Sinistre Ange-Serving Her Sentence

So, today we get the first of 2 Sinistre Ange’s releases between now and the end of the year. Now, all of Golden Angel’s books are kinky, but it’s when she write as Sinistre that we are truly blessed with loads of filth, smut, and kinkery fuckery. And damn if Serving Her Sentence doesn’t live up to that. It is is downright obscene, in all the best ways. It’s also more hardcore than the books that she writes under the Golden name, so if you don’t like hardcore fuckery, this is not the book for you. Luckily, I do.

Noelle is facing prison. She got caught embezzling money from her boss. A lot of money. And it’s a lot of money that she can’t afford to pay back, because she’s spent most of it. So because of that, she has two choices. One is going to prison for 10 years. The other is to sell herself at an auction for a year as a slave. And in this case, slave means sex slave. However much money she sells for will be split. First it will go to her company to repay them, then the leftover will be split between her and the government. She just has to make it through the next 365 days and she’ll be set for life. So, that’s what she decides to do. After all, you can do anything for a year, right?

So, after having been asked about 190098979879 times if this was really what she wanted to do, Noelle goes to have a medical exam, which is recorded. Then she goes up for auction. She’s bought for a huge amount of money by a man named Damien. And he has an hour to lay out his expectations before Noelle has to make her final decision, and lay them out he does.

This book is all from Noelle’s POV, and I’m all good with that. I don’t think that I want a POV from Damien or anyone else involved. I don’t think that being in their head would’ve been anywhere near as interesting as just being in Noelle’s head. I mean, I like all their kinkery fuckery that Noelle is subjected to, and damn it’s all fucking hot, but for me, the part that was interesting to me was Noelle’s interior struggle. We wouldn’t get that from Damien. I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t have any conflicts in his head about what he’s doing.

Anyway, that’s all for this one. If you want loads of fucking hot fucking, go check this one out! Happy reading!

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