Leann Ryans-Proposition #2

Leann has given us a sequel to her contemporary book about Leo and Cadence with Propositon #2. These books are serials, so you might run across some spoilers in this one from the first book, but I don’t think so. And if there are, then they are actually pretty minor.

So, in the last book, Cadence auctioned off her virginity and Leo was the big winner. They had loads of fun together, and she got the money she needed to dig her brother out of his debt. I hope she kicked his ass too, because he needed it.

Now, it’s a month later. Cadence isn’t as far into debt as she was, but only barely. She’s still struggling with having to work 2 jobs, try and take care of her mother, and figure out how to make sure her brother goes to college, because she wants him to have a better chance than she does. She can’t afford to pay for him to go, but she can urge him to make sure that he goes. And she can’t help but keep remembering her night with Leo. She’s bound and determined to stay away from him because he’s trouble. Then one night, she gets a message from him. And she tells him no.

Leo knows that he wants his Blossom. He’s been giving her the time to discover that she needs him, because he knows that he needs her and he needs her forever. He’s just waiting, and waiting, because he figures that she’ll come back to him, but when she doesn’t, he messages her, hoping that she’ll meet him. But she doesn’t. So he decides that he’ll just, you know, casually drive by her house, because that’s not at all stalkery or anything. On his way to her house, he sees her standing over her broken down car and offers her a ride home.

Cadence is as stubborn as the day is long. I can get that. I, myself, may be somewhat stubborn, sometimes. And she’s very proud. But pride can goeth before a fall, and having a little too much pride can really hurt. And that’s about where Cadence is right now. I understand her wanting to do it all on her own, but you really get to a point where there is just no way in hell that you can do everything on her own, and if you just keep pushing, it will burn you out and make it even harder. And it’s not just the working two jobs and trying to keep her family under a roof and with fullish bellies, it’s also trying to take care of her mother and keep her brother out of trouble, and all the other things that go into daily life. None of which are made easier by the fact that she is working two jobs.

Leo is a good man, if not one on the legal side of things. But, he does care for Cadence, and he does want to help her out and see that she gets the best of everything. I don’t think that he wants to take her over, but I do think that he wants to make sure that she gets what she needs and to help her get to that point. It’s a very different point, I think. He is willing to kinda force her into it, but only as what he sees in her best interests.

I can’t wait for the next one.

That’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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