Measha Stone-Taken By Him

Mesha is back with a new book for us, Taken By Him. This isn’t part of her pet play books, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t hot as hell, because it really is. Instead, this is all about the Polish Mafia.

When Kasia was 16, her twin sister Diana came up to her room crying. It turns out that their father wants Diana to sign a marriage contract. She’ll be marrying the scion of another family after she comes of age. Diana can’t handle dealing with all this, so Kasia pretends to be Diana and goes down to sign the paperwork.

Fast forward 6 years and Kasia is all alone. Her mother and twin sister have died and her father blames her, and punishes her regularly. She’s just about to graduate from college, and she’s going to be able to get away from her father and have her own life. Except that would be just way too easy. One night, on her way back in from a party, her father calls to her and tells her that she’s going to honor the contract in the place of her sister, and she’s going to marry Dominik. Which, as you can guess, really pisses Kasia. And not only is she going to have to marry Dominik, she’s leaving with him right now, so she has to go pack.

Dominik has plans. And part of those plans involve marrying Kasia. As part of their marriage contract, all of her dad’s businesses and territories are supposed to roll over to him through her. Dominink also wants to use Kasia to try and figure out what her dad is up to, befcause he knows thcausthe old man is behind the legal issues that caused his dad to go to Poland to avoid arrest. So, he’s going to marry the woman, but it’s not about to be all that easy.

I think that Dominik, while he might like to think of himself as some kind of monster and Kasia calls him a monster or an asshole, I think that he is actually a pretty good man. He does do some things, but you can be a good man who isn’t necessarily on the right side of the law. He cares for his family, he wants to take care of Kasia, even before they get married. Now, he does tell Kasia that he’ll punish her, but that doesn’t mean that he’s not a good man. It just means that he’s a kinky fuck. And that’s rarely a bad thing.

Kasia is very realistic about her life. She knows how her father feels about her and how he will treat her, so she’s learned to deal within those parameters. Even though she has that strong realistic side, she’s also a little naive about some things, like the fact that her father is ever going to let her go. I think that she wanted that to be true so much that she just believed it so hard. I think that she is pretty strong. She’s had to be in order to get through a lot of stuff. I’m really impressed by her.

Ugh. Kasia’s dad is the abolute worst.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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