Sinistre Ange-His Pretty Kitty

Yay! Another Sinistre Ange story, which means we are into something kinky, dirty, and just obscene. And that describes His Pretty Kitty really well. HPK is part of Sinistre’s Planets Apart series. She hasn’t written a new one in this series for a while, so yay!

So, the way that this series works is that there are 4 prison planets, and each of the planets covers a different kink. So far, we’ve had hucows, age play, and now we have pet play. When someone gets caught breaking the law, they end up sentenced to a prison planet. While they are on the way out to the planets, the prisoners get to look at all the planets and decide which one they want. After they make their decision, it goes to a committee where each selection is either approved or argued over.

Katherine embezzled from her company for years. For part of that time, her crimes were blamed on someone else who was guilty of corporate espionage, but eventually it was discovered that nope, that person was innocent of stealing, and it was all Katherine. So, she got sentenced to spend the rest of her life on one of the prison planets. On the ship, she looks at all the planets and decides that she found the planet for her. She’s going to go be a pet. So, she goes up for auction, and is bought. Her new owner wants her to have kitty ears and kitten fur on her lower arms and legs, so she really looks more like a little kitten. And thus, Katherine becomes Kitty, and is owned by Dominic and his wife. And she has to share the household with their long time pup. Let’s just say hijinx ensue.

I fully admit that I didn’t always like Katherine in this book. She is really entitled in the beginning, IMO. She never really seems like she’s sorry for what she did or for what happened to that poor innocent guy. It kind of makes her hard to like at the very beginning, at least for me. There are times while she’s settling in that I don’t particularly care all that much for her either. I never totally dislike her, but don’t like her all that much, if you get the difference. And when she’s finally in the house, she keeps acting out and seems suprised. It’s not like she didn’t know what she was getting into, so I don’t know why she’s so surprised. Ok, well, maybe she didn’t know exactly what everything would be like, but I’m in the well, she made her bad, she gotta lay in it camp. I do think that she really deserves everything she gets and maybe a little more on that.

I know that I’m not talking about anyone else in the household, but I think that they really need to be discovered on your own. I will say that the book is primarily from Kitty’s POV, but we do get looks at everyone’s heads, so we get to know everyone. I liked it that way.

OK, nothing under the pic today. Go check out this delightful piece of filth, especially if you need some help staying warm this winter. Happy reading!

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