Vanessa Vale & Renee Rose-Warrior

Renee and Vanessa are back with the 3rd book in the Alpha Mountain series Warrior. This is Quincy and Kennedy’s story.

Ford and his team are still trying to clear his name from his dishonorable discharge. They haven’t quite succeeded yet, but they haven’t given up. Kennedy is still researching and analyzing all the data he can get ahold of. Meanwhile, they are still taking jobs and growing the business. One thing they have done is to buy a helicopter and hire a former Naval pilot.

Quincy is that pilot. She was stationed in the same places as the guys’ SEAL team several times, and she flew them on missions. One time, when they were all in the same place, she and Kennedy got it on. Of course, they went their separate ways after, because neither of them really want a relationship, and Kennedy’s a man-whore. Quincy doesn’t want to risk catching feelings over him. Staying away from each other is going to be harder now, considering that they live in the same bunkhouse, just down the hall from each other.

I like Quincy. I think that she has worked really hard to become who she is. Part of it is that she felt she had to prove herself to her Admiral father and her three older brothers, who are also all high ranking Naval officers. But the fact is that she got there on her own, no matter who she decided she needed to prove herself to. I think that she is really strong and I definitely wouldn’t want to mess with her. She can hold her own for sure. I like her mom, and she lays some truth on Quincy at the right time. I know I don’t like her dad. I get where he is coming from, he loves his daughter and he wants her to be safe, but he never really knows her.

I think that Kennedy is a good man. He knows who he is and what he wants, which is more than a lot of people can say. He isn’t willing to let other people use him for their own ends, and he isn’t going to let anyone dictate his life. He is very protective of his team, which would include Quincy even if he didn’t want to have a relationship with her. He does have to fight his protective instincts when it comes to her, because if he tries to smother her, she will smother him with a pillow.

That’s all for this one. It is definitely worth the read, so go check it out. Happy reading!

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