Raisa Greywood-War’s Peace

First, let’s congratulate Raisa on her entry into the world of full time authoring! It’s a big step to make, so yay! Now, let’s talk about her book. War’s Peace is the first book in a new series, the Club Apocalypse series. The series is about 4 military buddies, named after the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. They have all retired, and now they have an adult resort, Club Apocalypse, that is a very kink friendly hotel and dungeon. We pick up the story with protestors outside, the dungeon empty, and the hotel on the brink of failure. Mark, AKA War, is in charge of the dungeon.

At a morning meeting, Mark and his friends and partners are talking about what they need to do. One of them says that he’s hired a fixer named Kendra. She’s worked for other hotels and resorts and kept them from failing, so she should be able to do the same here. Mark protests that they don’t need anyone to come in and fix their hotel for them, they are doing fine, just fine, and she had better leave his dungeon alone. Needless to say, Mark isn’t coping well with everything going on, including the crazy protestors out front, protesting the “whores” inside their hotel, who don’t exist, but you know, try explaining that to crazy conservatives.

Then, we have Kendra. She isn’t supposed to show up until Monday, but she drives in early. She wants to see what’s really what, not the nice cleaned up bit that the owners generally show her. She checks in, grabs her phone, gets a tour, and starts making notes on her phone. All of a sudden, Mark grabs her phone away from her and tells her that phones aren’t allowed, and didn’t she see the signs? Except, there weren’t any signs, so how could she have seen them?

Anyway, Mark isn’t happy, so he hauls her up to her suite, and then tells her to stay there. But, Kendra isn’t about to take that kind of nonsense from him, so she gets all cleaned up and dressed up and goes to the restaurant, run by Jake, another of the Horsemen. Of course, she runs into Mark there, and boom goes the dynamite.

Kendra and Mark are explosive together, and yeah, sometimes I really thought that there would be actual explosions. They really butted heads a lot, especially in the beginning. I totally get where both of them are coming from. They both have their own control issues and they have problems letting them go. Kendra and Mark both have their own trauma too, which sometimes gets in the way of everything else.

One of the things that I really like about Kendra is that she shows that you can be subby in the bedroom and totally kickass and HBIC outside of it. When she was doing her job, she totally ruled everything, and frankly, I think she might’ve even scared Mark a couple of times. I know that a couple of the other Horsemen worked really hard to stay on her good side. Frankly, I would too. I also like the fact that she wasn’t against experimenting in a lifestyle she hadn’t participated in before, but that she had been interested in.

Mark needed to be smacked sometimes. I understand not liking change and feeling the need to control a situation, especially after having been in a bad situation like, oh, you know, war, and suffering from PTSD and the lack of control that can come from everything. That must be so hard for a Domly type who needs to have that control in his life. But, he has some serious anger issues when it comes to Kendra, in the beginning. I think he felt threatened, threatened made him scared, scared made him angry. Not that he felt Kendra was going to hurt him or anything, but the resort and dungeon, especially the dungeon, is his child. He and his friends literally bled to get the money to buy it. They have put so much work and love into it, and he feels like she’s going to take it, change it, and make it not theirs anymore, and that is what threatens Mark. So, he reacts like a human does, because we all have these brain chemicals and learned reactions, and gets pissed and yells at the person who is threatening him. I think that working with Kendra and then being in a relationship with her will be a really good journey for him.

I can’t wait for the next books in the series. We get a pretty good look at which couples are going to end up as couples, I think, and I’m going to be really happy if I’m proven right.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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