Nicole James-Club Princess

Nicole has given us a new RBMC book. I love this shared world. I like that each of the authors works within the same framework, but within that framework, we get a different take. We have some dark, we have some paranormal, we have some lighter. Club Princess is toward the lighter end of the scale. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not light, it’s just lighter than some of the others.

So, we have Lola. She truly is the princess of the Durango CO chapter. Her dad Rock is the Prez. He has scared every member of the chapter away from her, not that it stops Lola from trying. She really keeps trying. She’s also trying to get a hot muscle car that one of the brothers is holding for her. She heads out to the bank to get her money so she can get her car, and it turns out that her brother has stolen $14K from her. So, now she has to find him. And oddly, she finds out that he’s in New Orleans, but only because a friend happened to see him. She’s going to go get her money back.

Well, as you may be able to guess, when Rock finds out that Lola is gone, he gets a little, well, cranky. First, he bangs into the rooms of each of the brothers in the clubhouse, catching a few in flagrante delicto (luckily for them, none of them were with Lola), then he tracks her cell phone and discovers that she’s in New Orleans. So he calls a nomad named Memphis, who happens to be in the area.

Memphs has itchy feet. He doesn’t want to settle down. He likes living on the road as a nomad. He gets to belong to the club and have his brothers, but he doesn’t have to stay in one place. As a nomad, he’s able to take on all kinds of jobs. And when Rock calls him to bring back the wayward Lola, off he goes. He eventually catches up with Lola just as she’s getting kicked out of a truck on the side of the road, grabs her, and then heads back out to Colorado with her.

I think that Lola is brave and fiesty. I also think that she takes a lot of stuff on her shoulder that she shouldn’t have to. She shouldn’t have to try to pull her father and her brother together, but I get where she might feel like she has to. They are both idiots with hard heads, and I think that they probably butt heads a whole lot.

Memphis is a good guy, well, within his moral standards. I think that he’s an idiot at times, and he doesn’t want to try and see past living on the road. I think that being a nomad was a lot easier for him because he didn’t have to deal with anything. Then Lola came, and well, messy feelings.

OK, that’s all for this one today. Nothing under the pic on this one either. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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