She is as far away as she is because she wants to get away from her family and the Family. Her father is the big boss, and he has kept her in a protective shell her entire life, so going away to college in another country is a huge bit of independence for her, especially since she’s all alone. (Or so she thinks.) All of a sudden, she finds out that she’s not. 

Enzo was specifically tasked to go to Boston and watch over Mia. He had failed his boss once before, and this is his chance to redeem himself. He’s been watching over Mia very carefully. Very, very, very carefully. When he sees a man in Mia’s apartment, he rushes over from his apartment across the street, breaks down her door, and throws the guy out. Then he and Mia get up close and personal. Which only gets worse when it turns out he’s her new prof. 

I think that Enzo is very protective. Very protective. I think that he should’v or could’ve backed off a little bit. I get making sure that his boss’ daughter is safe, but she should get to make some mistakes so that she can learn. But, that probably wouldn’t have been as good a story, so, I guess I’ll take it, lol. 

I think that Mia did go a smidge wild, but I can’t blame her too much. She’s never had the chance to make mistakes and screw up, and if this isn’t the time to do it, I don’t know when is. I think that she is a lot stronger than she has been given credit for. 

brownstone houses in Boston

There is a fantastic line in the book when the boss asks Enzo why he has his daughter’s name in his naked mouth.

OK, that’s all I have to say about this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

Jane Henry-Carson

Jane is back with the newest book in her Irish mob series, Carson. This book takes place 2 years after the last one, but that’s OK, we get caught up enough in the first chapter to know what happened in those two years, so don’t worry about missing anything.

We start with Father Finn telling Carson about the fact that his dead wife, who everyone thought had died in a car accident, was probably murdered, but Father Finn doesn’t want to go to Keenan with it, because it would turn into war, and Finn works very hard to walk the line between being a member of the Clan and being a Catholic priest. So, he gives Carson just as much information as he can, which really isn’t a lot, just enough to get him started on finding out what he needs to do. This eventually leads to him working on his computer at his wife’s grave on a Friday night, the night before a big Family wedding.

Megan is celebrating Sheena’s hen night with all the McCarthy wives. She’s really happy that her cousin Nolan has found the love of his life, but she’s a little lonely. All her cousins are in happy long term relationships, but she’s alone. There is one guy that she used to really think about, a man of the Clan, but life got in the way and now, for reasons, she feels like she can’t do anything with him, even though she still would really like to. After all, Carson is still getting over Eve’s death. She decides that she’ll go out for a walk, and walks over to Eve’s grave, where she is going to talk to her friend, only Carson is there, and he finds out that she walked there without a guard, which causes all kinds of trouble.

They end up having to be paired together at the wedding, and it kind of leads to another kind of pairing, iff’n you know what I mean. Megan enjoyed herself, but she’s worried about being involved with a man of the Clan and Carson really enjoyed himself, but he’s worried about being involved with Meagan because her cousins will pretty much beat the living hell out of him. They both know that it might not be the smartest idea to hook up with each other, but they also both know that there is no way that they can’t be together.

I’ve liked Megan from the very beginning. She’s funny, sassy, loving, smart alecky, and just a pretty fun person with a huge heart. I would love to get to know her better, because she just seems like fun. I think that she’s wonderful with Breena, and is definitely a brave and bold person who will do what she needs to do to help her family. I’m happy that she is getting her own story and her HEA. She deserves it.

Carson is a good guy. All the men of the Clan are. Good doesn’t necessarily mean on the right side of the law here, because they really aren’t that. I do think that he, and all the men of the Clan, are just as well as good. Again, just and good aren’t necessarily the same thing, and proper justice doesn’t always align with what the law says. He’s a brilliant father, witnessed by how loved Breena is. He’s a definite asset to the Clan. I think he’ll be so good for Megan.

I can’t wait for Lachlan’s book.


Oh, Eve’s story broke my heart, and what we find in her diary was hard.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!