Jane Henry & Shanna Handel-Be My Babygirl

Shanna and Jane have pulled together to give us a sweet Daddy story. Now, just because it was sweet doesn’t mean that it didn’t bring the steam as well, because I’m here to tell you that Be My Babygirl has plenty of steam.

Katie is a successful romance author who has written a series about cowboys, but her publisher told her that she needed to move on from cowboys, and, well, she’s been blocked ever since. When Katie turns to the interwebs in order to get some inspiration, she finds a pic of Darius, one of the most eligible men in Vegas. He owns a huge casino. Katie decides that she’ll get all dressed up and hit the casino to see if she can find more inspiration. While she’s there, she sees a huge group of women going into a buffet, she figures that there must be something going on there, and well, free food, so she follows.

Meanwhile, Darius is at home in his penthouse high above the hotel, bored and horny. He watches the line of women who walk into the buffet, and sees one who doesn’t seem to fit. He sends someone down to get her, because he’d like to the spend the evening with her. After all, she’s an escort, and that’s what she’s there for, right? And he’s going to be her Daddy for the night.

Katie is awfully sweet. She just brings a whole lot of light into the world, anyone’s world. She’s got some steel in her spine for all her sweetness, which I really liked. She’s a little innocent, but in a good way, not a bad way, or anything. Does that make any sense? It did to me. I liked her though.

Darius is a nice guy. He has a strong honorable streak too. He is a definite Daddy, and he really loves his family, or at least parts of it. He is a little hard headed at certain times, and may need to be dope slapped, but, you know, not even Daddies are perfect.

No spoilers today. It’s a quick, short, read, and it was really nice. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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