Crimson Syn-Scarred by Pain

This is another entry into the Royal Bastards MC shared world series. This one takes place in New Orleans, in the national Chapter. Scarred by Pain is the story of Knuckles/Toren and Dyanara.

So, here’s our story. Knuckles is the Sargent at Arms for the NO chapter of the RBMC, which basically means he’s in charge off all beatdowns and making sure that the chapter is safe. One night, as he is out doing his thing, he takes a spooky back road and comes across a truck that has run off the road, with a woman in it. He calls a friend to help him get her out of the truck, and takes her back to his place so that he can fix her up. When she wakes up, she begs him to let her go home, because she really needs to, there’s going to be huge trouble if she isn’t home by a certain time. Finally, she calls someone and who says that they’ll pick her up from an abandoned gas station, so Taron agrees. He really doesn’t want to, because there’s just something about this woman that he’s really attracted to.

Dyanara has been kept trapped by her older brother for years. As she’s gotten older, it’s just gotten worse. She basically lives in her bedroom, 24/7. She has a guard who helps her (because she blows him) so she gets some freedom, sometimes. On one of those nights, she gets into a car accident, and wakes up with Taron. She knows that she needs to leave, because her brother is the president of an enemy of the RBMC, and she knowss that he’ll start a war. No matter how many times Knuckles says that they can protect her, she knows better, so she makes the decision to go back.

OK, so, I don’t understand why Dyanara keeps going back. She leaves a couple of more times, but she always goes back to her brother’s house. She knows that there isn’t anything good coming from being in that house, she knows that her brother hates her, she knows that there are men there who would gladly hurt her, and yet, she goes back? I don’t get it. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I don’t think that she’s TSTL, but I think that it gets close sometimes.

I actually like Taron, even though he has some issues, and there were times when I was really mad at him, but I think that he was really trying hard to live up to what he felt he had to, even if it wasn’t what he should’ve been doing. Once he figured out things, he did stand up and deal with what he should’ve been doing.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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