Ker Dukey-Lost Boy

I first met Ker Dukey back when I first met K Webster, reading their serial killer series, Pretty Little Dolls. BTW, go fucking read that series, because it’s fanfuckingtastic. Anyway, Lost Boy isn’t part of that series, but it does involve a serial killer. And it’s intense and so good.

We start with Willis’s wife meeting him in jail. Willis is a serial killer and she wants to confront him and he wants to see her. She leaves him telling him that he’s never going to see the boy she’s pregnant with.

Flash forward several years and Willis manages to escape from prison during a transport. He wants his boy.

Jack and his mother have become good friends with Liz and her mother. The kids are 7 and best friends. They are inseparable and they love to play Marco Polo. One day, a car rushes into the driveway and their mothers grab the kids and tell them to hide. Jack and Liz hide under the bed and listen to the atrocities that are happening. All of a sudden, Jack is pulled out from under the bed and away from her. She waits and waits and waits until the cops pull her out.

Many years later, Liz is all grown up and living on her own. She’s in college and living with a good friend. She’s taking psychology, working, and trying to be as “normal” as possible. It doesn’t always work. And it only gets worse as all of a sudden women whose lives touch hers start to die. She’s convinced that Willis has come back and is going to get her.

The book is told exclusively from Liz’s POV. And I think that makes it so much more intense. We don’t see anything from anyone else’s POV, and I think that makes the story that much more intense. I think that at times reality only has a passing relationship to anything in this book, but it can be difficult to tell if or when that happens.

I spent a lot of time while I was reading this with my heart in my throat. I didn’t know what was going to happen next and things that I would happen didn’t happen, or even worse, happened in a completely differrent way, if that makes sense. It makes sense to me at least, and it’s my brain that has to make any kind of sense out of anything.

Anyhow, I like Liz. She really does try to make some sense out of the madness that is her life and she really tries to use some of the trauma to help her out later in her life. I think that she is really strong, even as she’s vulnerable and fragile at the same time. It’s a very careful line that Ker had to walk, and I think that she really did well. And it’s totally fantastic.

OK, that’s all for this one. No spoilers because pretty much anything is going to be a spoiler, so you are just going to have to go read it. Really, read it.

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