Raisa Greywood-Henry

Once upon a time, Golden Angel had an idea. What about writing about Dad Bod Doms? Well, she ran with it and talked to Raisa Greywood, Maren Smith, and Shane Starett, and they all joined in with her. If you go look at Golden’s book, you’ll see what her husband looks like, since he’s the cover model. Anyway, Henry is Raisa’s addition to the series, and the 2nd book.

Here’s the premise of the books. Logan, Henry, Ray, and Faris are old friends. They are all married and in D/s relationships of some sort. On their annual camping trip, the guys all get to talking, and it turns out that they are all having issues in their marriage and in their life. They make a pact to turn things around, and set up a challenge.

So, let’s talk about Henry and his lovely wife, Natalie. They have been married for almost 20 years, of which about 15 were good. But, in the last few years, things have gotten bad and worse. They were having issues with fertility, and then, as happens with a lot of marriages, they just started drifting apart. They didn’t have sex, they didn’t talk, in fact, they barely even saw each other. Henry was doing a job that he hated, and as part of it made him ignore Natalie too. On his way home from the camping trip, he decided that he would drive straight through and go home instead of stopping overnight somewhere. He got home to find Natalie asleep, so he made love to his wife, because he wants to make everything better.

Meanwhile, Natalie waited until Henry fell asleep, and she left the house. She not only left the house, she left, period. You see, she’s been planning on leaving him for the last few months, and she just wanted one more night in her bed before she left. As part of her leaving Henry, she managed to get a gallery showing for her art. I have to say, I love the gallery owner and her new friends. Everyone needs a queen in their life, and a lot of queens is even better. She’s gearing up for her show when Henry texts her, and she tells him to look at the note she left.

So, we’re going to leave it with Henry having read Natalie’s note that she’s leaving him, and listing out some of the reasons WHY she’s leaving him, and with Natalie getting ready to have a gallery show of her kinky art.

I have to admit that I don’t like Henry for most of the first part of the book. I feel like he knows that there’s a problem but he doesn’t necessarily part of the problem, or maybe not a large part of the problem. He’s really blind and he misses a lot of what’s going on in his world with Natalie, so when he reads the note she left him, he’s kind of blindsided. He does kinda realise that yeah, maybe some of what she said is real, but I think that he’s still really putting a lot of what happened on her versus on both of them. And while I did start to like him a lot more as the book went on, there were times that I still really didn’t like him.

I think that Natalie is incredibly strong and brave. She’s definitely one of those subs who shows that being submissive doesn’t mean weak. She really isn’t weak at all. She has had to put herself back together and recreate herself, and she managed to not only survive, but she thrived. I really liked her a lot. There was one point where I could’ve had an issue with her, but I didn’t, because it makes sense in the story and in their journey.

I love the evidence Henry presents. I laughed uproariously at that one.

OK, that’s all for today. Go check this one and all of the other Dad Bod Doms books, as they come. Happy reading!

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