Ava Sinclair-His to Corrupt

I really enjoy reading Ava Sinclair’s books and own several of them. I’m working on having all of them. She has menage, she has age play, she has dark, she has sexy, so yeah, I have her books. Today, I’m writing about her newest one, a contemporary romance, His to Corrupt.

HtC is part of her Completely His series, which is all contemporary romances full of Alpha men and the women they love. I have a soft spot for this one. That’s because it’s really easy to see myself in the role of the heroine because she has my name. See how that worked out for me?

Anyhow, to the book!

Clara is the quiet one of her friends, Macy and Lara. She doesn’t go out and party a lot, she doesn’t drink a lot, she doesn’t really date that much. She recently got out of a relationship with a rather boring, average guy. Her friends really only keep her around so that they look better by comparison. I don’t like her friends all that much. Mostly because, well, mostly because…

Anyhow, one night, her friends drag her out to a slightly illegal bar out in the bad part of town’s bad part. Her friends know that they can hook up while they are there. However, when a guy sends a drink to the table, it’s to Clara and not her friends, which kind of shocks them. Clara turns it down and fakes going to the bathroom so that she can leave. However, Gus, the nasty guy, has other ideas. The bouncer saves her and kicks her out. When things get worse, the bouncer turns out to be the owner, Jackson.

Jackson isn’t necessarily a nice guy. Afterall, he spent time in jail and he runs a tough bar that makes other tough bars look tame. He’s also not a relationship kind of guy. But when he meets Clara, there’s just something about her that he can’t refuse. After a dramatic rescue, he asks her out to dinner, which she agrees to.

OK, you know what time it is. This is a relatively quick read but packed full of all kinds of goodness. We got crazy, crazy sex, nasty people, hypocrites, and an HEA. It’s on the dark-ish side. I wouldn’t call it black, but it is gray, for sure. There is a lot of bad language and a lot of sex. Did I mention the hot sex? I highly recommend any of Ava’s books, especially if you like sexy, kinky sex.



OK, first of all, I kind of get mad at Jackson sometimes. It seems to me that he doesn’t always take the time to listen to Clara or look at her POV. However, most of the time I’m all good when it comes to him.

I’ll tell you the ones that I’m really mad at, and that’s the hypocrites in the book, mostly all the ones at Clara’s school. They hold her to insane standards. I mean, they want her to be the Virgin Mary for a Christmas pageant since she’s so goodie good. Clara is teaching her class about The Scarlet Letter, and I think that there are some parallels between the books. Like Hester, people were ready to judge Clara without even really knowing her, and they were perfectly happy to shame her.

I also don’t like Macy. I didn’t like her at all from the very beginning since she just seemed like she wanted to keep Clara like a pet and to make her feel better about herself since all the guys came to her. And she did something really fucking nasty. Like I said, I don’t like her.

OK, that’s all I have to say today. We have some amazing stories coming up, including one in which Anna Zaires tries to kill me. Meanwhile, happy reading!


May Archer-The Long Way

Who’s ready for some hot guy on guy action? Because May Archer has brought us another installment in her new M/M series, and I think these guys are even hotter than the first couple. In fact, Damon and Cain are my favorite couple since they have to go through so much to get to their HEA.

So, today we’re talking about The Long Way. This a direct sequel to The Easy Way. Damon is Cort’s older brother and Cain is Cam’s friend. Their fathers founded Seaver Tech together. Damon was the pilot of the plane that crashed and killed Cam’s parents, as well as a few others. Even though it wasn’t his fault, he was blamed, and Cam’s brother, Bas, vilified him in the media.

TLW opens up at a fundraiser for Cain’s father, Senator Shaw, conservative, bigot, and all around massive douchebag. Cain is there under orders from his parents, but he’s miserable. He hears a commotion and sees that it’s Damon. Damon is there to try to get Shaw to go down. He has a crazy idea of using social media and the Internet to get that to happen. Cain goes and gets security off of Damon’s back, or rather, off of Damon’s injured leg, and tells Damon how stupid his idea is. Damon takes a painkiller and gets really out of it, and kisses Cain. Cain takes Damon home since he’s way out of it, and stays to make sure that Damon is safe.

Damon is many years older than Cain, 40 to Cain’s almost 25. He keeps calling Cain Kid, which of course annoys Cain to no end. It would annoy the fuck out of me too. To get back at him, Cain calls him Big Daddy. Cain loses his temper, at which point he throws a spoon in the sink. Then he apologizes for losing his temper and his inappropriate behavior. Seriously, he thinks that is losing his temper and inappropriate behavior? That happens every day and twice on Sunday at my house. But, then again, I haven’t had my parents pushing me the way that Cain’s parents have his entire life. They are emotionally abusive to him. They have never accepted Cain, and it’s slowly killing him. He plays a game called Worse. When shit is bad, he looks at it and comes up with ways that it could always be worse. The problem is, there is always a way that it can be worse. Can you imagine having to live like that? Well, my leg is broken, but it would be worse if both my legs were broken.

Anyway, Cain tells Damon that he has an idea on how to get to his dad to justice. Cain has reasons for not coming forward with his knowledge that could take down his dad. Mostly the fact that his father is a bag of dicks and is blackmailing him.

OK, here’s where we are going to separate. There is a lot of very hot sex in this. Cain and Damon are so hot that we might have to throw buckets of water on them. Oh, wait, dripping wet Cain and Damon… Maybe we shouldn’t do that. I’ll leave it up to you. But, it’s hot sex. The relationship that they develop is strong and supports them both well. I really enjoyed this book, and am looking forward to reading the next one. I bet I know who the main characters are, but watch May do something completely different and make a liar out of me.


