Skye Warren-Two for the Show

Skye has given us the second book in Eva and Finn’s series with Two for the Show. This is part of the larger Morelli/Constantine series. There is also a connection to the book I reviewed last week by Skye and Amelia Wilde because Carter, the MMC in that book, is Eva’s brother. It’s a small world in this universe.

As a quick refresher, Eva is a Morelli, and she keeps her family running well. Her mother wants to worry her off, Eva doesn’t want it. Finn comes to a party where Eva is and is being badgered by her mom. Finn talks Eva into running away with him. Eventually, they end up faking an engagement to get people off her back. Finn isn’t worried because he’s never getting married due to the family curse.

OK, from here is stuff about this one. There will probably be some spoilers, but as usual, I will try to keep the spoilers down. I make no guarantees though, so if you are interested in this but you haven’t read the first one yet, then be careful. You have been warned.

So, Finn has just basically eviscerated Eva, and she feels like her heart has been ripped out of her chest. She’s holding it together, but not well. Plus, she found out some really interesting news right after Finn told her to sling her hooks. There’s just so much going on, and she isn’t sure how to deal with it, so she’s focusing on her sister’s wedding, which of course, Eva planned. It’s going well when all of a sudden, Finn walks in, and the world basically crashes down.

Finn is dealing with his own reactions to his actions. He keeps trying to tell himself that he did the right thing, and every time he sees his dad, he’s just more and more convinced that he did the right thing. No matter how horrible he feels about it. Then he walks into a wedding reception and everything changes.

I feel like Eva has so much on her shoulders. She takes on so much, and she really does hold all the Morelli offspring together, I think. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but other people in her family should step up too. Although Leo is always there for her, threatening to kill any men who upset her. I like that she really isn’t a damsel in distress. While having Finn rush in to rescue her from her mother isn’t a bad thing, it isn’t a necessary thing. She really can hold her own. At least in public, most of the time. I also like that she calls Finn on his bullshit. Which is good, because he needs someone to do that.

I mostly like Finn. I think that he is a good man. He really does have the weight of the world on his shoulders, and while his little brother does try to help, Finn is hiding the secret so hard that it is just impossible to do much else. I do feel sorry for him that he has to deal with this so much. I am angry at him about some things though. I think he’s just so fatalistic about what is coming that he sees it as a foregone conclusion and isn’t willing to fight it for himself. I think that he should get all the testing, evaluations, imaging, whatever he can have done. He’s superrich, and he can afford to have it all done.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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