Livia Grant-Securing It All

Securing It All is the second book in Livia’s re-released Punishment Pit series. It’s the continuing story of Markus and Brianna, and Lukus and Tiffany. Although, Lukus and Tiffany aren’t in an relationship as of yet, but I’m pretty that it’s going to be happening in the 3rd book. As a warning, this one takes place immediately after the first book, and if you haven’t read it, you might want to skip this review because there are definitely spoilers.

So, Brianna has gone through her first night of punishment, Lukus is feeling kinda like a jerk, because he didn’t know everything, and while he’s willing to punish her, he really knows that it’s not his job, and that there’s more to the story. He decides that he needs to go see Markus and talk to him, especially since he wants to fuck Brianna so much. Considering they are punishing her because of her infidelity, that would be way ironic. And so, off goes Lukus to confunt Markus.

Markus is home, dunk as a skunk, asleep in a trashed house. Lukus talks to him about what Brianna has said, and about his actions. They come up with a better plan. While he’s there, Tiffany shows up, concerned about Brianna, and she gets into it with Markus and Lukus, then follows Lukus.

I am still not quite on the Markus Like Wagon. I’m very not impressed by him at the moment. His actions just make me angry. I think he needs to Dom up and do what should be done, instead of letting other people take over his Dom-type duties. It doesn’t help that he and Brianna don’t have a clear line of communication in between them. Anyway, I’m really hoping that Livia is able to redeem him. He really needs it, at least for me he does.

I do like Brianna. I got to liking her more from the first part of this book to the end. I think that there is a lot of growth in her over the book, let alone over the span of the first 2 books. I think that she has really taken responsibility for her actions. While there are some extenuating circumstances as to why she did what she did, she isn’t using them as an excuse for anything. I respect her for that, and I respect her for owning up to them and doing the time.

Lukus is definitely becoming a well-rounded character. We get to see a lot more of him in this one, and we get a good look in his head, so we really get to know him more. I think that he’s a good man who really cares for his friend, and he wants to help him. I think he really needs to give Markus a serious kick in the ass. Maybe he could give Markus 12 of the best with his cane? I kinda think that maybe Markus could use it. There was one spot where I wish that Lukus had stepped in more, but…

We get to see more about Tiffany here too. She’s very loyal. I’m looking forward to learning more about her.

No spoilers today. Go check it out! Happy reading!

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