OMG, Cain playing with Damon’s niece melted my ovaries. It was such a sweet scene and it was so good for everyone. I really loved that scene.

I love how Damon didn’t back down from Shaw when he tried to blackmail Cain into letting go of Damon. He wasn’t going to walk away from his man and he wasn’t going to let Cain sacrifice himself either. Both Damon and Cain found their strength and their worth in each other. Having someone love you that much helps you realize that you are strong and you are worth loving. So, yay for that.

I don’t blame Cain for getting jealous of Damon’s buddy. I was jealous and I didn’t even know the guy. Dude may be a good guy, but he didn’t help the situation, and he knew it. He did it purposely. Jackoff. Nice jackoff, but still, jackoff.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this Russian thing is going to go. It looks like it will be interesting. Maybe we’ll see some hot Russian guys? I could support that.

OK, I’m stating it here, I think that it’s going to be Bas and Drew in the next one. There was way too much chemistry in there for it not to be them.

That’s all for today. Come back tomorrow for some Parker Sinclair. Meanwhile, happy reading!

Caitlin Daire & Isabella Darling-Suite Hearts

Caitlin Daire has teamed up with Isabella Darling to bring us a sweet, steamy, sexy story. Isabella Darling is the nom de plume for Isabella Starling’s lighter side. As Isabella Starling, she writes a lot of dark and taboo stuff, including a lot of Daddy Dom books. Daddy Dearest is the latest one of those. But Suite Hearts is quite different from those books, though no less good or steamy. Caitlin Daire is a new author to me, and I will go looking for more books from her, especially if she continues to team up with Isabella.

In this story, Peyton is the heiress to the Mirabella Hotel. She’s also a paid socialite, who gets paid to party, appear at events, and promote brands as an influencer. Think Paris Hilton. She’s basically famous for being famous, but she’s really good at it. At the ripe old age of 21, she’s getting tired of it, of being surrounded by the paparazzi all the time, and the stress of it.

Kaden is the son of the hoteliers who think that Peyton and her family are their arch-enemies. His parents think that Peyton’s parents are fire-breathing dragons who are stealing away all their business. However, the Mirabella has been around for many decades and is an institution, and not really competition with Kaden’s family hotel. Different demographics, different attractions, and all that. But, don’t try telling his parents that, they won’t believe a word of it. So, in order to crash their arch-rivals, Kaden’s parents have decided to send him to the Mirabella to get a job and act as their spy. Under the name Cade, he gets a job at the Mirabella as a bellhop and prepares to get on in his spying duty, whether or not he really wants to.

On his very first day there, Peyton falls for him. Or rather, falls in front of him. Peyton is walking into the lobby and slips in a puddle of water on the floor, snaps the heels of her shoes off, and right before she hits the floor, he catches her. He says something about things being slippery when wet and makes it obvious that he doesn’t mean the floor.

In that same group is a young woman named DeeDee. Remember her, she’s important. It’s going to be hard for Peyton and her family to forget her, especially as she passes out as soon as she sees Peyton and her mother together.

So, if you’ve read my blog, you are familiar with the drill by now. You want more info, you keep going past the picture. You want to get your info on your own, you stop at the picture. This is a nice, relatively light story. No kink, lots of sex. There is conflict, of course, because you have to have conflict. The two main plot points start to intersect, so they work well together. The body of the book feels like it goes really fast, so that there only days from start to finish, but there are weeks in between start and finish, so no insta-love. I have nothing against insta-love, and it works well in certain stories, but I liked the way the relationship drew together in a more organic and natural way. There is a strong HEA, and all the points are pretty much drawn together well enough, but I have a feeling that there is another book coming, if this one does well, and I bet I can guess who the main characters will be. All in all, as with most of Isa’s books, I really enjoyed it. Like I said, this was my first Caitlin Daire book, but I’ll definitely go check out more from her. If you like contemporary, sweet, sexy, and a little bit of conflict, this is the one for you.



So, remember DeeDee and how I told you that she would be important? Well, here it is. Whe Peyton was younger, her sister, Allegra, was kidnapped. Peyton was 6 and Allegra was 3. DeeDee passes out when she meets Peyton’s mother and Peyton, and when she gets to the hospital, she says it was flashbacks, and that she was Allegra. She passes a DNA test, taken with her DNA and Mom and Dad’s DNA, but not Peyton’s. The DNA shows a familial relationship, so she’s brought into the family as Allegra, and she starts to live it up as a hotel heiress, and tries to cut Peyton out of everything. Allegra seems to have personalities that go back and forth when it comes to her dealings with Peyton. I have to admit that I guessed some of the points around this particular point, but not everything, and not how it would get worked around.

Of course, Kaden and Peyton are going to have issues when she finds out who she is, and they do. And then all hell breaks out, which is even worse, and makes everything about a zillion times worse. However, Kaden manages to fix or help to fix the various issues and gets Peyton’s parents behind them.

I like the story, I like the sex, I enjoyed the premise. I don’t need dark and kink to make my little reading self happy, as long as I have a good story. This was definitely a good story.

So, this was post #2, and later on, long around 7 pm Eastern, tonight, you’ll get the newest offering from Summer Graystone. Hopefully it will have dropped by then. Meanwhile, happy reading!