Zoe Blake-Savage Vow

It’s been a minute since I had a Zoe story on here, and Savage Vow is definitely the one to put up here, because daaaammmmnnnn. This is really hot, incredibly filthy, and just intense.

So, we start with Samara at 18. She’s just two weeks shy of graduating from high school, and she’s looking forward to go to art school, at least, she’s planning on going to art school. On this particular night, she’s at her friend Nadia’s house for a party, and she and her boyfriend are trying to sneak away for a few private minutes. They find an unlocked room, but when they get in there, Samara tells the guy that they have to leave right now. She recognizes it as Gregor’s room, and they need to be out of there. He doesn’t want to leave and doesn’t take no for an answer, which was all kinds of wrong on his part, because in comes Gregor. And he’s pissed. Turns out that Gregor has basically just bought Samara’s hand in marriage and he’s mad that anyone is touching what’s his.

Samara goes home, finds out that her broke and owes some very bad people a whole lot of money. He offered her in marriage to a lot of people, and Gregor was the one to buy it. And Samara is not happy. She meets with her friend Nadia (who happens to be Nadia’s older brother) and their other friend Yelena, and they make a plan for Yelena and Samara to run away.

Fast forward 3 years, Samara is now in Chicago. She figures that now that has been so long she’s safe. She’s still not going out under her own name, but she’s at least working in art and painting at home. One day, she’s got an appointment set up to show some art, and guess who walks in? Yeah, Gregor.

Gregor has been searching for Samara for 3 years now. It was embarrassing that she ran away from him, and he needs to find her because she’s his, and he needs to show everyone that he has things under control. So, the first thing he does when he finds her, after spanking her, is to dress her up and take her to a museum gala.

Oh, I really, really, really was set to hate Gregor. And don’t get me wrong, I don’t like him all that much a lot of the time. Buuuuutttt…. He makes it kind of hard to hate him all the time. He’s an asshole, yes, a huge asshole, even, but he also is super protective of Samara and he knows so much about her. It could almost be called stalkerish, but I’m not 100% it crosses that line. But Gregor really does know Samara and he really does want to make sure she has what she needs. Not necessarily what she wants, but what she needs.

I do like Samara. I think that she is smart, creative, and pretty strong. I also think that there are times when she doesn’t quite see the whole picture and she’s a little naive. I mean, I don’t think that she’s naive all the time, after all, she did stay hidden from a Russian mob boss for 3 years. I understand the way that she feels about Gregor a lot of the time, and I think I would feel the same way about him.

OK, nothing under the picture today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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