Livia Grant-Balancing It All

We’re at the 4th book in the Punishment Pit books with Balancing It All. We’re in the back 9, and we’re building up to all kinds of interesting things. I can’t wait until we get to those things. Again, remember, these books are cliffhangers and when I talk about the book it will spoil the previous book. If you are waiting for all the books to come out to read them, you might want to skip this post and wait for the books to come out. Livia is getting them out quickly, so you won’t have a long wait.

So, we have Tiffany and Lukus starting a relationship and Markus and Briana putting their relationship back together. I’m going to put Markus and Bri on hold for a little bit, and talk about Tiff and Lukus, mostly because we focus more on them in this book.

Tiffany has spent all her dating life up until now in vanilla relationships, and while she has kinky fantasies, she’s been dealing with Jake’s shit for as long as Bri has. Not that Jake hurt her, he just mindfucked her, and not, you know, in a fun way. So, now trying to come up with some kind of D/s relationship with Lukus isn’t easy. She’s slightly scared about everything, and while she’s willing to trust Lukus, she has issues with doing things like looking at contracts.

Then we have Lukus, who has spent his dating life in kinky relationships. Well, being kinky. He’s the Master’s Master, and doesn’t do relationships, and boy howdy, is it obvious. He has his issues, mostly with the fact that he’s dealing with a total newbie, who for all her reading and fantasies, has never been in a real D/s relationship, and up until now, the closest she’s come to it is being a witness to Jake abusing Briana.

Neither one of them are really having it easy here. Tiffany is trying to deal with her brain saying one thing, her heart saying something else, and her body saying a complete third thing. Her heart and her body want to team up, but her brain isn’t quite onboard. Her brain is mostly there, but she overthinks and fights with herself. She’s at the point where she’s finding out what she likes, but there’s a part of her brain that tells her that she’s a freak for liking it. It’s a hard place for her to be. And that makes her feel kind of insecure, I think too. I don’t think it’s a purposeful kind of thing, but there’s something that niggles at her.

Lukus is having his issues with being in a relationship too. Like he’s trying to figure out how to turn off his entire Domly persona. His Dom-ness sometimes wants to be in charge of EVERYTHING, but that’s not the kind of relationship he’s in with Tiffany, and that’s not who Tiffany is, and that’s not what he wants. But it’s his default, so when things go wrong, that’s where he goes. There is one point where it made me really mad at him, because he was jumping when he shouldn’t have. Thank goodness for Derek.

OK, nothing under the again, but I do have one point. There are some piercings that take place in this, and the piercer uses a piercing gun, which wouldn’t happen. Piercing guns tend to cause more trauma to the area than using needles. That’s not a dealbreaker for the book, it’s just a point that I wanted to say something about, as a person who has multiple piercings, including some in interesting places.

Go check the book out! Happy reading!

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