Skye Warren-3 to Get Ready

Today’s offering is the last book in the Hughes set of books by Skye Warren. Three to Get Ready is the finale of Eva and Finn’s story. While they are their own story, they are also part of the Morelli world. You don’t have to have read the other Morelli books to know what’s going on with Eva and Finn, you just have to have read the other two books in this group. There are likely to be spoilers because each book picks up right where the last one ended up, so if you want to avoid spoilers, skip this post until you go read the book and then come back.

Eva and Finn are currently dealing with all of Finn’s secrets coming out. His dad showed up at the office at a very inopportune time. When he showed up, his dementia was in full force, so all of the C-suite people found out that he was not all there. That, of course, sent the business into a tailspin. At the same time, the information that Eva is pregnant leaked so they’re dealing with all kinds of crises at once.

The Morellis are in one place trying to deal with the fallout, their answer is basically tell everybody no comment and fuck them all. Finn is elsewhere trying to figure out what to do for his business, and he’s being pushed to do all kinds of PR about it. Frankly, I think that Eva has the better idea. She’s just going to brazen it all out. Luckily, Finn and Eva get together and have a discussion about what to do and they come to an agreement.

Of course, the second they come to the agreement other things happen. Those events change Finn’s perspective, and he decides he’s going to handle the rest of his life in a very different manner than his father did and in a different way than what his father made him promise to do.

I still really like Eva. I think that she is an incredibly strong character. She has been handed all of this stuff, and yet she manages to gracefully handle it. Of course it helps that she’s been managing Morelli scandals for years, and this is relatively minor compared to some of the other stuff, but it is still a big deal. I think that makes sense. At least, it made sense in my head. I think there are a few times where she is a little overly optimistic about what’s to come and what’s going to happen. But, I kind of don’t blame her for that, I think I would behave the same and think the same in her situation so there’s that.

Finn has frustrated me on and off through this whole series. His fatalistic attitude kind of made me want to smack him sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I understand where that fatalism is coming from, but it’s annoying. But, it does get better in this book and he’s not quite as fatalistic.

This was an interesting trio, and I really did like Eva and Finn. So, go check out the book. Happy reading!

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