K Webster-Prince Charming

I was really, really hoping that K had written this as a duet, but she didn’t. And I’m sad, and definitely a little frustrated, because she’s making me wait again! And Prince Charming is a cliffie, so she totally edged me. Dammit. I can’t wait for the next one though. This post is likely to have spoilers for A Stroke of Midnight, so if spoilers aren’t your glass of rum, you might want to skip this. I hope you don’t though.

So Ash was headed to the ball. I mean, Winston’s birthday party. Things happened and in rides Perry, Winston’s younger brother. He rescues her and takes to the family compound where his younger sister and younger brother come in and make plans to get Ash to the party. Ash wanders the party, looking like the belle of the ball, and dancing with all the Constantine brothers, and well, getting really dirty with Winston, and I mean that figuratively and literally. But they both like that. She gives him her present, which is a coupon booklet that she made for him, so that she will do certain things, like cuddle while watching a movie. Winston rolls his eyes about it, because of course, that’s way too girlfriend for him. And Ash isn’t a girlfriend, right? And Ash is mostly happy being around Winston, but then there are secrets that she is holding on to, which could be a problem if they come out.

Winston is really torn about Ash. I mean, she is his, but she can’t be his, she is only a business deal, but he doesn’t want it to end. But he knows that he has to find an appropriate woman and not lose his heart, and he has to keep his business growing, and Ash doesn’t fit in there. But he enjoys corrupting her and paying her. He also wants to keep her safe, so he buys her a huge SUV, and gets her an apartment, which may be a miscalcuation on his part. Winston also has to deal with his friend and his mother who are telling him one thing, and his younger siblings who are teasing him the other way.

I think that Ash is really coming into her own in this one. She’s been taking lessons from Winston, and she uses what she’s been learning from him for her own good. She’s also becoming more confident just because she knows that she has him in her corner. He has her back, which lets her go out and try things that she might not otherwise do. And I love her sassiness and her confidence. I wish that there weren’t so many people who really want to ruin her.

I like Winston, at least most of the time. He really gets in his own way a lot of the time. If he would just stop overthinking everything and stop listening to everyone else’s voice in his head, I think that he would be better. I mean, yeah, he’s very decisive in business and in 99% of his life, but when it comes to his heart, much less decisive, interestingly enough. Frankly, his mother can just fuck right off, followed closely by his best friend, who I don’t trust one bitty bit.

I can’t wait for the next one.

I love, love, love what happens to the Terror Triplets, because damn, they deserved that shit.

If there is a mole, I know who it is, I think.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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