Taking a Break.

We all know that 2020 has been a complete clusterfuck of a dumpster fire. Well, for me, December has piled on top of that. The month started off with the death of a very dear friend. She died of Covid after we thought that she was getting better. Then 2 days later, my mother told me that my 93 year old grandmother, who has dementia and hasn’t been in the best of health is now on a death watch. She’s at home, with palliative care, and we’re just waiting now. My husband is having Mohs surgery for his squamous cell carcinoma on the 3oth, and right now we’re waiting to see if it’s going to be called off because of the orange plague.

Anyway, I’m saying all this to tell you guys that I’m taking a break until Monday the 14th. I need a few days to sit down, catch my breath, regroup, and just yell a massive fuck you to 2020.

When I come back next week, I have stuff from Katie Douglas, Alta Hensley, CP Mandara, DE Chapman, and many more. So, stay tuned.

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