Gone Fishin’

Well, metaphorically speaking at least. To actually go fishing would mean I would have to go sit outside for hours on end. No thank you.

So, the past year has been hard on everyone. There has just been a whole lot going on for everyone, and it’s no different for me. I’ve had a lot happen in the past few months, and I’m tired. I’m going to take the rest of April off, except for one post next week, a commitment I can’t break. I just need the time to catch my breath, rest, relax, and probably get high.

I’ll still be reading, and if you follow me on GR or check in here once in a while, you can keep up with what I’ve been reading and reviewing. Frankly, I’d have to be dead to stop reading, and that might not even do it.

So, until May 1, everyone go out, find a book you like, sit down, and practice some self-care. Stay safe, get your shots, and avoid other people like the plague.

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