Cassandra Faye-Dangerous Magic

Dangerous Magic is a re-edited version of a book that Cassandra put out under her Jennifer Bene pen name. It wasn’t called that back then, it was called The Rite. The book hasn’t changed significantly, other than just being polished and edited. I totally recommend rereading it under the new name, but then again, I love to reread, so it works well.

Here’s the story. Heather is a member of a magical and witchy family. She doesn’t have her power though, because to get their power, the women in her family have to do a special rite in order to appease their patron, a Valkyrie named Harja. When they do this special rite, they get their magic. Of course, that rite includes sex, and well, the guys don’t come out the better for their experience. She’s now 24, and most of her family would’ve done the rite by now and gotten their magic. Heather’s under pressure now to get the rite done, because there’s a big event coming up, and she needs to have her magic for it. When her cousin shows her the leaflet for a speed dating thing coming up, Heather decides that she’ll do it then.

Neil is one of the men Heather meets at the speed dating thing. They have a connection immediately, so Neil, of course, does what guys do, and asks her out for another date. Of course, if that’s all that happened in this story, it would be a really short story, and while this is a pretty quick book, it’s not that short.

I like Heather. She tries to do the right thing, or at least the right thing as she sees it. I don’t think it’s necessarily that she’s squeamish when it comes to performing the ceremony, but I think that she really just doesn’t want to have that magic all that much. The magic takes different forms for different people, and she’s seen good and bad. I have to wonder if she sees that and worries that she could end up with not so good magic.

Neil isn’t anyone that I would really want to be around, but maybe that’s because I’m seeing that after reading the book. During the story, he seems like he’s nice enough.

This is a fun little story, full of sexiness. I barely touched on any of that, so if you want to have more info about them, go read the book.

There aren’t any spoilers today, because it’s such a short book. Definitely go check it out.

Off topic, on a personal note, you might remember I had a car fire 3 weeks back. Yeah, it’s been that long. Well, I got everything worked out with insurance and all, and after spending the last 10 days looking, I finally got a car. Well, I own a 2014 Kia Soul. It will be to me sometime in the next 5-15 business days, and they will deliver it directly to my house, which ought to be interesting coming down my small dirt road, lol.


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