Claire Marta and Nia Farrell-Riley

This is the first of 2 Claire Marta books that we’ll see this week. The other one will be on tomorrow, with the latest Cease Fire book. And dayum, let me tell you, it is intense. But first, let’s talk about Riley, the 4th book in the Guarded Hearts series by Claire and Nia. All of these books are menage books, but most of them are MFM, but this one is MMF. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

Emmett and Theo are partners in more ways than one. They are paired together through their cadre, but inside that pairing, they’ve discovered that they have an attraction to each other, and it works really well. On top of that, they both want a D/s relationship, with Emmett as the Dom and Theo as his boy. They keep their relationship hidden from their brothers, because the whole point for them being there is to find their mate and procreate, and guys tend to have a harder time procreating on their own. So, when they have a chance to go out and run an errand for the head of their order, because it means that they can spend time as a couple, without worrying about anyone knowing. But then, they wake up in a locked cell.

Riley is a doctor. She has been brought to a center to do some experimentation on a couple of men. She is sure that they are aliens because she sees them do things that no human could do, like hardening their skin so that they can’t get any injections or blood draw. When she has to go in there, she tries to make a connection to them, and Emmett informs her that she needs to go get him and Theo a special breakfast. She goes to do it, and her superior ends up drugging her and the guys with something that makes them fuck like bunnies. Like really, really, really horny bunnies. When Emmett and Theo are able to escape, they take Riley with them.

I have liked Emmett and Theo in the past, but there are parts of this book where I am mad at them and not all that impressed with them. Of course, at the same time I’m kinda sad about what has happened to them and how they are dealing with everything. I understand why they did the things that they did. I might’ve even done them in their place, but I think that they took certain things a little further than they should’ve. I’m glad that Raven was there. I’m also glad that all the other mates are fierce. FTR, the boys do redeem themselves.

I think that I totally get Riley or at least get her motivations. She is scared of what is happening with E&T, scared about how she feels, unsure as to anything they are telling her because it totally sounds nuts, and more or less trapped where she is. I do feel sorry for her for that. I would probably do some of the same things in her place.

I can’t wait for book #5. It’s going to be good.

I don’t trust Darcy. Not one bitty bit.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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