Felicity Brandon-Defy Me

Defy Me is the second book in Felicity’s Demonology series. This book is about Solomon and Tara and concern one of my more favorite sins, wrath.

Tara is full of righteous wrath. She has been used and abused by men all her life, starting with her stepfather, Gavin. She hates him with a passion, which I don’t blame her. She wants her vengenance, and she wants it badly. So, she’s decided that she’s going to call upon the supernatural to get some help. After doing some research, she’s found out about Solomon, a demon of wrath. She calls upon him to help her give Gavin eactly what he deserves. She’s willing to do anything and give him anything he wants.

Solomon is drawn to his little human, and he’s fascinated by her and what she wants. He can see in her head and memories, and he can see what has happened to her, everything that has happened to her. And he can also see that she’s not afraid of death or of giving him her soul. She’s completely and totally willing to do that. These things fascinate him, and she fascinates him, and he wants to give her the vengenance that she wants.

Solomon takes Tara to a little area of his own, and does many wonderfully terrible things to her. And she’s not complaining, not one little bit.

I like Tara. She started out feeling really beat down, but she was able to get beyond that. She had some ideas as to what she wanted to happen to Gavin, but with Solomon’s help, she was able to surpass them and come up with new ideas. I really liked seeing her blossom with Solomon.

Solomon may have been all about wrath and vengenance, but I like how he really seems to care about Tara. It seems like it is more than just the whole I’m a demon who now owns this human soul. It’s more like I’m Solomon, she’s Tara, and she’s mine, no two ways about it. I know that it might seem like there’s not a whole lot of difference in there, but there is. It’s a nuanced difference, and you will definitely see it when you read the book.

So, OK, the Guardian. We keep getting teased by that, I can’t wait to find out what’s going on with that. I keep thinking the following book will be that story, but it isn’t, and it’s making me quite impatient, in a good way.

OK, that’s all for this one. Go check it out!

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