K Webster-Death Wish

Honestly, I do not know why I ever even doubt K. Every time I think that she can’t redeem a character or make me like someone, she pulls it out, and I end up liking them. Or, at least, liking them most of the time. I won’t say that I constantly adore Sparrow, Scout, and Sully, but I do like them and understand them a lot more. Death Wish was a good story, and one that I thought worked really well with the first book and Ash’s story. So, let’s talk about this one. There are likely to be spoilers for the first one, mostly because this one picks up where the last one left off, but I will try to keep them down.

So, Landry has managed to run away from her evil father with her younger sister, Della. She thought that she was getting help from a friend and was going to end up with Ford, which whom she had been creating some kind of relationship. The problem is, when she shows up at Ford’s house, she finds out that he isn’t really who he says he is. He is actually a set of triplets named Sully, Sparrow, and Scout. And they have been acting like her friend on the order of their uncle, who has ulterior motives.

Landry ends up locked in a bedroom with one of the triplets, separated from her sister, and being told that she is now all theirs, and she shouldn’t cause a fuss, because that will upset her sister. Eventually, there is a meeting in between the triplets and Landry, and they try to figure out what to do. Landry is terrified that her father will find her and Della, and what will happen when he does. So, she plots and plans about how to get away from Sparrow, Scout, and Sully. Meanwhile, they are all fixated on her, and they want to make sure that she is theirs.

The guys may all look alike and sound alike, but each of them has a very specific personality. And each personality fits a part of Landry and gives her something that she needs. I don’t think that one person with all those personality traits would’ve worked for her. I think that’s because one person couldn’t have those traits as developed as each of the triplets have them, if that makes sense. All I know is that they are good for her. And they take good care of Della too, even if she is a brat at times. And I think that Della likes to be a brat.

Landry really comes into her own in this one. She really doesn’t take a lot of stuff laying down. It took her a minute to figure things out, but as she did, she started changing herself and becoming more who she was than she had been before. I really like her. I think that she is really smart and very brave. I think that there are times that she is a little too good for the world, because of how loving her heart is. I think that’s a weird thing to say, considering everything that she has gone through in her past, but there is still that bright shine of goodness about her.

I really, really, really hate Landry’s dad. I mean, totally despise him.

OK, that’s all for this one. I still love any and everything K Webster writes. Go check this one out. Happy reading!

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