Jane Henry-Mac

Hot Scottish men? Sign me right up! And Jane delivered with Mac, the second book of her Mountain Men series, covering the Scottish Mafia. And in my imagination, Mac is chopping wood wearing a kilt, in proper Scottish fashion.

So, Mac and his brothers are plotting revenge against their enemies for their actions against Paisley. They have finally decided that what is going to happen is that Mac is going to seduce Brynn, the only daughter of the family, and then ruin her. So, to do that, he’s going to do everything he can to get her to notice him, and he’s going to use all the information that he’s been gathering for months and months against her. So, he manages to “meet” her and then starts to get to know her. He finds out a few things about her that he didn’t know, and arranges to meet her that night.

Meanwhile, Brynn is just trying to live her life and start her fashion design business. She’s keeping it secret from her dad, because she knows that he won;t approve. He’s a huge raging asshole. But, before Brynn and Mac get to go out on their date, her dad tells her that he knows about her business, and she’s betraying him, so he’s giving her an option. He can arrange her marriage to one of his nasty friends. Or, she can seduce Mac and then ruin him.

Interesting set up, right?

So, I like the play of both of them setting out to seduce the other and ruin them, especially when they both realize that the seduction thing is much less than a game and much more real than they expected it to be. It begs the question, how much of seduction is real and how much is fake?

I like Brynn and her creativity. I think that she is really just talented. I also like how loving she appears to be. She was really concerned about how Mac’s family would act about her, but she really drew them to her. Well, except for Mac’s dad, but he’s a prick, so who cares.

I think that Mac might have been a man whore, but he got better. He is very loyal to his family, and will do whatever he needs to do to make sure that they are protected. He seems quite clever and like he can think through a lot of things that could happen so that he can make a plan to handle everything.

And oh, I think that I have figured out who the author in the book is. I can’t wait to see.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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