Katie Douglas-Stay All Night

It’s been a while since we had a Katie book on the blog, and I have really missed her, so I’m really excited to put Stay All Night on the blog today. This the last book in the Arizona Heat series that Katie wrote, and it’s the second book in the Arizona Law series. I’m hoping that means we’ll get some more books in the Arizona Law category, because I’m really digging them.

So, we start with Avery. She’s a sweet young lady, just barely an adult. She’s been living with her horrible, terrible father. He is very much not a good man. Not at all. He hurts Avery and yells at her all the time. Finally, she just can’t handle it anymore, and one day, she just leaves. She runs out of the house and starts walking. She hopes that she’s going to end up in one place, but it turns out that she doesn’t. She ends up in a sleepy little town, and tries to hide out behind a gas station. But that doesn’t last for long because the owner calls the cops.

Then we have Rick. He’s the night deputy for this tiny little Arizona town. He like to work overnight, because it’s quiet. He spends his time writing his reports and playing solitaire. But when he gets a call from the gas station, he heads over there and discovers Avery. Who promptly runs away from him, so of course he has to chase her. He takes her to jail, puts her in a cell, and tries to figure out what the hell to do with her. Well, I know that spanking is involved.

I like Avery. I think that she has a really good heart. I also think that she has worked very hard to hide that heart. I mean, I don’t blame her, because her dad was such a fucking asshole. I would’ve done everything I could to protect myself too. She’s also very sheltered. Being so poor and so trapped by her father, I’m not surprised that she’s so sheltered. But it really makes for an interesting viewpoint. She’s truly just so innocent, but in a very good way.

Rick is a good guy. I think that he’s a little overly tied to black and white thinking and following the law. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it doesn’t help him, because he just doesn’t see all the shades of grey that really exist in the world. I think that it makes Avery better at times, because she does see those shades and she brings her unique viewpoint to the world, which lets her see things that Rick wouldn’t. It doesn’t make Rick a bad cop or a bad man. It just makes him one that doesn’t see all the weird little tricky bits. I think that Avery just sees them because she knows that they are there somewhere.

That’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

On a side note, thanks for your patience with me over the past week. It’s been a long year, this month.

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